alrightY so i just wanted to announce that i made an instagram !! and a lot of new originals will be posted on there from now on ,, so,, if u enjoy my content and want to see more, feel free to head on over there n follow it @/bookmrrk :-) 

Opening up a few Discounted Flat color commissions!

They’re priced at $20 for single character, and $35 for two character c:

-Nsfw is okay!

-no more then 2 characters

-No detailed armor/ complex costumes/ complex weapons please!

need to make sure I have rent covered this month, so I can open up for like… five slots c: 

they usually look like this! 

If you’d like a piece, please PM me! c’: Thank you again!

i’m done
playing the game
you always want
me to lose

i’m done
giving in
just because
this feeling
is real

i’m done
weeping over
the same shits
i thought
i cannot
get over with

i’m done
thinking about
the words you
instilled in me
which is for


Barry and iris were sleeping in bed, when they heard an soft knock., At first barry and iris did not do anything, then they heard another knock again. At this point it became annoying. Barry leaned up and stretched. before walking to the door, he looked and saw no one, then he went back to bed. Iris had sat up and smiled, and hugged him as they joined together in bed again.
2 mins later they heard another soft knock. :Bear, what is that noise? can you go check?” Iris asked. She was still tired from the adventures of last night, and needed rest.
“ Iris, I just checked, but okay” he got up again, but this time he used his super speed to check. Once again, no once was there.
“ I am really getting tired of this” he said. right when he sat down on the bed their front door slammed open and closed. Barry looked at iris, and somehow ended up over her protecting her, he had her under the cover, and was looking around, as she held him tight.
“Bear… what was that?” her voice was shaky, and she was afraid, mainly because she was afraid it was Savitar.
“ Don’t worry” he looked around. Before he could move again they heard another knock. They both looked towards the window. and nothing was there.
Iris told barry that they should get up and move. At first he told her to stay, then changed his mind.
“What is going on?” barry asked himself. The two entered the living room to find papers, pics, and 1 class vase broken all over the floor.
Iris saw a shawdo in the dim room of their closet.
“I think who ever did this is hiding in there!” she whispered to Barry.
Barry was focused on the loud tap on the window, he walked back to the room thinking iris followed, but she went towards the closet.
When barry saw it was a crow he was relived, but when he turned around to not find iris, he ran back for her. But it was tooo late.
Iris was in the closet, with a hand over her mouth.
“Let me go!” she tried to yell.
“ Shhh, your boyfriend will kill us, if he finds out we tried to bring HR’s bike in here” wally said. Iris turned around and saw HR’s bike, wally, and jesse.
“ If you keep me in here  for too long, he will get madder, and he will go nuts, let me out now!”
“Nope!” they both said.
“That’s it” iris started screaming, while the two speedsters tried to hush her.
“ Help” she finally yelled, barry sped straight into the closet and grabbed her.
“Iris are you okay? He yelled, once he saw the two speedsters, he sighed.
Later on after yelling at wally and jesse, and telling joe and wells. Barry and iris sat back on the couch.
“So, did you figure out who was knocking on the window?” iris asked.
“ Yeah, and the door was from Jesse and wally”
“But then who made the mess all over the house?”
Barry realized that the mess had disappeared when he left the room, when they went to their own areas. And he wondered were his stuff and her stuff gone.
Then they looked and saw a piece of paper that was not on the floor, and picked it up.
“Distractions, always the key in finding things?” the two were shocked, when it read Barry and iris from earth 5. they then realized that things were a lot more complex then they thought…


should i write a part 2?

  • harambe: shot
  • vine: shut down
  • lots of good people: dead
  • trump: president-elect
  • youtube's algorithm: screwed
  • memes: optimistic
  • we are number one: viral
  • stefan karl stefansson: getting better
  • sun & moon: amazing
  • christmas: almost here
  • me: optimistic
  • you: should be too
  • 2017: will be great

obamas still literally part of the reason chelsea manning was imprisoned in the first place. it was activists that pushed him to make the decision. he still treats and has been treating political dissents like shit lmao and has the audacity to list venezuela as a national security threat because of how they treat political dissents. like shut the fuck up. if there wasnt such a push by activists he wouldnt have given a shit. just sayin.

It’s quite disappointing how when you look at the comments of the music video of any popular group, the only thing fans talk about is how many views it has, reaching another record, beating another groups record, or increasing the views in a certain amount of time. I mean, that’s fine and I know that you want your fave to get attention, but don’t let that take away from you actually appreciating the music. It doesn’t always have to be a competition. Take a break and enjoy the music instead of bashing each other. Music is made to enjoy. Not to argue over.