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hi miya! i visit your blog daily to read your asks because they're always so interesting (i actually like your rambling) i'm curious as to what happens when you mix limitations in some of the faster moving planets with an urge for freedom and change (i don't rlly know how to word this right??) my sun, mercury, and venus are conjunct my saturn and from what i've read it brings a lot of discipline, but i'm pretty easy going and i enjoy bending/breaking the rules. sorry this was such a long ask!

Hi, anon! Aww, that’s so cool that you come here everyday! And even enjoy my rambling! lol Honestly, that makes me really happy. <3 I get what you mean, I think? Saturn does talk about discipline, but doesn’t mean one will have it. The sign it’s in will define how that discipline is gonna happen in your life, actually. Sagittarius, for example, can actually make one quite irresponsible (depending on the rest of the chart, of course, but there’ll definitely be something that the person is irresponsible about, a rebel of sorts). Above all Saturn talks about the weight of time (things we do that makes us suffer with time, things life brings to us that will makes us suffer with time) and solitude, so it could actually mean that said Saturn in Sagittarius will force the person to be responsible and when she isn’t there’ll definitely be consequences. Makes sense? Saturn is from the legend of Kronos, an evil god - the legend talks about how one will always have to pay when disrespecting the way things should be done. Saturn is always there, annoying the person regarding the subjects it’s talking about - it’s always trying to make the person feel the weight of responsibility, per say. Each sign will make Saturn act differently about this, though. So try to understand yours and get why you feel like that although it’s conjunct part of your emotional being and mind and even then you’re kind of a rebel. lol Try to understand if you’re being responsible about your mental health, anxiety or even if you’re in denial a lot. I honestly cannot guess what’s going on without seeing it all but there’s something that you’re not doing properly if Saturn is constantly there trying to influence your mind and heart. Very important to understand the house it’s in, too! And don’t ever apologise for big asks, I mean, have you not seen my answers?

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