eta: the second


Day One: Why You Love Them
↳ ‘know no shame’

So anyway, here is a dumb little thing I dashed off between meetings.

The day Liam was released from the hospital, he and Killian went to the Nautilus and brought some things back for Nemo, who would be a few more days recovering.

“Can we talk?” Liam asked on the way out of the elevator. His head still ached, but he had taken worse knocks.

“If you like.”

They queued for coffee in the hospital commissary, a surprisingly cheerful place.

“Can you tell me anything about him? About you, about what happened. I need to know.” The depths of the murky sea held no terror for him; neither could this.

Killian stirred his coffee and didn’t look up for a moment. “Nothing I can say would do anyone any good, I suspect. It was just one of many dark chapters in my life. I could tell you a bit about your namesake, perhaps? If you’d like to hear it.”

“I would.” Liam tried to listen the way Nemo did when he went questing for lost souls. He heard warmth and an abiding love in the stories of that other Liam, but he also heard what went missing in them – that it had been Liam who protected, guided, sacrificed, led – and what that meant.

He had asked, and he would not close his eyes to this. Grief would keep company now with old anger.


Day 4 - Fave EXILE the 2ND member.

My favorite member in The Second is… NESMITH!!

To me, Nesmith is inspiration. He and Crystal Kay were the first black-japanese idols that I saw in my adolescence, to me it was like my first hope because I felt that I could do that too.

He is such a funny guy and I really like it because he always makes me smile! I hope that he can make you guys smile too! [Maybe, I’ll do a Nesmith meme-pack later.]



  • The Second: Everthing alright, Boss?
  • Graves: Did you cancel my meetings?
  • The Second: I was under duress.
  • The Second: He threatened me with the niffler.
  • The Second: There was nothing I could do.
  • The Second: Also.
  • The Second: Your dinner reservation is for six.
  • The Second: And I went ahead and sent him those flowers you were looking at last week.
  • The Second: You're welcome.

“Magic Carpet Ride” by Steppenwolf

The Second (1968)