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Hot Take: A Cure for Wellness

I just saw A Cure for Wellness and I can describe it in three words: GOTHIC ROMANTIC LITERATURE

Seriously y’all if it wouldn’t be Spoiler City I could ramble for ages about how many Gothic tropes that movie used, and about the symbolism and cinematography. Gorgeously shot, intriguingly symbolic without getting lost up its own ass, relentlessly gruesome, and made me wish I could have caught more than the tiny snippets of German I could decipher.

It was also very, very long. But worth sitting through, for sure. There was a point at which I was certain it was going to end – and on a classically Gothic downer note to boot – but it kept going and resolved its own loose ends that would have been left hanging otherwise. A good show.

[ETA] A word of warning: there is some hardcore if short-lived dental horror. A word of reassurance (and possible spoiler): there is no rape.


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