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i feel like ppl think of carolina and tex both as just these cold horrible bitches who don’t know how to have fun but

tex was fucked up by omega, and was otherwise so compassionate that york, ct, north, and theta all liked and trusted her, and even when carolina got hurt with the two ais she demanded that someone come and help her and knocked her out for her own good

and carolina was the victim of the director’s impossible standards, but york loved her and maine took a bullet to the throat for her without a thought, and even after york and tex and eta/iota and everything else, look how she laughed and joked with epsilon (”you can tell your friends you picked me up”)

like. be nice to mine girls. it has been a hard time

Who you should fight: RVB AI edition

Alpha: What the hell is wrong with you? Alpha has been through enough—being tortured by the Director,  all the shit he went through with the Blues, which includes but is not limited to time travel and dying a fuckton of times. Let him rest. Do not fight Alpha.

Beta: Holy shit man I mean if you think you can survive. Did you see what she did to the Reds?? And literally anyone and everyone who has crossed her??? Girl’s a fuckin badass who could fuck you up if you even tried it. Do not fight Beta.

Delta: Look I know we all love Delta but c’mon. You know you wanna. Go for it. Punch the nerd. Steal his lunch money. Fight Delta.

Epsilon: Epsilon has been through enough my pal. He’s tired and upset and lonely and holy shit leave him alone??? Let him rest?? Do not fight Epsilon.

Eta: Why would you. Want to fight Eta. Eta is Alpha’s joy. Why would you do this. Do not fight Eta.

Iota: Why??? Iota is Alpha’s fear why would you???? Do this????? Do not fight Iota.

Gamma: Honestly like, go for it. I mean, he assisted in torturing Alpha. His knock-knock jokes are awful. Still; go easy on him. He lost Wyoming. Fight Gamma.


Theta: Okay first of all why would you want to fight this cinnamon roll. Look deep into yourself to see if you can find the answer. You can’t, can you? That’s right bc Theta is a sweet child. Even after he killed a bunch of people in a murderdome he looked to North for approval okay leave the purple child alone. Do not fight Theta.

Omega: Oh yea man. Fight this guy. He’s dramatic and kinda scary but he’s actually a huge nerd. Punch him. Fight Omega.

Leonard Church: prince of heart.  inventing so many new and creative way to torture himself and shatter his own identity, they had to write whole new laws.

  • me: *takes a deep breath*
  • me: i lo-
  • anyone who has spent five seconds around me ever: yes, you love the AIs in RvB, we know, you love Theta so much, he's the light of your life, you love him so much, you just love Delta, we KNOW, you love Sigma you fucking love Omega ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE ALPHA AND BETA. YOU LOVE ETA AND IOTA. EPSILON IS GRATE. WE GET IT.
They save you from getting hurt (AI Units X Spartan! Reader) [Requested]

Alpha: You loaded up your gun and cocked it, being deep in thought you forgot to set your trackers.
“Dude, someone is coming up behind you with a dagger.” Alpha’s voice rang in your mind. You slipped out one of your throwing knifes and through it behind you hitting a person in the heart.
“Thanks Alpha.” You said while walking away from the dead body.
“Kinda doing my job, by the way I set your trackers for you.”
Gamma: Running down the halls of a building trying to get to the control panel, you weren’t being to careful.
“I would suggest not going down the next hall on the right.” Gamma said, appearing on your shoulder.
“But that way is a short cut.” You replied.
“Two hallways to the right should be a shorter path besides I would prefer you in one piece.” You smiled.
“Thank you, G.”  

Delta: Jumping off a ramp, you landed in the middle of the base. Everything was dark and you couldn’t turn on you helmet lights or they would find you.
“It would be best to stick to the left, Agent (Y/n).” Delta said in your mind.
“I told you just call me (Y/n).” You replied, quickly moving to the left. “Why did I need to move?”
“Apologizes, the system is less liking to fire at you from this side.”
“So that’s a good thing?”
“Affirmative, you won’t get injured this way.”
“That’s cute.” You said to yourself.
Epsilon: “You should really slow down.” He informed you while running through a firing zone.
“Why?” You replied.
“Well you should duck right now.” You dropped onto the ground before a bullet could hit you in the head.
“Oh, I see.” You got up and ran off again but this time alittle slower.
“Yeah, I’ll have your healing unit on standby.”

Eta & Iota: They had warned you before to enter with caution but you really didn’t listen, all you wanted was this mission to be over with.
“How much longer till we get to the core.” You asked.
“About 60 seconds.” Iota answered first.
“Be careful, we are sensing alot of enemies in that one room.” Eta added. You went to open the door but was stopped by the twins.
“(Y/n) don’t touch that.” Eta said.
“There should be another one to your right.” Iota finished. You used the other door but out of curiosity, you through a knife at the other door, only to have it explode.
Theta: You had accidentally fell into a trap, you closed your eyes not wanting to see the bullets dig into your skin. But the feeling never came, you opened your eyes to see a bubble shield spinning around you. A light appeared on your shoulder making you look at him in disbelieve.
“I hope you don’t mind, I didn’t want you to get hurt.” Theta said, nervously.
“I own you my life right now.” You said.
Sigma: You knew you should have been watching your tackers but you didn’t, the mission was almost over and you wanted to hurry.
“Agent (Y/n), I suggest moving to the right.” Sigma’s voice said in your head, you jumped to the right only to have a rocket fly past you, you quickly killed the enemy before you ran out of the building.
“Thanks for the heads up Sig.” You said.
“It’s my pleasure to help.”

Omega: For most of the mission he was quiet, you asked him a question, he would answer within second.
“Go straight and take a right.” His voice said. You decided not to question him and followed his directions.
“Why I’m I going this way?”
“Because there aren’t as much people to kill this way.”
“But that takes the fun out of everything.” You swore you heard him chuckle.
Cortana: You let out a sigh while sliding down some rocks.
“I hope you know, the ground is flooding with aliens.” Cortana said.
“Thanks for the heads up.”
“By the way you might want to move over to the right alittle, they will be able to see you.” You laughed and followed her advise.
“What would I do without you?”
“Most likely get shot.” You had to stop yourself for laughing.

best theory ever

okay so i was thinking about South and North, and how we don’t actually know what happened when the Meta came for them.  All we have is that the last thing South remembers is hearing North scream, and then waking up with Wash there telling her North died.  And later, we have Delta saying that she put him in a position to be killed.


They’re both hiding from the Meta, yeah?  Like, in the same area, but not too close to each other.  And South, being South, doesn’t having her goddamn trackers set.  

Meta, with all sneakiness, manages to sneak up on her.  Surprises her.  Meta knocks her out, and the last thing she hears is North screaming and giving away where he was hiding.  

Meta leaves South alive because he can remember (through Maine’s memories and through the memories Eta and Iota had from Carolina maybe?) that North is the one that’s got the AI.  

Delta’s South put him in a position to be killed came from him being implanted in her and finding out that she feels guilty over North’s death - if the Meta hadn’t caught her, he wouldn’t have given away his position.  And also, Delta’s kind of a fucking dick at this point.  

There are a few dodgy spots, I know, but it’s better than the theory that she just fucking fed her brother to an AI-hungry Meta.  

let’s talk about eta.

eta is alpha’s fear. eta runs through every possible way that epsilon or carolina or the reds or the blues could die, in the hopes of preparing them for those exact scenarios. eta is less scared with iota than with anyone else (they’re twins, after all - born together, and they died together, and they’re reborn together alongside epsilon.)

eta’s favorite of the fragments (after iota) is delta, because delta runs through all of those scenarios too, and can fact check them a bit more quicker than eta, which is nice when eta’s freaking out. eta is far more mature than theta but they’re definitely not as mature as delta. eta is good on their own but far better with someone they trust, someone who listens to their fears and promises them nothing’s going to happen.

eta doesn’t trust easily - there’s always an underlying fear that anyone they trust or love will die, or get hurt, or leave them - but when they do trust someone, it’s a very strong trust. eta is good at calculations, but far better at taking in everything in their surroundings and helping their assignee use that to their advantage.

eta is overly anxious and quite depressed, sometimes wondering thoughts that run along with both of those. eta ends up acting like the epsilon’s therapist, always trying to make sure the other ai are okay, because if they aren’t then eta’ll get even more scared. eta spends what little free time they have reading up on everything epsilon and carolina suffer from, trying to help when epsilon lets them.

eta is alpha’s anxiety, alpha’s depression, alpha’s terror, alpha’s desire to stop being anything at all.

let’s talk about iota.

iota is alpha’s happiness. iota is constantly bouncing from subject to subject, changing thoughts before they can fully settle on anything. iota is passionate about many things, especially allison, especially eta. iota is prone to trust a little too easily and prone to love a bit more easily than that. iota is happiest with eta, but works fine on their own.

iota is feminine and iota is masculine and iota doesn’t really care what either of those words mean. iota would play music at top volume through carolina’s helmet if they could, pop music or country music or whatever allison used to listen to or whatever carolina likes.

iota is happiness. happiness is the color of carolina’s eyes, the way epsilon laughs, the sounds of a bustling room, the way the freelancers used to work so well together, the multi colored soldiers working with carolina, allison’s smile, the way delta comforts eta when they’re upset, the way that theta constantly asks for a dog - it’s laughter, it’s friendship, it’s love, it’s family.

iota loves the other ais equally, but they hold a soft spot for theta (aside from eta, of course) because theta is the most similar to them. iota’s favorite colors are gold and purple and gray and blue and white, because carolina has a soft spot for those colors, and iota loves everything carolina loves - she loves them because these things make her happy, and that makes iota even happier.

iota is alpha’s version of carolina, alpha’s version of the daughter he loved so much as a little girl, the daughter who was oh so happy before her mother didn’t come home.