Also, can I just say that I love that they put the black stormtrooper in the trailer again? idk if he IS a stormtrooper or if it’s a disguise or whatever, but since people flipped out about it so much last time, I love that the trailer was like “Fuck you, we’re gonna put him in again, and you’re going to deal with it.”

I've been pretty absent from Tumblr lately.

I miss it. Life’s actually been full of fun things though!

I saw the Saturdays, My Chemical Romance, and Good Charlotte, spent the weekend at the Eternal Twilight 5 convention, and saw lots of my friends. It’s been fabulous, but I have missed my online life too…

I’m slowly sorting through all the pictures from the last week or two, and they’ll all be up here when I’m done:

(Any Jamie news I’ve missed over the past week or two?)


i’ll play romantic lead with you any day, Daniel…


“I tend to look angry when I think…”