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Therapists et al exist as a way to outsource emotional support that should be performed by the people in our lives who we have mutually emotionally invested in, but because capitalism dominates all our time and energy, those people are unable to, and the whole body of psychological therapeutic practice is just the development of methods to make that as efficient, sterile, and uniform as possible.

ending christian homophobia is a lot more complicated than citing a few bible verses. it’s an ideology based on conformity, authoritarianism, and rejection of material goods and pleasures. throw that in with our system of gender and patriarchy, and of course you’re gonna end up with a lot of people who hate gay people (and a lot of gay people who hate themselves). it’s far more productive imo to encourage people to question those fundamentals than to find verses about god’s love or whatever. christianity is as much a cultural phenomenon as a scriptural one.


paying tribute to one of my favorite gags in season one. kerosene is my undisputed favorite skit but karamatsu hurriedly changing his clothes off screen and framing himself in a brightly lit window to be as aesthetic™ as possible while placing his coffee order will always have a special place in my heart

Things Carly Rae Jepsen invented:

-Pop music (the critically acclaimed E•MO•TION and E•MO•TION Side B)

-Gay people (Call Me Maybe music video)

-Feminism (Boy Problems)

-Tom Hanks’ career (I Really Like You music video)

-Capitalism (Store)

-Syllables (E•MO•TION)

-Travel (Run Away With Me)

-The names Joe and Tino (I Didn’t Just Come Here To Dance)

-Unrequited feelings (Your Type)

-Kissing (This Kiss)

-Black roses (Roses)

-Favourite colours (Favourite Colour)

Things Carly Rae Jepsen vanquished:

-Capitalism (LA Hallucinations)

-Toxic masculinity (Cry)

-Heartbreak (Tonight I’m Getting Over You)

-Taylor Swift et al.

“I want a YA book with a non-virginal female protagonist who isn’t slut shamed!”

You want Tamora Pierce.

“I want a YA book with girls who actually get their periods and that doesn’t ignore the whole subject!”

Tamora Pierce!

“I want a YA book with a girl protagonist who isn’t skinny and flawlessly beautiful!”

I’ve got good news for you, my friend: Tamora Pierce

“I want a YA book with girls who–”

T A M O R A    P I E R C E

A rough idea of what footballers say to each other on the pitch 😂

(Please turn the volume on)

Male culture ensures that women’s anger is not taken seriously (and thus that women’s anger will not lead to social change) by defining anger in women as pathological. Broverman et al. (1972) found that mental health professionals judged aggression to be a trait associated with a healthy man, but not a healthy woman. Feinblatt and Gold (1976) found that more girls than boys were referred to children’s mental health centers for being defiant and verbally aggressive. Aggressive girls described in hypothetical case studies were rated both by graduate students in psychology and by parents as more disturbed, as being more in need of treatment, and as having poorer prognosis than boys described with identical problems. Hochschild (1983) found that males who displayed anger were thought to have deeply held convictions, while females were considered personally unstable.
—  Dee L. R. Graham, Loving to Survive

real talk though: the jedi ideology of controlling/repressing your emotions, the ideology that destroys anakin and hurts luke, is heavily based in christian stoicism. it is directly descended from augustine’s guilt over his grieving of his own mother’s death, epictetus’s flatly rational rejection of emotion and passion, and dante’s portrayal of personal relationships as only acceptable if they lead one to god.

the idea that experiencing emotion is a sign of weakness or moral depravity is a result of the belief that the bodily is inherently inferior to the spiritual. it positions the soul as the godly part of a person and the body as a distraction or a vessel for sin. enlightenment is reached when one learns to transcend the material world in death. life, by this reckoning, ought to be spent rejecting itself.

the reason the star wars franchise never addresses the flaws in this ideology, or lays blame on yoda more explicitly, is that these ideas are deeply culturally ingrained. i doubt george lucas intended to base the jedi off of aristotelian christianity, but a consequence of growing up in a christian culture, which the west absolutely is, is that you absorb christian morals whether consciously or not. when you are determining the values of your good guys, your mind automatically jumps to christianity.

yoda, in other words, is attempting to proselytize young kids. stoicism as an adult is one thing, but for a kid like anakin? it’s never going to work. anakin sees his choices as 1) stoicism, with which he is temperamentally incompatible, or 2) the dark side. this is what stoics would have you believe. 


Laotian Rock Rat

The Laotian rock rat or kha-nyou (Latin: Laonastes aenigmamus), sometimes called the “rat-squirrel”, is a rodent species of the Khammouan region of Laos. Upon their initial discovery, Jenkins and coauthors (2005) considered the Laotian rock rat to represent a completely new family. Jenkins et al. (2004) did not compare the specimens to known rodent fossils. After such a comparison, Dawson et al. (2006) were of the opinion that the Laotian rock rat belongs to a previously described family which had only been known from fossils, the Diatomyidae. The discovery of the Laotian rock rat means an 11 million-year gap exists in the fossil record where no diatomyids have been found. Mary Dawson described Laonastes as the “coelacanth of rodents”.

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Nurseydex house-flipping AU

I spent all of last weekend watching HGTV and this idea came to me.

So… I may or may not be planning a nurseydex au where they flip houses for a living. Dex does the manual labour, Nursey picks out pretentious design elements to annoy Dex, and passes out at the slightest sight of blood when there are minor accidents.

Chowder and Farmer are part of the reno crew. Holster splits his time between reno crew, finances, and trying to establish a “carpool karaoke” segment into every episode.

Bitty is the official consultant on dream kitchens to ensure that they remain functional while beautiful. Rans is a perpetual student who helps out in the summers to help pay for tuition, and whoops! Did this just become a little bit Holsom too? It sure did!

Maybe they get hired to reno NHL star Jack Zimmermann’s kitchen… and maybe while Bitty pitches ideas for his dream kitchen, Jack realizes that his dream is any kitchen (or room) that Bitty is in? Did this just become an entire multi-ship series? Yeah, I think so.

Next time there’s a lockout because Bettman et al. have decided to throw another tantrum, I hope the NHLPA just sort of goes “well alrighty” and sets out to prove that the NHL needs the players more than the players need the NHL

What I mean is that they hire a few camera people and do things like:

  • Trying to play Sports That Are Not Hockey on ice. Personally I think Auston Matthews would be very entertaining at ice baseball
  • Buying a literal punch bowl and calling it the “Steve Cup” or something
  • Short reality-TV episodes following the lives of Tyler Seguin’s dogs
  • Roller hockey
  • Underwater hockey
  • Players launching a public health campaign about the importance of dental care
  • A Hockey with the Stars type show where they try to make hockey teams with celebrities who do not know how to skate
  • Going to the Olympics
  • Lots of PK Subban style charity stuff. In fact, just lots of PK Subban. He doesn’t need hockey to have fans
  • Helping out with other union disputes. Just. News articles about fast-food worker strikes in Pittsburgh and there’s Evgeni Malkin and Marc-Andre Fleury holding up signs
  • Zdeno Chara could get a job retrieving things off high shelves or something
  • Disney on Ice