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Birthday Sex(ts) - Stiles Stilinski Smut

REQUESTED: No, but it’s a special occasion so why not!

WARNINGS: Sexting, talk of penises, masturbation and cum (SORRY)

SUMMARY: You and Stiles have been sexting for a while, and it’s now your birthday, so you decide to take it to the next level.


(I’m now 17…already a year more legal in the UK)

Anyway, this had kind of been floating around in my head for a while, so I decided to finally write it, et voila!

Hope you enjoy :)

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Witch Tip/Crystal Tip

If you have any Selenite lying around, you should probably know that this lovely little crystal can be used to charge other objects! Other crystals, amulets, talismans, sigils - it is a good universal charger; set it on top or beneath whatever it is you want charging and et voila! 

une fois en haut de la falaise, je n'ai pas regardé en bas, je me suis tournée et me suis laissée tomber dans le vide. ab n'avait pas l'aire inquiet. le vent a cessé de souffler, c'est moi qui le créait, avant que je ne brise une couche de glace, pour finir ma chute dans l'eau gelée. j'ai nagé, en allant vers le fond, puis je me suis mise à perdre la boussole, à ne plus savoir où était le haut, le bas… j'ai expiré tout l'oxygène que je gardais, avalant de l'eau, et me laissant couler jusqu'au fond…

I found a cool new way to value rough!  Layer two copies of a pencil sketch on top of one another, the top one’s values adjusted so that the paper color is white and the pencil sketch almost black, and the bottom one left untouched (gray, like all pencil scans look).  Set the top one to multiply; leave the bottom one as normal, but mask out the parts that are supposed to be white (or erase the parts that are supposed to be white if you’re brave).  Then, layer a digital texture (mine’s from lost and taken) in between the two, set to multlply and again mask out the parts that are white – et voila! A fairly decent ink wash comparison.  Plus it took all of three seconds to do, hurray!

Sorry, just had to share this technique.  I’ll be inking this guy later this month hopefully…

EDIT:  This works best if the original pencil drawing had a decent range of values in it to begin with – so a drawing you made with soft lead!  Anyway, try it out if you’d like!

ml fandom- let’s do this

wanna get miraculous in Canada?

here’s how!

step 1

You’re going to need to go on the actual website, and scroll down to the help center

step two

^ you’ll be brought to this page here, and as you can see there’s an option to request shows

which brings you here

^^ fill er in hit submit et voila!!! 

let’s get miraculous in Canada friends!!!

Vegan banana pancakes!! Fave thing to start the day off with 😜 to make these:
-place 1 cup plant based milk, 1 mashed banana and 1 cup flour in a bowl, and whisk, till there are no lumps in the batter.
-heat your stove to medium, grease your pan, and pour the batter onto it, in mini circles (I do 3 mini ones at a time)
-Cook on one side, till surface is matte not shiny anymore (this takes around 3 mins), flip, et voila!
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-Anon request

“Et, voila!” you exclaimed with a proud smile, as you produced this evening’s meal- spaghetti Bolognese- for your mutant friends. “It’s actually Italian, but I don’t Italian, so…voila!”

“Why thank you, Y/N,” Erik smiled coyly at you, accepting a plate. “You really are an incredible cook, and French speaker it would seem. Say, do you speak anything else?”

Accepting the challenge in his eyes, you nodded. “Just a little.”

“Well, perhaps you could show me later,” he added with a suggestive wink.

Your eyes widened but you kept an incredulous quirk to your lips and passed a plate to Charles, giving him a sweeter smile, which he returned as ever. “It really is lovely of you to cook for us, Y/N,” he told you, that adorable little glint in his eye.

Shooting him a special smile you reserved just for the Professor, you continued handing around the plates. Alex, Hank, Raven and Sean all took their full pates eagerly and began wolfing down the food.

Tidying up a bit around the kitchen, while they ate, you started putting some of the pans away- meaning you had to stretch high to reach the top shelf, inadvertently baring a thin sliver of your back and making your ass pert to those behind you.

A sudden eruptive cough made you spin back around in time to see Erik watching you with hunger in his eyes and Charles glaring furiously at him.

“Everything alright?” you asked.

Charles set down his knife and fork and pushed his chair out to stand. “You know what, Y/N, this meal is perfect but do you mind if Erik and I have a quick little chat?”

Waving your hand in order for them to continue you shrugged to yourself and began humming a meaningless little tune while you scrubbed the dishes in the sink.

“What the hell is wrong with you, Erik?” Charles demanded as soon as the heavy doors were closed.

His old friend just shrugged and stared blankly at the professor. “What do you mean?”

Narrowing his eyes, Charles growled, “You know exactly what I mean. How can you have such loud thoughts like that about her? You know how I feel about her, Erik! How could you- urgh!” He threw his hands up in defeat.

“Oh please,” was the reply. Erik rolled his eyes and added, “Well you still haven’t told her or made any kind of move. I figured, why not? She’s single.” He noted that last statement with a quirk of his eyebrows.

But that was the last straw.

The telepath lunged at the spoon bender and they both crashed backwards.

There was a sudden loud crash in the study that Erik and Charles had gone into to have a ‘little chat’. You eyed it warily; it seemed your friends had heard it too because they were all staring at the closed doors with varying degrees of curiosity, as well.

After a second, louder, crash sounded, you tossed the dish cloth, you’d been using, to the dish rack and approached the door suspiciously. When you heard a pained grunt that you recognised all too well.

Flinging the doors open, your jaw dropped at the scene in front of you.

Charles was straddling Erik and the pair of them were wrestling  on the floor- various metallic objects were flying around the room, accompanied by random other objects.

With a click of your fingers, everything settled back to its original place and the two men caught sight of you, freezing immediately.

“Anyone want to tell me what the hell is going on?” you inquired, folding your arms and raising your eyebrows.

The two men shared a look, Erik seemed to be gesturing wildly with his eyes at Charles. Finally, the telepath shuffled forwards, looking anywhere but you and chewing his lip shyly. “I understand, it-it’s not the greatest moment but, I have, umm, something to tell you, Y/N,” he mumbled.

Hooking a finger under his chin, you lifted his head upwards to look at you.

Everything seemed to drift off him then and he managed to breath out, “I’m in love with you.”

Your momentary confidence faltered and you stuttered, “O-oh.” Colour flushed his cheeks and he seemed to be battling an internal struggle.

“I understand if you don’t feel the same way, of course-” he started, but you cut him off by wrapping a hand around his neck and pulling him down to you, capturing his soft lips in a passionate kiss that quickly deepened.

Breaking apart, you searched his eyes before whispering softly, “Of course I do, you oblivious telepath.”

Genre y a des gens sur Tumblr je les aime bien, mais comme me sociabiliser je sais pas faire, bah ils oublient que j’existe et j’ose pas leur parler et voila c’est triste.

anonymous asked:

I can honestly say that I love you and all your AUs. That and your the worst influence, as now my head is brimmed with nothing Khr AUs. All which I can't handle writing or really talking about. (Pros of having intense anxiety and unsettling amounts of procrastination.) Could you perhaps point me towards someone who won't mind me rattling about said ideas? Specifically someone who could potentially help me flesh them out? Please?

i’m personally a pretty bad sounding board unless it’s something i’ve helped come up with (bc i feel like i’m intruding on someone else’s idea…….. haha,,)

consequently i don’t really do much idea rattling either. my method is to just type up my ideas, day dream about them, rewrite them, scrutinize the rewrites, daydream some more, rewrite some more…. et voila!!! a clusterfuck of a masterpiece.

basically i wouldn’t know who to talk to hahah 8′’’))

if anyone else would like to volunteer to be sounding boards / idea fleshers, drop a reply or ask o/

(also thank you and GodSpeed…. we always need more variety aus)


mercredi 22 fevrier

Nos 2 derniers jours se sont plutot bien deroulés , nous avons trouvé un petit hotel a padang padang ou nous avons vadrouillé a scooter aux environs… Cette partie de l’ile bien que touristique est vraiment la plus belles avec ses routes sinueuses son relief et surtout ses plages de sable blanc ou s’accumulent les spots de surf plus beaux et impressionnant les uns des autres avec toujours une eau cristaline! Nous avons bien profité de chaque secondes passées jusqu’au dernier couché de soleil sur le temple d’uluwatu qui surplombe l’ocean du haut de sa falaise!

Hier matin c’etait donc reparti debout 5h du mat et hop taxi direction l’aeroport , 4 heures de vol et nous voila de retour a Bangkok, nous avions rendez vous avec un couple d’amis , rudy , maryline et leurs 2 fils maxime et nathan qui finissaient leurs vacances en thailande et du coup on a pu partager un repas avec eux dans un boui-boui thai de rue et une apres midi dans la piscine de leur hotel avec quelques bieres fraiches, c’etait bien agreable et ca nous a fait plaisir de se voir si loin de la caserne et de la france!

Apres ce petit break place a la galere des transports , 30 minutes de tuk tuk dans les embouteillages, une nuit dans un train couchette made in thailande puis le bus et 3 heures de bateau pour arriver enfin ce matin a KOH TAO , une petite ile vraiment magnifique avec ses belles plages de sable blanc entourées de cocotiers et de gros bloc de granit semblables a ceux que l’on trouve aux seychelles…

Arrivés sur l’ile on decide de pas brusquer les choses en se calant dans un petit rsto pour avaler un breakfast et decider de quel coté nous allions nous diriger pour trouver un hebergement… Une demi heure apres nous voila arrivés , petit hotel au bord de la mer avec piscine et chambre sobre mais propre , parfait pour se poser les 2 prochains jours et voir venir, vite on jette les sacs , enfilons les maillots et direction la piscine car dehors il fait deja une chaleur suffocante, mais apres 5 minutes de baignade Tao sort de l’eau se dirige vers le bac ou l’on se rince les pieds en bas des marches et a peine un orteil dedans glissade arriere et sa tete qui heurte l’angle avec coupure nette a l’endroit meme ou il s’etait deja ouvert aux philippines!!!

Ca y est c’est reparti, on raze on desinfecte et direction la pharmacie pour acheter des steril strips!!! L a blessure a l’air moins grande et profonde que la premier fois mais bon on va devoir surveiller de pres et plus de piscine ou de plage jusqu’a cicatrisation complete soit environ une semaine!!!!! Super il fait 35 degres dehors , pas de clim on va se regaler..

Il est temps de se reposer maintenant car depuis le reveil matinal d’hier et la nuit de merde dans le train puis la blessure maintenant , les nerfs commencent a etre pas mal! Donc voila l’aventure et les peripeties continuent, jusqu’au dernier jour faudra s’attendre a tout, et dire qu’ils y en a qui croient qu’on s’amuse ahahaha, aller a bientot et en esperant que tao arrete de nous faire le cascadeur car il nous fatigue vraiment maintenant!

Quand je me mets à regarder toutes les photos de mon portable à 3h du matin, avec une des playlists déprimantes de payetoncelibat en fond musical.

     “J’te préviens Yann, si jamais je me fais enlever par des                       vikings islandais, tu viens me chercher !”

aussi connu sous le nom de : 

           Le Pire Montage de l’Histoire du Montage.

(c’est @watchingtoomanyshow qui m’a forcée)


The streets of Chicago were deserted, the people who had walked there hours before long gone. All that remained was the dense darkness and the whistling howl of the wind curving around the sky-high concrete towers.
It was the time of Oliver Bolton felt safest.
The bustle of the day was long gone, opening his ears to all sounds, quiet and loud. Pulling a silver lighter from his pocket, he ignited a golden spark which set the end of the cigarette ablaze in a vibrant orange glow. With a slow breath in, he watched spirals of white smoke evaporate into the air around him. It had been a long day, and his eyes were tired, but he refused to sleep a little while longer, just to stand and enjoy the calming silence.