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Ratatouille Pasta

This is my recipe for Ratatouille Pasta that’s bomb as hell and I eat it by the bucket load. It takes about 30 mins.

•Bunch of cherry tomatoes
•Zucchini and/or Eggplant
•Bell pepper
•Dried Mixed herbs
•Balsamic vinegar/whatever vinegar you have on hand
•Garlic in whatever form

•Chilli/red pepper flakes if you want heat
•Fresh herbs if you have them like thyme, oregano, basil
•Parmesan or Yeast Flakes to make it vegan

1. Oven goes on at 220C/425F

2. Toss cherry tomatoes with a couple tablespoons of oil, salt and pepper and stick in the oven in a small dish

3. Chop up zucchini, eggplant, peppers and onion into cubes and toss with ¼ cup oil, 2 tsb vinegar, a couple cloves of garlic, herbs, salt, pepper and chilli if you want. I like my flavours hella strong so I go overboard always. Chuck in the oven on a tray, single layered

4. Cook up some pasta & save a little cup of pasta water

5. Toss the vegetables after 20 mins and put them back in for another 10-15 until they’re golden and delicious looking

6. Pour cherry tomatoes which should be all blistered and juicy and beautiful into drained pasta, and add a dash of pasta water to create a sauce. Add roasted vegetables and toss.

7. Add any extras on top like fresh herbs, parmesan or yeast flakes etc. Go wild with the salt and pepper if you fancy. Et voila!

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we get it, you love Harry's album.... it's been two months now can we talk about something else?

Yes, of course! If you go on you’ll find a “sign up” rectangle. Click on that. It will ask your email, name, to choose a password etc et voila! You’ve made your own blog and you can talk about whatever you want on it! Isn’t it wild?


I’m so, so happy with how my Rapunzel Rider turned out! I didn’t want to do the classic look at the time, but I’ve been longing to be Rapunzel for ages–et voila! 

I meant to thrift store a lot of pieces, but, being me, ended up making almost everything because I’m so picky about fabric textures! The vest is real suede leather, hand-painted; the shirt is linen with pleating details you can’t even see, and the pants I constructed from a skirt because it was the perfect colour and texture. 

The dual frying pan-hairbrush is floral foam and paper clay, and, of course, a hairbrush! 

Photos by @myrddin-emrys / edits by me

Silhouette Cosplay
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fic: better when we’re together

Title: better when we’re together
Characters: Wally West/Artemis Crock
Word Count: 4,025
Rating: M / Teen And Up Audiences
Summary: Separation anxiety doesn’t need a cause, or a trigger, or a reason. When you miss someone, you miss someone, and it only gets better once you see them again with your own eyes, feel their skin with the fingertips of your own hands, and fill their lungs with the scent of your own, real love. AKA: Artemis returns from spending spring break in Vietnam. Established Wally/Artemis.
Disclaimer: [whitney voice] i have nothing, noTHING
Dedication: My hilariously late submission for the @yjficexchange Valentine’s Day Event. Surprise, surprise, my assignment is @jostenneil. Sorry for lying to your face multiple times to make sure you wouldn’t figure out it was me but I do hope you enjoy this.
Notes: I’d also like to dedicate this story to my wonderful friend @mrssmocz. Every time I was close to giving up on writing for the night she brought me back up and I cannot wait to see you again this summer. Also special mention/thanks to @sankontesu for checking it over for me when I wasn’t sure how to rate this baby lol. Special shoutout to @icanhearyouglaring for setting up this exchange! You’re a gift to us all. (Title is from Jack Johnson’s song Better Together.)
More Notes: Last thing! My babes are in sophomore year in this. I double – no, triple checked these dates. 2015 is their sophomore year in university and 2016 is their junior year, seriously, I went back multiple times to make sure but it only upset me because this also means that WALLY WEST HAD JUST ONE MORE YEAR BEFORE GETTING HIS BACHELOR’S IN PHYSICS! I’M WRECKED!


better when we’re together

Wally wakes up to the smell of burning waffles.

Actually, they could’ve been pancakes, but his nose is well-trained from twenty-odd years of being spoilt by his mother’s spectacular cooking so he can actually differentiate between the two breakfast meals. They were definitely waffles.

It makes him kind of sad.

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A while back someone asked if I could do a tutorial on how I draw faces. I haven’t had time to do a video (I still plan on doing one when I DO have time), but here’s a quick step-by-step!

1. I start with a circle with a cross through it that shows the center of the face and the eye lines. Then I add the lower face shape (jawline), and lines for the nose and mouth placement.

2. Next I add the nose so I can be sure it’s centered. Then I do outlines for the eyes, making sure they are even (really important for a front-facing face).

3. Once I have those even, I add the lips starting with the mouth line and then drawing the lips above and below it. Then I add eyebrows, and the circles for the irises in the eyes.

4. At this point, I erase the centerline, cross line, and bottom of the circle that I began with–I don’t need them anymore, and I want to eliminate extra lines so I can have a good sense of how the face is shaping up. Then I like to add a hairline. Sometimes I end up not using the hairline in the hairstyle, like if I draw bangs. But having a hairline there to start with helps me have an idea of the head shape, and where the face is vs where the hair starts.

5. Now I’ll add ears, a neck, and the top of the hair. The top of the hair will be above the circle I initially drew for the face shape because the hair poofs up above the scalp, adding height to the head. Again, I don’t always end up using this line in the final drawing depending on the hairstyle, but having it there helps me keep the overall head shape in check.

6. Details details! I finish up the hairstyle, add details to the eyeballs, darken outlines, and add shading to lips. Et voila! All done!

Witch Tip/Crystal Tip

If you have any Selenite lying around, you should probably know that this lovely little crystal can be used to charge other objects! Other crystals, amulets, talismans, sigils - it is a good universal charger; set it on top or beneath whatever it is you want charging and et voila! 


au fait je vais rebloger ce post en esayllant de faire un tuto aquarelle 8″D certaine personne m’on demander des conseil en aquarelle >w< je vais faire de mon mieux pour expliquer mais ça va être hard


Goth by @nekophy >w<

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I love reading your thoughts and opinions. Give us your essay on the song!

i’m super tired so this is a mini essay at best but there are some words and phrases that just pinged with me:

  • 25 and it’s all planned (as pointed out, he’s not 26 hjadshad but yeah planned life etc still seems to apply??)
  • headlines that i can’t stand (very specific towards the press)
  • you only get half of the story (this one’s quite self-explanatory isn’t it)
  • nobody cares when you’re boring (the first thing i thought when i heard this line was “someone said this to him”, as in ‘you’ve got to stay relevant at all costs’)
  • if you only knew (plenty of people apparently don’t know)
  • if i had it my way (it’s not going his way at the moment)
  • can’t i just be the same (again, pretty self-explanatory, he just wants to be the same and is asking why he can’t be)
  • let me be the same (stronger than “can’t i”, pleading with someone, he is not the same right now but he wants to be)

Every time Jumin calls, he answers with “It’s me.” 

I promised the amino people that Jumin would be the next person I drew… et voila! Promise kept! ^_^  This was just supposed to be a warm up, but I really like doing messy sketches like this…

For more of my artwork follow me on…


THE LAW OF ATTRACTION - A Simple Explanation

Another perspective for everyone who’s struggling with believing in the Law Of Attraction. (watch the video here)

The Law of Attraction” - I’m sure you stumbled upon this expression a lot of times before - it booms on social media and everyone’s talking about it. I’ve always been super skeptical towards this topic and without actually educating myself. I labeled it as “too much of miraculous woo-woo to actually work” - which was a huge disbelief.

Since the Law of Attraction came up in a book I read, I slowly got into it, I pushed all my doubts aside and became openminded about it - which, at this point, I highly recommend you doing before further reading.

If you actually want magic to happen, you have to widen your horizon a little! Believe me, its worth it!

So here are the insights that will make you see the Law of Attraction from another perspective and it will (I promise) make sense. Before I’m going to explain it to you, here a quick definition of the LoA so everyone’s on the same page: “The Law of Attraction basically says that if you manifest your desired in your thoughts and truly believe its available to you, you will be able to get/achieve it.” Ok so, ready? Here we go:

  • Our brain works like this: what we think about is what we focus on. If you think about the colour red right now and look around, you’ll sight everything red that surrounds you. If you want  - lets say - some special headphones and you really wish for them, you will suddenly see them everywhere. Now think about that: are they there because you think about them? Or have they been there all the time, and you realise them just now because you think about them? There we go, the Power of Thoughts.
  • We are more eager to notice what we expect because thats what our brain searches evidence for. You are expecting the day to be amazing? You’ll notice all the little things that prove your expectation right. By expecting positivity it will occur because you focus on it. Same works for negativity.
  • Thus, you attract what you focus on (there we go, definition of the Law of Attraction). Thats not because there’s some superpower going on, but because we can decide how we perceive our reality.
  • Important: We attract what we think about all the time, but most of the time we won’t notice it because its subconsciously. If we start to consciously influence our thoughts and mindset, we can manifest our desired with willpower. Et voila.

If you are interested in this topic, make sure you check out this video, where I’ll explain it to you step by step. I hope that I could bring you closer to understanding and using the Law of Attraction! You’ll hear from me soon gorgeous, sending some love xx

This is an easy tutorial for beginner icon makers (extremely picture heavy, an image for every step with explicit steps!) A very similar tutorial which was what taught me how to do this (with slight tweaks you will find along the way) is HERE and all credit to the darling Cassie for creating this, honestly what a life changer! (this is just a really picture heavy version of it with some weird arrows for beginners!!)

Before we start this tutorial, things you will need to have:

  • A version of PS, I have PS6 but I think this should be similar to any version that has the timeline option
  • A timeline
  • The screencaps you want to icon in one folder (I would rec putting this folder on your desktop for ease of access!) I would also recommend splitting your screencaps either by lighting (eg extremely dark and need to use a different psd) or by location in the caps (eg, right, left, centre etc) 
  • A psd you want to use!
  • Knowledge of how to load an action into photoshop (I don’t actually go into it in this tutorial!) 
  • A sharpening action which has been loaded into photoshop.
  • I’ll be using THIS action which is not mine but works spectacularly; Action 2 from this pack in particular

The end result is something like this with minimum amount of effort but the large amount of icons you need for roleplaying your favourite fc’s! Please LIKE/REBLOG if this was helpful :)

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Some other Japanese Sasusaku artists to follow on Twitter (Part 2)

Part 1 is HERE

Sasusaku western fandom is no match for Japanese’s artists. Their love for SS is unlimited regardless of time! Just make sure to follow their Twitter accounts and find their pixiv on their Twitter profiles. Ready to start your SS journey? Let’s start with:

1. Kouno (河野 @kouno_00)

If you love cute dorky Sasusaku, Kouno’s doujins will be your number one choice. Her Sakura is always blushing scarlet at a devil yet adorkable Sasuke. Kouno’s latest short doujin is based on that newest Shounen Jump illustration by Kishimoto. 

And dont forget her pixiv account with tons of beautiful SS doujins.

2. Donburako (どんぶらこ@原稿中@donburako8888 )

Another SS artist who is keen on fluffy SS family moments. I couldn’t stop thinking about how to jump in Donburako’s panels and pinch her Sakura’s cheek, she’s such a cute momma! This is one of her sweet Uchiha fam doujins for the Sasusaku 60-minute challenge, and the theme in that week was about Sasusaku in their 20s. Sasuke was numb after seeing his wife in her 20 something with long silky hair.

3. Shintama (with 2 accounts: しんたま(垢移動中)@shin_tama_2 and the new one newたま@newtamaZ)

If you are a fan of Sasusaku and Ghibli Studio, follow her NOW, because Shintama sometimes adds her favorite Totoro and Ghibli characters into her SS fanarts. You’ll be bombarded with super duper moe chibi Sasusaku! 

This is my favorite Shintama’s doujin, which is about Uchiha Sakura birthday: Sarada wrapped her papa up as a present for her mama because she was revealed by Mamakura that her birthday wish was to be “crazily in love” with her papa. And when Sakura went home, Sasuke asked her to choose between “love me crazily” or “let me love you crazily” and Sakura chose to be loved by Sasuke, hungrily of course haha!

4. Kakawo カカヲ@wokakacacawo

She’s been one of the most popular SS fanartists for a long time and still active until now. Kakawo draws team 7 as well but SS is still her favorite. Below is a very touching doujin about Sasuke silently holding his childhood sweetheart when she was sleeping.

5. Suzuaki (すずあき@yako606)

Suzuaki’s doujins will surely give you butterflies in your stomach. Her doujins are creative and interesting. Suzuaki’s latest doujin about Sasusaku’s first time sleeping together has reached 110k likes and 46k retweets on Twitter!!! Just WOW! Can you believe it?!? Follow her now and see for yourself!!!

6. Aksima (赤縞@aksima4649)

Another amazing Uchiha Fam fanartist to follow. She ships Inojin and Sarada, you have been warned haha, but I’m getting to love this couple thanks to her utterly kawaii doujins. She regularly updates her SS doujins on, so make sure you check her art works when logging in.

Aksima’s Papasuke is a sly fox who’s always trying to take advantage of Mamakura, which is a little bit funnily ecchi sometimes. For example:

7. And now the queen of SS smut, Adashicchi (あだしっち@adashino0f)

Sakura in her arts is sexily voluptous just like Kishimoto’s style, and Sasuke is devilishly handsome with constant murder attempt on dear Sakura! 

Adashicchi is the author of that famous smut doujin in which Sasuke used his Susanoo arm to fuck make love to Sakura, and it’s mind blowing! That doujin was fast and furiously sold out after a few days on (a page on which SS fanartists sell their artwors and doujins, check it for yourself) but the SS tumblr smut queen @thelittlechook​ finally bought that one haha, I hope it gives her much inspiration for the next SS smut week/or month, Im longing for it too!

Check her pixiv to be overwhelmed by her Sasusaku R18 arts!

8. Some other successful SS artists with wonderful artworks are Wakkatootti ( 和っか@wakkatootti) with cheerful and lovey dovey Sasusaku and Goma (goma404@goma404) with Sasusaku in casual clothes and modern world.

That’s it! Please reblog if possible to encourage SS fans to follow good Japanese artists in other social network instead of reprinting or reposting their arts without permission :D

Et voila! Bon appetit minna-san!