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Nurseydex house-flipping AU

I spent all of last weekend watching HGTV and this idea came to me.

So… I may or may not be planning a nurseydex au where they flip houses for a living. Dex does the manual labour, Nursey picks out pretentious design elements to annoy Dex, and passes out at the slightest sight of blood when there are minor accidents.

Chowder and Farmer are part of the reno crew. Holster splits his time between reno crew, finances, and trying to establish a “carpool karaoke” segment into every episode.

Bitty is the official consultant on dream kitchens to ensure that they remain functional while beautiful. Rans is a perpetual student who helps out in the summers to help pay for tuition, and whoops! Did this just become a little bit Holsom too? It sure did!

Maybe they get hired to reno NHL star Jack Zimmermann’s kitchen… and maybe while Bitty pitches ideas for his dream kitchen, Jack realizes that his dream is any kitchen (or room) that Bitty is in? Did this just become an entire multi-ship series? Yeah, I think so.

Characteristic Phrase of Men of the Zodiacs When Flirting

Aries (The Striker)
You’re so hot! When I am looking at you I think I am going to be burnt!

Taurus (The Sweet)
I have weakness for sweets and you, just to see you… I will definitely be full of dental decay!

Gemini (The Awake)
Doll, my friends call me “Freddo Espresso”! It will keep you awake all night!

Cancer (The Emotional)
I lost my favorite teddy bear. Can you sleep with me???

Leo (The Leader)
Whoa! Your eyes are the same color as my Porsche!

Virgo (The Practical)
Your beauty rips! If you know how to cook and iron, I will marry you tomorrow!

Libra (The Romantic)
I have a romantic side. Do you want to come to my house to find that side together?

Scorpio (The Sexual)
Let’s do math! Add you and me, we will remove our clothes and we will multiply!!

Sagittarius (The Charming)
Oh, I see! So, did I tell you that you are the cause of the global warming?

Capricorn (The Practical)
Today I reached an agreement with a multinational company, but I can’t figure out how much profit this will bring! What should I do?

Aquarius (The Original)
What do you think? Are you coming to my home, to square the circle?

Pisces (The Complex)
You look familiar! You’re not the girl I see every night in my dreams, are you?