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I love the bible. It’s audacious, and scandalous, and shows a God who put on flesh and moved into the neighbourhood to eat amongst prostitutes, call embezzlers to follow Him and rebuke the high-flying religious leaders.

Today Jesus declared an adulterous woman free from condemnation (John 9:11), His followers freed from darkness (12) and from slavery to sin (36). I love intimately knowing a God who doesn’t ignore brokenness, but restores it. Who doesn’t condemn darkness, but brings light into it. My heart is full.

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I keep two separate notebooks for my Bible study (one specifically for my notes on Scripture, and a separate smaller one where I write favorite verses, inspiring quotes, and where I also talk to God, in letter form), as well as underlining/starring/margin writing in my ESV.

How do you study His Word?


I just want to post this as proof that not all journaling Bibles have to look pretty and neat and artsy. Mine certainly is not, and that is how I interact with the Word–long, messy trails of thought as I try to understand what God is saying and grasping who God is. I write prayers in the margins, scribble laments, poems, song lyrics (I think I actually wrote a few verses or choruses on my own, complete with chords lol), and summarize what speaks to my heart. This is a freaking large Bible to carry around, and I sometimes have to swap it out for a smaller alternative, but this one’s my fvorite because it contains the most precious thing to me: it records my relationship with God.

these roses have been wedged into the pages of Hosea for over 300 days. their age reminds me of the countless truths God has taught me from this radical, uncomfortable, scandalous love story. It’s utterly ludicrous, yet I’m compelled, captivated, by this kind of relentless love. 

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Fixing my eyes. Centering my soul. Correcting my heart. Simplifying my life.

This season is a difficult one. I have spent so long abusing my soul to satisfy a body that will never cease craving the darkness of this world. My spirit is making a diligent search.

“When the waters saw You, when the waters saw you, they were afraid; indeed, the deep trembled…Your way was through the sea, Your path through the great waters; yet Your footprints were unseen.” “What god is great like our God? You are the God who works wonders.” (Abbreviated from Psalm 77 vs 13, 14, 16, &19)

Fixing my eyes on the God who makes the depths of the sea tremble, the God of wonders. Fixing my eyes on His way while still stubbornly going my own way. This season is difficult indeed.