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1. who are your top biases if you have any?

asdfghjkl OKAII umm my top biases are Kai, D.O., Suho Luhan, Kris, and Tao in EXO HEHEHEHE X)). Uhuhuhu recently ive been into m4m’s Alen (cube entertainment’s new chinese group) HES JUST SO FLAWLESS

2. 5 gifs that make you laugh or smile?

3. do you want to like.. meet up and have bubble tea one day? xD

YESS  of course i would luv to HEHEHEHEHE ^^ taro bubble tea <33

4. do you have an “ideal” type?

Umm lemme see… my ideal type is someone who is there for you and someone that can be trusted. Someone with a nice smile and pretty eyes ASDFGHJKL (hehe Luhan XDD) but overall he has to be trustworthy and kind towards me (like a best friend ^^)

5. the first word that comes to your mind?

Lolol right now FOOD :DD hehe

6. do you have a song that you can’t stop listening to at the moment?

OMGG kay ive been addicted to m4m’s sadness OMFG ALEN asdfghjkl fang yilun *o*

7. do you have a favorite fanfic?

Recently ive been reading anterograde tomorrow ^^ hehehe

8. have you attempted to do a kpop dance?

….yes OTL

9. if so, which one?

I tried learning the dance of exo- history and mama, infinite- nothing’s over and come back again…. ._. but i suck A LOT lolol

10. you’re kawaii, plz teach me your ways??

LOLOL THANKSS ^^ nooo YOU ARE~~~~ idek i dont hab ways XD

11. do you usually wear sweats, casual clothes, or dressy looking clothes when you go to school?

Umm i usually wear casual clothes like sweaters and jeans with sneakers but sometimes i try to something different like cardigans and shtuff :))


1. Who is your #1 kpop group?~ :))

2. Who are your biases in that group?

3. How did kpop change your life?

4. When is your birthday?

5. What is your fave snack?

6. Who is your first blog that you followed on tumblr?

7. What do you think about the new chinese group from cube entertainent M4M?

8. Your top 3 fave kpop gifs~

9. Have you ever went to any kpop events?

10. What should we do if we met in real life :))

11. SENPAI/SUNBAE teach me your ways~~~ lolol