70/100 Days of Productivity

My labs today were so interesting! In the biology lab we did some experiments using dialysis tubing and different concentrations of hypoosmotic, hyperosmotic, and isoosmotic solutions. The only part that sucked was that everyone in the lab barely finished on time and I had a biology lecture right after. So, my focus was a bit off for that class.

In my physics lab we did an experiment with projectile motion. Considering physics is one of my least enjoyed subjects, I really like this lab! The only bad part was switching back and forth between absolute and relative errors in a multistep equation, which was tedious.

My main priority tonight is to finish my math lab assignment that’s due tomorrow. Besides that, I’ll be getting ahead on physics homework!

this is a list of anime soundtracks (linking to yt videos) that I constantly listen to while studying. enjoy!

the ones in bold are my favorites!

sad ost mix from multiple animes (sad, powerful, beautiful)

free! eternal summer (happy, uplifting, electronic)

ao haru ride (both emotional and happy/funky songs are mixed in)

mix of beautiful osts from studio ghibli (emotional, sweet, lullaby-like) 

mirai nikki (a mix of dark music, heartbreaking music, and upbeat music) 

kyoukai no kanata (mysterious, beautiful, a few uplifting songs in there as well!)

akame ga kill (dark, metal, gives the “assassin vibe” while studying… don’t know if that’s good or not) 

parasyte (electric, light dubstep, upbeat) 

puella magi madoka magica (dark, eerie, beautiful) 

sad mix of osts from clannad afterstory (mostly slow and calm, ofc sad) 

no game no life (electronic, upbeat. if you’ve watched the anime it gives you a feeling of being a genius) 

death note (dark, electronic, mysterious)

 fate/stay night unlimited blade works (epic, orchestra, very beautiful)

nanatsu no taizai (“fantasy/action world feeling,” epic, majestic)

 kyoukai no kanata: I’ll be here movie (touching, this soundtrack is a masterpiece and if you’ve watched the movie it will bring you to tears)

pt 1 +  pt 2  zankyou no terror (haunting, beautiful, mysterious)

sword art online sad soundtrack mix (this is just great)

  • bonus to sword art online: you are not alone (aka yuuki’s theme in mother’s rosario)

I’ll definitely add to this list as time passes. I hope this helps someone while studying!! :)

UPDATED!! I got rid of a few soundtracks because the links weren’t working and also added another few ( ˃̶ω˂̶ ૃ)

If you have more suggestions for what to add, please feel free to send me a message!

June 25th {27/100}

Day 27 of my 100 days of productivity! I finally bought a Leuchtturm notebook! I’ve been wanted to get one for such a long time because the one I was previously using was kinda broken, and pages just fell out. So yeah, today I’m going to set up my bujo and make a plan for summer break. 

check out my study youtube channel! 

hey guys !!
this is my first masterpost hahaha exciting
so exams are coming up soon (for me), aka those early may dates..
here is just a bunch of resources that i found !!

study tips 101

studying from ..

how do i study ?? / being organized

if any of these links are broken, please message me so i can update it.
hope you find these helpful !! 

- xoxo j

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// 04.09.2016 //

Balancing school and your personal life is the key to prevent a burnout! Studying might be really important to you but remember to reward yourself by taking small breaks where you just do small things you enjoy! In my case it’s sketching and journaling but hey you do you!

P.s. I should start studying for my social studies exam but I’m pretty sure I’ll end up cramming the night before as always eh!

April 23rd {18/100}

Day 18 of my 100 days of productivity! Today was another biology-heavy day. I spent most of my time re-writing my in-class notes and making sure that I actually understand all of the concepts. I was tackling nerve impulse propagation. As you can see, the notes I take in class are really rough and unorganised, all written in the same color and just general not aesthetically pleasing whatsoever. I wanted to show you guys that good looking notes, always started out as messy ones. 


It’s been a bit since I posted but since I’m doing notes I thought I should!! I’ve given up on the 100 days of productivity yet again but it’s okay! Also I got a few new goodies that I’ve been loving so!!! Have a great day guys and feel free to hmu with some asks bc I’m bored haha

Public Speaking & Presentation Masterpost/Advice!

Whether you’re giving a speech or a presentation with images, here are some tips and useful links:

Important general tip:

If you are feeling yourself panic, stop for a moment and take a breath then continue. No one is judging you and everyone is supporting you! :)

Giving a speech:

1. Do NOT just stare at your ‘script’!
2. Stand up straight, speak clearly and confidently, and smile
3. Use prompt cards, not a printed version of your entire speech

10 tips for giving a great speech - Forbes
9 tips for giving your best speech ever - Lifehack
Tips for a good school speech - wikihow

Giving a presentation:

1. If you have a powerpoint (or similar) do not have a ton of writing! Having one or two key words or just an image is a lot better as it ensures the audience (and you!) are not just reading off the slide
2. Know the content inside out - be an expert! (no necessarily memorise but make sure you really know your stuff - this will help with confidence too)

How to give a good presentation - Princeton
How to make presentations - University of Kent
How to give a memorable presentation - Time

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May 15th {22/100}

Day 22 of my 100 day of productivity! My psych exam is in less than 2 days now, so I’ve been trying to get as much studying in as I can. My aim is to get flashcards covering the learning outcomes, for all the levels of analysis done today. Then tomorrow I can make flashcards of the main studies and research that I have to know.

Supe desde un principio que las cosas iban a ir mal este año, todo es un desastre, no tan solo en casa, en la escuela también ni si quiera quiero ir, no me interesa el tener un ausente o perderme las clases, mientras hacía una prueba para la cual no estudie hace unos días me percaté que perdí la vista en la ventana, en los pájaros, las nubes, cualquier cosa menos la prueba. Este año no fui la primera semana de clases, así que mi "grupo" ni siquiera me guardo un lugar, antes iba a la escuela para no quedarme en casa pero él primer día de clases que asistí solamente pensaba en lo mucho que me gustaría estar durmiendo, mi depresión hace que pierda el interés en todo poco a poco, no me gusta estar en casa pero ahora me molesta ir a la escuela y no en él sentido de molestar la escuela como levantarse o hacer tareas, no, me da miedo, me aterra, no quiero estar en ese lugar. Lo peor de todo es que es mi ultimo año y el más importante.

Mi diario


26•Feb•2016 // Bought some new highlighters! :D Although I may not need all these colours I do actually need new highlighters… actually no I definitely need all these colours ^-^

Izzi :)

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anonymous asked:

Hey so I'm also a senior this year and would love to get into some good study habits. Any good tips in terms of stationary and studying in general?

I’ll start with the study space because no matter what habits you have, the study space is where everything takes place.

Study spaces are important.

Keep your study space decluttered so you don’t get easily distracted or overwhelmed.

If you don’t have a study space, look for one ASAP. It has to be a place where:

  • You feel 100% comfortable,
  • Your stuff is within reach,
  • There is a good light source (if it’s early, so you’ll get daylight; if it’s late at night, to avoid shadows in your desk, etc. // Please try to use only natural light.)

Try to minimize distractions. You’d better keep temptations away (e.g. your phone, Nintendo, whatever).  You can keep technology there if you’re gonna need it.

You know what comes with study spaces? Stationery. Hell yeah.

Here’s what I like to keep with me all the time:
• Sticky notes in different sizes, for annotations. Never read without some of these handy.
• Sticky flags/tabs to bookmark!
• Pens and pencils for the obvious.
• Erasers obvs.
• Scissors, glue, and all that jazz in case you ever need them. Just make sure you have some.
• Highlighters (more than one color if it works for you!): you can try color coding [example] and see how it goes.
• Markers and color pencils for when I get artsy.
• Blank stickers! (I use them for a lot of things, like classifying stuff, put titles, make my bookmarks, etc.)

You don’t need fancy, expensive stationery either. My first ever bullet journal was a small notebook I bought at a convenience store, and it’s actually the prettiest (and neatest!) out of them all. No kidding. Just use what you have.

I’m pretty sure you have a lot of papers from all these school years. Organize them. Make sure you’re gonna need them all; if you won’t, get rid of them.

MAKE SURE you have a calendar in here. Your planner works fine too, but it is so useful to have a clear visual reminder of what’s in for you for the whole month. @theorganisedstudent has these wonderful printables that can help you out with this.


Anyway, now with habits.

First, you should read this. It’s about forming (and unforming) habits. // Thanks to @psychedaboutstudying 

These are the habits that have worked for me:

  • Google stuff. Learn more if you have the chance, so you understand something better.
  • I try not to pull all nighters. Basically, sleep.
  • Planning.  Always plan ahead. Keep a planner [Psst, here’s my masterpost]
  • Be responsible. Take your assignments and tests seriously.
  • Start early. In my school, there are two teachers that give out the longest homework, and everybody knows it (other teachers actually don’t assign more stuff because they are aware of it) so to actually feel like I have my life together, I have to start it the same day they assign it, and do bits by bits of the work every day.
  • I make sure to keep an eye on these studying mistakes (so I don’t make them).
  • Use the Pomodoro Technique. I actually didn’t really get the hype for this until I tried it.
  • Try different note-taking techniques. Make this a habit. Learn in different ways. Take notes in different ways and see what works best for you. [Heres @kimberlystudies masterpost]
  • Read before the class. This makes me familiar with the topic, AND the teacher actually gives me a better grade for participating in class (because I know what they are talking about) when the semester ends.
  • Participate in class. Teachers like you more, you’re more involved with what you’re learning, and there are more chances of remembering the lesson.
  • Test yourself frequently. You’ll probably remember stuff easier and for more time.
  • I like to be best buds with teachers, lmao. When I befriend teachers, I get on their good side, and if I have problems with due dates or just about any issue, they give me opportunities, y’know? [True story: I once gave my teacher (with the massive homework) my notebook with like five blank pages, and told her I didn’t get to finish it. She took it anyway, but returned it to me when the day ended and told me to finish it and turn it in later, aND THAT WAS COOL, MAN, BECAUSE THAT WAS 30% OF MY GRADE].
  • I Wake up early. You don’t need to wake up at 4 am like me (I prefer to have more time to do stuff before getting ready for school —school starts at 7 am for me, and I start getting ready at 5:30 am because I take so long.) What I do in the ‘spare time’ is check my phone, read a book, listen to music, work on an assignment, etc.
  • Don’t multitask. Seriously, don’t do it; focus on only one thing instead.
  • I’m often the ‘leader’ in group projects. That helps me be in control of everything (but it’s bad for my perfectionism, I guess), and at the same time, I delegate. I make everybody work. Don’t take anybody’s shit.
  • Annotate. Annotate as much as you can, especially literature! I think this is my fav masterpost about it!
  • Make connections.
  • Always check and correct the answers you got wrong on a test. Seriously, you will remember the right answer later.
  • Ask questions! Always ask for more information (especially if you don’t quite get something!)
  • I try to keep a study routine. Here’s @beautifullearning ‘s guide to establishing a good one.
  • Last, but not less important at all: Don’t stress yourself out. If things get messy, just breathe in and out. Take care of yourself.

I can’t really think of more useful stuff, but I’m gonna link you to some masterposts or articles that are really good and useful!

Secret Study Tips I wish somebody told me by @fearlessroadtomd

Guide to studying by @elkstudies

INTENSE STUDY TIPS at thecollegeprepster

At Home Study Strategies - The “What”

A complete guide to studying (well) by @scholarlysquad

3 Small Discipline Habits You Can Train by @studyfulltime

Achieving academic success in 2016  by @estudying

Things to keep in mind before studying by @izzystudiess

HOW I MANAGE MY TIME by @pensandmachine

How To Start A Study Session (when your really not up for it) by @mystudyzone 

Advice for students: how to concentrate

Study tips for the new semester by @studyingandlattes

what i’ve learnt throughout my years of being a student by @areistotle


I’m sure there are many more great masterposts, but I can’t think of more.

 This is a total mess, hahah. Thank you and happy studying!

June 12th {25/100}

Day 25 of my 100 days of productivity! I have to read 1984 and Persepolis by the end of the summer break. Even though summer break is still a few weeks away, I’m starting the books now in hopes that I’ll actually manage to finish them by the start of the school year. One good thing is that I know there is an audiobook for the 1984 and there is a movie for Persepolis :)