Transitioning isn’t always linear. It isn’t always “from one gender to another.” There’s a misconception that when people transition they increasingly conform to gender roles; that they reinforce the gender binary. If anything, the opposite is true. As we grow more confident in ourselves, we expand the boundaries of our presentation and how the world conceptualizes gender. The further on hormones I was, the less I felt tied up by the gender norms that restricted me throughout my teenage years. Transitioning can welcome in bodies to new forms of gender presentation and even create new genders. This development of self-consciousness isn’t just for us, it’s also a way of communicating that everyone should be able to express themselves. Transitioning isn’t just about gender: it’s about our ability to create community and understanding.

(Via Instagram) Being a transgender teen can be difficult to say the least. What can be even more difficult are the pressures that we face as queer and trans people during this time. With doctors, therapists, and teachers telling me I had to present femininely in order to be safe, respected, or valued in society, I caved to the pressure of these authority figures. Over time, all openly trans people learn that being comfortable with oneself is more important than how others see you. So, I changed my appearance after a few years of transitioning as I grew more comfortable in my body and knew what was right for me. I’ve long had much more of an affinity for suits and ties than flow-y shirts and dresses. I should have access to this aesthetic as any other queer woman does. Trans people should likewise have autonomy over how we appear, regardless of how much we conform to gender norms. Instead of invoking fear about backlash to our trans identities, we should create a society that degenders clothing and embraces us for our unique presentations.


I may regret posting these but I feel cute and sexy and it’s my blog 🙈🙈🙉🙉

Also I’ve seen this happen a few times but can you please let me know if people are uploading my photos and they aren’t from this blog, or at least mentioning me. It’s infuriating.

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are you on synthetic estrogen (the pill)?

if so, do you experience:

thyroid issues(inability to lose or gain weight)
inability to consume alcohol
appetite loss
pain for seemingly no reason
generalized chronic illness symptoms?

if so, your E1(estrone) is probably wayyyy too fuckin high, due to a reaction to the synthetic estrogen

doctors say this affects 10% of trans femmes but it’s probably far more from the accounts i hear

if you feel this way or you plan on starting hrt with estrogen, please ask your endocrinologist/doctor to test your E1 AND E2 levels

you may need to switch to injectable estrogen

there aren’t many studies on how various forms of hrt affect people so please spread this around, y'all do not need to feel like this and it can be fixed

-Mod Virgil

Message for all trans* people:
  • If your friend gets mad at you and attempts to hurt your feelings by making fun of your gender - THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIEND, DO NOT TRUST THEM.
  • If your significant other gets mad at you and attempts to hurt your feelings by making fun of your gender - DO NOT GO BACK TO THEM. DUMP THEM RIGHT THEN AND THERE AND NEVER LOOK BACK.  They are not who you’re supposed to be with.
  • If anyone ever says your birth name on purpose to upset you - DO NOT TOLERATE THEIR CRAP. THEY ARE NOT GOOD HUMAN BEINGS.
  • There is no such thing as “not being trans* enough.”
  • You do not need to pack/bind or tuck/stuff in order to pass.
  • You can wear make up or go without makeup all you want.
  • You can wear as much jewelry as you want.
  • You don’t have to start hormones or have surgery.
  • You are allowed to want to be called  by your chosen name and correct pronouns.