estrella vega


APE Haul!

From top row, left to right:

  • I See All by Deth P. Sun
  • The Reverie by Malachi Ward
  • Desert Rock print by Malachi Ward (the original for this is available from Mission Comics, and it is stunning. Buy it and make me jealous.)
  • Hella Sick 7" with sleve art by Geoff Vasile.
  • The Folly of Beanie Boylan reprint with new cover art by Geoff Vasile.
  • Never Give Up by Thien Pham
  • Islands #1 and #2 by Brendan Monroe
  • Real Life by Malachi Ward
  • The Settlers by Matt Sheean
  • Aerial Structures by Kane Lynch
  • Beardos, Crisis of Infinite Oafs, and Wuvable Oaf: Gory Details by Ed Luce
  • CCS pamhplet by Kevin Huizenga
  • Nobrow #5 (yay! Been searching for this for a while.)
  • Bingo Baby, collaborative comic published by CCS
  • Find my Light by Jen Tong
  • Rage of Poseidon by Anders Nilsen
  • The Dingburg Diaries by Bill Griffith
  • CCS pamphlet by Joseph Lambert
  • Couch Tag by Jesse Reklaw
  • The Ordovician and the Silurian by Estrella Vega
  • Reading is Highly Addictive postcard set by Joost Swarte
  • Hagelbarger and That Nightmare Goat by Renee French
  • Are we Having Fun Yet by Bill Griffith
  • Good Dog by Graham Chaffee