I just saw the boys and met Florentino…

estoytranquilo said: WHAT HAPPENED??!! did you talk to him/them??

my-white-heart said: tel us more about it :D every detail!

Well, here is the story..

I went to Philadelphia to see the Real Madrid vs Celtic and honestly I didn’t even knew what to expect. My hotel was just 2 blocks from Real Madrid’s hotel and believe it or not, the Celtic was staying in my hotel. I arrived friday morning and since this was the 1st time visiting Philadelphia we had to figure out how to get to the city center. Once in the hotel and with a map in hand we went to explore Philadelphia under a storm! We passed by their hotel without even knowing it but unfortunately no one was in the lobby/outside. After seeing everything Philly had to offer we headed back to our hotel making us pass by The Ritz. We saw lots of people outside and we decided to stay. 1 hour later the players started to head to the bus for that night’s training session. They walked so fast but the wait was totally worth it!! Pepe and Cristiano were the only ones that stop to sign some autographs which was really nice of them. After everyone left we saw a black car arrive and knew someone important was inside. Out of the blue Florentino Perez was beside us! My friend got his autograph in her iphone cover and we got a picture with him. He’s a really nice man, he even “protected” me from the crazy people that was trying to get a picture with him. I fell in love with our Presidente! lol The game, well, I was in awe the whole 90 minutes! I couldn’t believe I was finally at a Real Madrid game. All the boys are even more handsome in person; Arbeloa is a true Espartano, I didn’t even knew Mesut was so good looking, Cristiano changed my perspective of him ‘cause I even got nervous when he was so close and Higuain? looked extremely delicious with that scruff! :P Let’s just say; Best days EVER!! I totally recommend the experience! :D
I’m in the process of posting pictures. .  

  • estoytranquilo said: DOOO tell :D What’s happening in September :)

Well, there’s a possibility that Argentina might play a friendly back home and the guy responsible of organizing it is a really good friend!!! And I obviously told him that I HAVE to meet him!!! lol Also, the owner of the biggest soccer store back home is really good friends with Gonzalo, so he also knows he needs to do the impossible so I can meet my future husband!!! Besides, he knows that I live in love with him and he always tells me; he needs a wife like you.. lol 

Since is just rumors right now, I’m not getting anxious or stressing because I potentially can have him in front of me.. if it is something that’s actually going to happen trust me that you’ll know everything about it!!!! :D Fingers super crossed!!!! :)

missmariachuteira said: :(

estoytranquilo said: :( that sucks! I just found out yesterday that he’s there and it’s too short notice to go… Don’t even know if there’s tickets so I’ll just cry with you.. Big hugs

I know! I didn’t even thought about it until 2 days ago and my friend is on International duty so he’s not even there! :( Literally the best opportunity to meet him!!! Buuuuuut, I know someday I’ll have the privilege of having him in front of me.. In the meantime, we can cry together! Huge hugs! 

Note: And to make things even worse and make me think about what ifs, Brazil’s National Team is practicing in my school!!!!!!!! Like, they’re in the football stadium in the afternoon (where I work) and they walk to the soccer field, just like that! Why Argentina couldn’t play in Miami!!!!! :( And no, I haven’t been able to see them but I’ve tried everything!!!

Seriously I just had a little panic attack! I don’t know if I want it to be true or not, my health can’t bare something like that! lol I can’t assure you I’ll behave if I see him walking around. . :D 

mous-bitches-love-eachother replied to your post: I’m concidering Higuain a done deal for Juve at this point… I’ll miss him :(

WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG! I SWEAR!!!!!!!!!

bazingarm replied to your post: I’m concidering Higuain a done deal for Juve at this point… I’ll miss him :(

Hopefully not… :( but it seems like….

estoytranquilo replied to your post: I’m concidering Higuain a done deal for Juve at this point… I’ll miss him :(

Noooooooooooo it better not happen!!! Plus Marca reported Juve agents were in town (Madrid) to discuss, then they said “though they didn’t meet physically”… So hoping it’s all bullshit!!

Too many speculations to be bullshit, he’s gone… he almost left us last season and this season the fans are not singing his name asking him to stay so, bye bye… 

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I’m in the process of renewing my passport (and figuring if I should drive or fly) but YES, I want (need to/ have to) to go and yes we can meet there!! :D :D

I get back from Spain may 31st and I’m guessing I’ll be flying from Miami or San Juan a couple days early to enjoy NY a little.. and I figured; I HAVE to go to that game it actually sounds unreal. . we’ll keep in touch to plan something.. :D