Kerli - Lucky Ones


I will love this song forever! :)

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What are some facts about Kerli?

Like what exactly? She’s an Estonian singer currently located in LA. She’s had 2 albums and an EP… I don’t know how much you know so I’m not sure what to tell you 

Estonia, Medical School and Coincidence

Before I sign off for the day so I can resume studying for English and Arabic, I was just browsing some Tumblr and dA stuff about APH Estonia, and he’s called “Eduard Von Bock” as his human name. Cool? Cool.

Then, I remembered that a German university will come to our school and offer a small seminar about their courses and so I remembered that I needed to ask them about their courses. So, I was also looking for other European universities and I remembered that my friend was studying medicine in Estonia and she’s really happy with her course, so I looked up some things about medicine in Estonia and by coincidence I was also listening to the song “Ajaga võidu” by Ott Lepland (which is an Estonian song by my favorite Estonian singer) and then…. this happened.

University of Tartu and VON BOCK BUILDING.

Coincidence? I think not!

I’m such a fangirl for Estonian things, whether it is universities, music or even ANIME CHARACTERS. But, all together? That’s scary. But, awesome. AWESOME! ^^