After Jefferson’s death Sally Hemings and her sons went to live in a rented house on Main Street in Charlottesville, not far from her sister Mary. Later her sons would buy their own homes, and she would live with her son Madison. Word spread of her informal emancipation, for she and her son were listed in the 1830 census as free white people, even though it is inconceivable that the census taker did not know who she was. Her honorary whiteness did not last, however. Three years later, in a special census of 1833, conducted to count the free blacks in the community for purposes of determining which of them wanted to be resettled in Africa, Hemings described herself as a free mulatto who had lived in Charlottesville since 1826. She and her sons declined to return to Africa. They continued to live in downtown Charlottesville, participating in the life of the growing town until her death in the 1830s. Her two eldest children, Beverley and Harriet, kept in contact with their family. But as the years passed, the choices the children of Sally Hemings and Thomas Jefferson made would separate their lines forever. Three would live in the white world, and one would remain in the black world. The end result of their individual decisions show clearly what it has meant to be white in America and what it has meant to be black.
—  Annette Gordon-Reed, The Hemingses of Monticello

Tfw you wake up early in the morning around 7 am on a free day, because this routine lasted for almost a month, there’s an hour or two left until your departure for home, you wanna draw the idea you came up with last night but couldn’t get to because you were tired af…

There’s a reason why I wanted to draw Avatar Aang, his granddaughter Jinora and Momo - three representatives of the peaceful air nomads. Read more if you feel like you could use a short history lesson.

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everythingislemons asked:

yo it's sara i didnt know that you had/were (idk the proper phrasing sorry) a system and thought that maybe you could tell me names and introduce me and stuff?

Yeah of course!

1) Diablo he/him
chill laid back meme material
makes himself out cooler than he really is

2) Eden/The Batter they/them
This is one of my kintypes as well as one of my system members; they’re literally just the Batter from OFF

3) Ballman he/him
Also a kintype and system member, from the game off
He’s an ass

4) Eston he/him
Terrible person 0/10 do not engage in conversation with avoid at most costs

5)Elliot he/him
Fucking idiot who apparently sounds like an Aussie

6) Russell he/him they/them
He’s angelkin and best described as a “delicate cinnamon roll”

7) Milo he/him they/them
Mom, responsible, productive, mom, full of worry

8) Caleb he/him
That one kid who’s super friendly but makes terrible decisions, like if he was at a party he’d probably go for the funnel

9) Rosa they/them
Feminine as hell also a child probably

welp that’s us

i know eurppean like politics are dif tho ive seen posts about how umm like easten europeans  from like small contries like lativia estone lithuania are discriminated against by western eruropeans like uhhh english? but i dont know much of that

anonymous asked:

Do you think Gay Marriage could be legal soon in Estonia? Like, is there any real opposition to it socially, or is there just not enough vocal support to make it appear on anyone's agenda?

That’s rather loaded question to be honest. I think we still have some time until Estonia will have Gay Marriage. 

There is opposition, and they’re quite strong. There is vocal support for it as well, but most of Estonians are rather passive about this topic. 

At the moment  the Eston Kohver case (tensions with Russia overall), Refugees from Mediterranian Sea and our inner political and environmental problems push the Gay Marriage to background for now.