I decided to go through the Sally Hemings tag on ao3. I did it to find out if there was even more that was disrespectful to Sally and what I found what appalling and disgusting:

Do you forgot John Jay owned slaves?

Angelica Church owned slaves.

Thomas Jefferson raped Sally and you all think it is a fun little plot to make their relationship romantic in your garbage Hamilton fics. 

Haha, you didn’t remember James Madison owned slaves?

Hercules Mulligan owned slaves and this is disgusting, this was the “ship” I saw the most in the tags. 

Are you kidding me? 

Yeah, okay, you can choke and die. 

Really, shipping Sally with one of the biggest slave owning families in America at the time?

Of course, and you added her sister just so make Sally a throwaway object in your badly written and stupid fics. 

I found myself rubbing my eyes in disbelief. 


Filthy human being you are. 

This one brought tears to my eyes, how dare you bring her children into this, how dare you, you are a disgusting human being. You are a horrible human being. 

I hope you all choke, how dare you defile her memory in such a way. As I spoke about before but do not need to repeat, putting Sally Hemings into your fics is disrespectful and disgusting. How dare you take Sally and defile her memory in such a way. How, dare, you. 



“When I was auditioning… they would send me the log lines of the character and if it said beautiful or gorgeous or pretty even they would delete it before they sent it me, because I would immediately call them and go ‘I will not be cast, It’s not going to happen!’ Not to put myself down or anything but I just always wanted to be a comedian.” [x]

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Hi! Have you done anything on Sally Hemings? If so, could you possibly link me? If not, do you have any information about her? I know so little about her and wish I knew more

Here you go, I wrote you a 2231 word essay on Sally Hemings. All sources come from Jefferson and Hamilton: The Rivalry That Forged a Nation and Thomas Jefferson: Art and Power. 

          1735, a man named Hemings, the white English captain of a trading ship, fathered a daughter with a “full-blooded African” woman. The African woman’s child was named Elizabeth. The mother and daughter ended up as slaves of the Eppes family- the Eppes family from which John Wayles (Thomas Jefferson’s father in law) would marry his first wife, Martha. 1746- the year Wayles married Martha Eppes- Elizabeth Hemings, then about eleven years old, moved to the Wayles property. 1761, Elizabeth was taken by John Wayles into concubine and she bore five children to him, Robert Hemings, James Hemings, Thenia Hemings, Critta Hemings an Peter Hemings. In 1773, she gave birth to a sixth child: Sarah “Sally” Hemings.

             Thomas Jefferson married Martha Wayles Skelton on New Year’s Day 1772. Martha, was a daughter of John Wayles. Through his marriage ,Jefferson acquired more slaves, later receiving Elizabeth Hemings, whose daughter, Sally, who would be born months later- was a half-sister of Martha Jefferson, after Wayles’s death. Martha Jefferson chose to keep the Hemings family together after her father’s death by bringing them onto her land. Jefferson payed a midwife to deliver Elizabeth’s son John. Nearly noon on Friday, September 6, 1782 Martha Jefferson died. Her house servants- including Elizabeth Hemings, were among those with Martha as she lay dying. In her last pledges to her husband, she told him to never marry again- Sally Hemings who was witness to this was not quite ten years old yet. Among one of the last things she did, Martha handed Sally a tiny silver servant bell as a gift.

           1784, when Thomas Jefferson accepted a position as ambassador of France, he brought with him his eldest daughter, Martha “Patsy” Jefferson, and James Hemings- son of Elizabeth Hemings and brother of Sally Hemings. Jefferson had intentions to train James to be a cook of French food. June 26th, 1787, Jefferson was able to get his daughter, Mary “Polly” Jefferson whom he’d left in the company of family along with his now deceased younger daughter Lucy Elizabeth Jefferson over to France to join him and Patsy in attempt to recreate his family. Polly arrived in London and was handed into the care of Abigail Adams, with the youngest Jefferson was Sally Hemings. “The old nurse whom you expected to have attended her was sick and unable to come, Abigail Adams wrote to Jefferson, “She has a girl about about 15 or 16 with her, the sister of the servant you have with you.” Abigail also told she is “quite like a child” and required more care than Polly- who was five year younger. She inquired about sending Sally back to Virginia.

             There are no known images of Sally Hemings. On arrival in Europe, Sally was fourteen years of age, and had very light skin, “almost white” and “very handsome, with long straight hair down her back”. There was some resemblance between Sally Hemings and Jefferson’s late wife Martha Jefferson. Abigail Adams also described Sally as, “…she seems fond of the child and appears good natured.” Polly Jefferson and Sally arrived in Paris on July 15th, 1787. She probably ran errands and served as a chambermaid as well as a seamstress. She accompanied Patsy and Polly to dances and dinners, Jefferson spent a considerable sum in 1789 on clothing for Sally. While in Dusseldorf, Jefferson found himself fascinated by a 1699 painting by the Dutch artist Adriaen van der Werff of Abraham taking the young servant Hagar to his bed. The Virginian described it as, “delicious. I would have agreed to have been Abraham though the consequence would have been that I should have been five or six thousand years.”

         Since her arrival in France, Sally had been paid some small wages- twelve livres a month for ten months. Jefferson had bought clothing for her and had her inoculated against smallpox. Sally’s day routine is less clear, though she may have served the Jefferson daughters as a maid at the convent school during part of her time in Paris. It was during the years of 1788 and 1789 that Thomas Jefferson began his sexual activity with Sally Hemings (then only fifteen or sixteen years old). The emotional content of the Jefferson-Hemings “relationship” is a mystery. Some say he loved her, and vice versa. Others argue it was coercive, institutionalized rape. If someone is your property, it is impossible for you to ask consent before sexual acts because they are “property” to you, property cannot give consent. No consent before sex is rape. All those who were slaves brought into concubine with their masters were raped- property cannot give consent because they are owned by another human being. It was not love, it was rape. Property cannot give consent. Sally Hemings might of been doing what she had to do to survive an evil system, accepting sexual duty as an element of her enslavement and using what leverage she had to improve the lot of her children.

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Miguel: Of course it would be a pleasure to meet her, she seems friendly

Miguel: wait to?! an appointment !!! that’s not … well yes … but a date requires more ……. this me not … but …

Wings: you complicate your life with dating, do not you?

Miguel: hmmmm …..shut up

Para preguntas random, respuestas random ? XD que se yo dsfsdfsdf pregunta para los o el anonimo XD osea que? sadasd eston..estas loco XD creo no se dsdf. 

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Miguel me :v 

[ Sirena ]

Durante il Medioevo, lungo la riva del Mar Baltico, venne trovata una donna bellissima. Vestita come una principessa.
Fu portata in città dove divenne la promessa sposa di un giovane ricco, ma la sera dopo scomparve.
Per tutta la notte, la città fu cullata da un canto celestiale. E quando la mattina seguente, andarono ad indagare trovarono la giovane donna vicino ad un pozzo.
Ciò accadde anche la notte successiva, solo che stavolta il canto provenì dal mare che con l'arrivo dell'alba si affievolì fino al sorgere del sole.
La ragazza scomparve dopo quel giorno, ma nei cuori di chi ascoltò quella melodia, rimase il desiderio meraviglioso di amare.
Ancora oggi, le persone amano camminare sulla spiaggia sotto il cielo stellato. Ammirare la luna e trovare conforto nella brezza del mare. Magari con la speranza di poter incontrare quella creatura sovrannaturale.

Questa è solo una vecchia legenda che fa comprendere, che nonostante le guerre e l'agonia di quel tempo, anche nel Medioevo le persone volevano amare ed essere felici.

Le sirene, secondo la cultura scandinava ed europea, erano donne che decidevano di finir la propria vita nel mare. E avendo un'anima tormentata, attiravano le loro vittime nell'acqua. Ma grazie alla loro bellezza, alle loro risate e alle voci angeliche, le vittime non avevano il desiderio di scappare così da rimanere bloccati lì per sempre.

Headcanons for Eston

- frecklesss

- Black, wavy hair

- Has a miniature schnauzer named Morris

- Loves Heathers, Newsies, Dear Evan Hansen, Be More Chill, Les Miserables, and The Great Comet

- Has a tuxedo kitten named Pilgrim

- writes like this:


- wears beanies, necklaces, crop tops, midriffs, hoodies, sweaters, sweatshirts, skirts, skinny jeans, vans, and converse

- favorite outfit:

- Stranger Things trash

- Watches This Is Us, ‘Me, Myself, and I’, Will and Grace, and The Big Bang Theory

- Makes Star Wars references a lot

Feel free to message me any headcanons you have!