@croptopcourier tagged me to list 10 characters i’d smooch (thanks and also what a good tag meme this is cute)

1. Arcade G/annon (FNV) (nobody expected me to say that huh)

2. Pr/eston G/arvey (Fo4)

3. D/anse (Fo4)

4. Sturge/s (Fo4) (this is all fallo/ut im sorry)

5. Hawke (da2) (yea lets mix it up here)

6. Kaida/n Al/enko (ME)

7. Kr/em (da:i)

8. Harvey (St/ardew V/alley)

9. i will absolutely put my ocs here bc i’d smooch both Anthony

10. and Morgan

im tagging uhhhh @emobirdfriend @valkyrieshepard @deadlittlerobin @actual-locus (im sorry i have talked to like 2 people on here you dont have to do it??) also i know some of you dont like smooching it can be platonic smooches mb??