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"Eston? Is that you?" (ask-sallyhemings)

“.. Yes? Why do you sound so surprised?”

He cocked an eyebrow at his mother, hands going into his pockets. Eston wasn’t around much, but he still tried his damned hardest to make sure he stayed in contact.

.. Oh no. Maybe she didn’t get his letters.

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Hey darlin, hope all is well with your babe. I was wondering what your thoughts are on consuming thc while pregnant/breastfeeding? If you ever got high while you were pregnant did you get paranoid about it or did it help the symptoms?

I haven’t smoked since a few months before I got pregnant. I think it’s beneficial to mom in small quantities to help her keep her sanity or for any other medical reason. All of my friends smoked through their pregnancies, some heavier than others, but all of their babies are healthy and happy. My personal view on it though is that I don’t want to give my baby anything he can’t consent too unless its detrimental to my well being and obviously is not terrible for him. Like when I was in and got out of the hospital they gave me and prescribed norco because the pain I was in was interfering with my ability to feed and generally take of Eston.
So tl;dr if you use it in moderation, I think it’s perfectly fine
history repeats itself (i know history)

by liljemmy

Words: 2684, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 6 of sorry about the blood in your mouth

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