Alt-J - “Something Good”

“Forty-eight thousand seats, bleats, and roars for my memories of you.”

Deus criou com palavras tudo o que vemos. Deus disse: “Haja luz” e houve luz. Hebreus 11.3 diz que tudo que é visível foi criado a partir do invisível. Deus tem bênçãos estocadas para você no reino espiritual que você pode não estar experimentando, mas elas existem.
—  Joyce Meyer

I’m not entirely sure what it is about this song, or album. I was super disappointed with their second album, This Is All Yours which dropped in September of 2014. It’s slow, and drab. I get the vibe, but not feeling it… I’m a little bias considering An Awesome Wave was literally a dive into my soul emotionally, and physically. 

It’s mellow dramatic to say, but it’s one of those records where you can lay on your back and just close your eyes. You can imagine that something awesome is around the corner. You can hope that life is about to show you the rewards that your parents told you you would reap if you went to school and got an education. You can think of all the people you met, loved, and lost. You find yourself drowning in thoughts you didn’t know you were capable of.

I remember reflecting a lot when I was listening to this particular record, about life, my job, money, love. All the things that make up for our sad little suburban lives that we become wrapped up in, including routine. Talk about needing that Awesome Wave to wash over you, and open your eyes to real adventure. Whether that is sitting in your basement listening to tunes and having a joint with great friends, or traveling across the world just to smell the Thailand air solo. 

I first heard Alt-J back in 2012 while getting ready to go to Festival de la musique et des arts Osheaga in Montreal, Quebec at Parc Jean-Drapeau. When I finally stood in front of them (Alt-J) and they opened with Something Good. I was literally your typical fangirl and BURSTED into tears. It was like everything I had ever thought about or wrote down regarding my life, dreams, aspirations, break-ups, woes, etc were standing in front of me, and looking reaaaaaal good. 

With my hands up in the air (in a triangle) true hipster style. Well, true Alt-J style… I was home. I felt like the people around me where my long lost family that understood who I was. It was fucking unreal. 

It was a great weekend talking about human rights, animal rights, war, global warming, etc with people who GOT me, people I have never met…  

Somehow the soft ground, the sun in the sky, the Montreal skyline in the distance, and a cold ($10) beer in my hand - the conversation was flowing. People who also, like me, had music running through their veins instead of blood. They were high on life like me, high on listening to music, and obviously the occasional joint. 

I have been dying to write this post for a little while now. I’m going through some interesting stages in my life. A lot of reflecting on who I am, who I still want to become. I’m still looking to make a change in someone’s life, but for now, I will continue to let music change mine. 

Live and Let Live. 

Me gustan las palabras. Te dan el poder de la expresión, te dejan mostrar al mundo lo que piensas, lo que sientes... Pero pueden destrozarte y herirte profundo cuando vienen de quién tú creías más fiel. Y, lo peor de todo es esa sensación que te dejan: una mala vibración en lo más hondo del alma, una herida que toca sentidos y que te acompaña toda tu vida como una irrefutable marca de guerra.