so the 12th of april that danny postbox overalls video was posted. if we assume that they posted that video on the day which it was filmed, that’s approximately 6 weeks infront in which they film. (obviously things change with different actors’ availabilities and the length and efforts of filming). sooooo, the bts shots of robron filming was posted on the 5th may so we can assume that we’ll get it in the week of the 15th june? so it’s the week after the week of the spoilers which we received today. 

Celestial Wonders- Binary Stars.

The twins of the stellar world are binary star systems.A binary star is a star system consisting of two stars orbiting around their common center of mass.When two stars appear close together in the sky, the situation is known as an “optical double”. This means that although the stars are aligned along the same line of sight, they may be at completely different distances from us. This occurs in constellations; however, two stars in the same constellation can also be part of a binary system.

Artist’s impression of the sight from a (hypothetical) moon of planet HD 188753 Ab (upper left), which orbits a triple star system( yes, a Triple Star system!). The brightest companion is just below the horizon.

Binary star systems are very important in astrophysics because calculations of their orbits allow the masses of their component stars to be directly determined, which in turn allows other stellar parameters, such as radius and density, to be indirectly estimated. This also determines an empirical mass-luminosity relationship (MLR) from which the masses of single stars can be estimated.

It is estimated that approximately 1/3 of the star systems in the Milky Way are binary or multiple, with the remaining 2/3 consisting of single stars.

The Brightest star in the sky is a binary.

This is true. When it was discovered in 1844 by the German astronomer Bessel, the system was classed as an astrometric binary, because the companion star, Sirius B, was too faint to be seen. Bessel, who was also a mathematician, determined by calculations that Sirius B existed after observing that the proper of Sirius A (the main star) followed a wavy path in the sky, rather than a uniform path. Sirius can now be studied as a visual binary because, with improving technology and therefore improved telescopes, Sirius B was able to be seen, although not for 20 years after Bessel had correctly predicted its existence.

Black Holes in a binary System ?

The term “binary system” is not used exclusively for star systems, but also for planets, asteroids, and galaxies which rotate around a common center of gravity. However, this is not a trick question; even in star binaries, the companion can be a black hole. An example of this is Cygnus X-1.

The universe is pretty amazing huh?…


the tenth doctor by the numbers (info)

☆ game grumps charms!! ☆

if enough people are interested i will make game grumps charms (pictured above) they’d be printed on 1.5″ clear acrylic and would cost around $8 each. Please let me know if you’d be interested in buying one/more!! ♡ 

**update: I have ordered 50 charms~ they should arrive in a week or so ♡ 


Fandom/Pairing: Elsword; none
Rating: T
Word Count: 4,720

Summary: Diabolic Esper wakes up in a timeline where his mother never died.  The results are not what he expected.  Sequel to Dooms Day, Part V for the Seal of Time series.  Can be read as standalone, DiE centric.

~[Part I] [Part II] [Part III] [Part IV] [You Are Here]~    

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Things my grandma says every single time I drive her somewhere:
  • “I’ll tell ya: don’t challenge me to a race.” (Said as she slowly navigates down the four steps outside her door.)
  • “Oh, Justin. Nanny’s getting old.” (Said as she slowly gets into the car.)
  • “So, whatcha been up to?” (I realize this isn’t terribly unique but as of 2013, her memory has really started to fail her so… she asks this question at least five times on each leg of our drive. So just imagine it interspersed with all these others, multiple times.)
  • “*gasp* Look at the traffic!” (She says this whether there are 3 cars in the vicinity of our vehicle or 3 million cars in the vicinity of our vehicle. It’s usually followed by “where is everybody going?”)
  • “Look how green everything is!” (Said about foliage on the side of the interstate roughly 10 months out of the year.)
  • “Now, where are we going?”
  • “How many miles is it, from my house to your house?” (Fourteen.)
  • “You don’t mind driving?” (When I invariably say “no”, she always responds with “oh, God bless ya”.)
  • “I can’t imagine driving like this.” (Said usually when traveling at high speeds on on the interstate but also in every other driving situation.)


  • “I’m a cheap drunk.” (Usually, she won’t say this until after we arrive at whatever party/function but it has been uttered in the car more than once. Regardless, it is a guarantee that she will say it, if the event serves alcohol. My sisters and I will bet on the actual minute when she will say it because SHE ALWAYS SAYS IT.)

Quand mon frère me fout un coup de pression parce que j’ai pas commencé à travailler pour mes rattrapages, qui commencent dans moins d’une semaine.

Estimation: 1273 Days

‘Eto lang ata lugar kung saan makapagyayabang ako. Haha. Anyway, magkekwento nalang ako.

So kaninang umaga umalis na kami for the second day ng Division School Press Conference (DSPC) sa PNHS-Main, then ayun umupo lang at naghintay after a while nagparticipate na kami sa Radio Broadcasting, isa-isa un pero hindi ako nakasali pero nag-expect ako. Anyway ayun, after na ung mismong awaited event, awarding. Antagal nga lang, medyo matagal din yun. Congrats sa ParSci for stealing 12 medals for the school. Hihi. 11 schools participated per category and tatlo lang kinukuha. Second place ata ako for Feature Writing haha *sabog kanin*

Share lang ha! Proud ako, pinaghirapan ko yan e! Hahaha. Joke.

Lalala~ pagod na syempre then bumalik sa school na para sumabay sa friends then ayun blabla, stressed na ako kasi bukas may badminton pa. Or cheerdance.

Cheerdance kanina practice ng wiggle ba yun? Haha. Atsaka Strip na sayaw whatever na parang ibong nakawala sa hawla ang steps.

Then McDo with Kath, Thea, Kat, and Gina.

Featuring couple shirt, haha, artwork shirt coincidence with Gina (ginginlovesapples) and special participation of keychain panda with Kat (kaaatlovesyou)

Cheers! Good day, gouten nat!

anonymous asked:

You are not asexual. If the amount of people who claim to be asexual were actually asexual they would seemingly account for about 20% of the world's population.

Well tbh when you have societies that enforce sexual relations no matter what and see refusal as something inherently “broken” with the person it’s probably hard to accept or realise that the possibility of not wanting sex is a valid identity

Which is what pride day’s all for, to raise awareness and let people know that asexuality exists and that they might fall under the term and that’s it’s completely fine if they do

Like, eh, so what if us aces end up making up 20% of the world’s population. We’d only come up to like, 1,400,000,000 people, right? There’s still 80% of other sexualities and identities running around. Not the end of the world, and certainly not the end of the reproduction of the human race.

Estimation: 1379 Days

Epic Day, kahit hindi Acad day.

But I got to get 8 books, yeah. Kasi pang-9 akong dumating. I love Nine, lagi nalang yan ung number na lumalabas, fate. Anyway, yeah, naglocker ako ng iba at ung iba dinala ko wala lang. Ang init sa bagong room, boring old same faces again nakita ko. Wala akong Physics na libro kasi di umabot. Iyak na ako. Mehe, cino-continue ko ung Taray effect sa section.

Sample ng katarayan sa C:

Ewan ko kung bakit ako ganyan umakto pag dating sa kanila e hahaha. Basta parang di ko lang trip na magpakapilyo kasi nakaka-BV minsan ung mga taong ayaw seryosohin mga bagay e.

Anyway, after ng school. Pumunta kaming SM para kumain, actually wala naman kasi masyadong ginawa kundi mag-usap. Special mention kay Renzo, dahil hindi nya ako ni-ditch at pinili nyang ‘di mag-RP haha, special mention kay Hanz, dahil sabi nya pupunta sya, pero hindi pala, sayang effort ng pagpipilit ko. Yeah, haha. Kumain ng shawarma at nag-usap. Pumunta ng starbucks for happy hour at nag-usap. Pumunta ulit ng foodcourt para mag-usap. Haha, excluding the drama. Yeah, met with Gina, Kuya JoKe, and Ate Steph, sa foodcourt, at ang walang kabahalaang pagyayabang ni Renzo sa Unblock Me (P.S. Dinodownload ko na sya ngayon :P) at sorry pero tie tayo sa Fruit Ninja. Wala na akong sasabihin pa, kasi pagod na ako at kakarating ko lang mga 10 minutes ago. Kbye.

Today in Haitian History - May 10, 1950 – President Dumarsais Estimé ousted in a coup

After an unsuccessful attempt at prolonging his term, the moderate Noirist head of state was ousted by a military junta. For the most part, the group was composed of the very same individuals who had put Estimé in power in 1946, shortly after a coup d’état against “Mulatto” President Élie Lescot. Estimé was ultimately replaced by his former ally, Paul Eugène Magloire. The latter held power with a much firmer hand and instituted a military government. 

In 1950, Estimé’s fall and Magloire’s victory indicated to most observers that, support from the Haitian army was vital to any serious presidential candidates. This lesson was well-studied by Estimé’s former Minister of Health and Labour, François Duvalier who would become President in 1957.

Although Estimé’s presidency was short-lived, he is generally remembered positively by most Haitians thanks to his engagement in Haitian culture and the lavish Exposition internationale du bicentenaire de Port-au-Prince held in late 1949-1950.

Original Image Courtesy of: Corbis Images.