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10 Jeffrey Dahmer Facts

  1. Dahmer had become so well known for pranking in high school that his classmates would call it “doing a Dahmer”.
  2. At only 6 years old Dahmer had to have surgery for a double hernia. This surgery coincided with the birth of his younger brother.
  3. He was discharged from the army in 1981 for alcoholism. 
  4. Legal experts estimated Dahmer’s IQ to be around 145(borderline genius status).
  5. Dahmer was baptized in prison after becoming a born again christian. 
  6. As a young child his father showed him what happens to bones in bleach/ Dahmer would later use this same technique on animal bones he collected. 
  7. He committed his first murder 3 weeks after graduating high school.
  8. Some of his favourite movies were the exorcist films and he even tried to subdue and attack Tracy Edwards while watching the 3rd film(The Exorcist III)
  9. Dahmer was arrested in august of 1986 for masturbating in front of two young boys.
  10. Dahmer was given the honor of naming his younger brother, he chose the name David. His brother has since changed his name. 
Sweet Elite: An Otome Game made and Designed for you

Hi everyone! :)
I usually don’t post non-mcl related things on this blog but I’m very excited to share this project I’ve been working on with you!! 

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I am a very busy lady. Several months ago, I started developing a game with the help of other lovely My Candy Love fans (<3). This game is designed to fix many problems and controversial issues we’ve seen in the community, including: 

  1. No Same-sex Dating: Girl players want to date girl characters and boy players want to date boy characters. Most games do not offer an LGTBQA branch of the storyline.
  2. Lack of Diversity: Players often have to settle with a playable character that has no skin color/race options. Furthermore, characters in-game (datable or not) are rarely PoC and many of you would like a more diverse cast.
  3. Lack of variety & cliché characters and stories: Many players would like more dialogue options as well as choices that truly make a difference in the end. 

Therefore, I have gathered a team of amazing people to make our own game. A game that listens to the wants of our players, and a game that would solve all of the problems listed above. 

And now that I’ve hit 1000+ followers and that we have enough material to show, I think it’s time to introduce you guys to Sweet Elite and the characters you can expect to meet while playing! 

If you want to find out how to join the team and put your artistic, writing, programming, editing, etc. skills into the project, keep reading or visit this page for full details!

You don’t even have to be part of the team to help. Spreading the word around, reblogging this post and wanting to know more about the game is enough. It means a lot to us. <3

Keep reading to find out more about the game :)

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Albert Einstein (14 March 1879-18 April 1955) was a German-born theoretical physicist from Ulm. He developed the general theory of relativity, 1 of the 2 pillars of modern physics (along with quantum mechanics). He is best known for his mass–energy equivalence formula E = mc2 (dubbed “the world’s most famous equation”). He received the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics for his services to theoretical physics, in particular the discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect, a pivotal step in the evolution of quantum theory. 

After a long career in Europe and the USA, in April 1955, he experienced internal bleeding caused by the rupture of an abdominal aortic aneurysm, which had been surgically reinforced in 1948. He refused further surgery, saying: “I want to go when I want. It is tasteless to prolong life artificially. I have done my share, it’s time to go. I will do it elegantly.” He died early the next morning at the age of 76, having continued to work until near the end. During the autopsy, the pathologist of Princeton Hospital/USA removed Einstein’s brain for preservation without the permission of his family, in the hopes that the neuroscience of the future would be able to discover what made Einstein so intelligent. His remains were cremated and his ashes were scattered at an undisclosed location. In a speech at Einstein’s memorial, nuclear physicist Robert Oppenheimer summarized his impression of him: “He was almost wholly without sophistication and wholly without worldliness… There was always with him a wonderful purity, at once childlike and profoundly stubborn." 

Einstein published more than 300 scientific papers along with over 150 non-scientific works. In 2014, universities and archives announced the release of his papers, comprising more than 30,000 unique documents. His intellectual achievements and originality have made the word "Einstein” synonymous with “genius”. His IQ is estimated to have been between 160 and 180. 


Marilyn Monroe was not BONE-skinny. As a child, she lived in an orphanage and had 11 sets of foster parents, after her mother was institutionalized. She also spent almost a year in the Children’s Aid Society Orphanage in Los Angeles. She tried to have children, however, she suffered both an ectopic pregnancy and a miscarriage. Her ex-husband wrote ’After the Fall’; a thinly veiled portrayal of his marriage to her. She found it difficult to learn lines, and took 60 takes to deliver the line “It’s me, Sugar”, in “Some Like it Hot.” She had a stutter. Her death was ruled to be a suicide. The final years of her life were marked by illness, personal problems, and a reputation for unreliability and being difficult to work with.


Her IQ was estimated to be 168 which made her a genius. For 20 years after her death, Joe DiMaggio arranged to have roses sent to her crypt three times a week. She was an avid reader and could give the general idea for a book only having read 10 pages. The number of suicides in New York a week after her death hit a record high of 12 in one day. One suicide victim left a note saying, “If the most wonderful, beautiful thing in the world has nothing to live for, then neither must I.” In 2009, TV Guide Network named her No. 1 in Film’s Sexiest Women of All Time. She was one of the first women to own her own production company. She was an excellent cook. She sang “Happy Birthday” to to President Kennedy. Her dress was sold in 1999 for $128,000. Her billowing white “Seven Year Itch” dress was put up for sale by Debbie Reynolds in 2011, where it made $4.3 million. She changed her religion for her husband. She helped change the course of Ella Fitzgerald’s career by personally calling the owner of the popular Hollywood nightclub.

You might not be BONE-skinny, you might not be mentally stable, you might have a horrible home life, you might not have the best confidence in yourself, and so many other things but…that doesn’t mean you can’t be great.

Dr. Dorothy J. Lancaster is one of the most prominent minds of the “Strange-verse” universe I’m building, and the premier expert on paranormal/supernatural/unexplained phenomena around the world. 

She’s a pioneer in quantum physics, but also has experience in biology and virology. She’s the scientist who officially “discovered” Dover (accidentally ripping open the fabric of space-time briefly enough for them to tumble out), back in the late 70’s. Her brief exposure to unknown space-time energies has slowed her biological aging noticeably, making her older than she looks. She is the chief mind on retainer for the United Nations and their Paranormal Division. Her IQ is estimated at 215-220. 

Despite her vast intellect, she suffers from anxiety, insomnia, and has an aversion to being touched or having her personal space invaded (especially by strangers). The only person (thing) she trusts is Dover.


12-year-old Lydia Sebastian has a higher IQ than Einstein and Hawking 

After being inspired by television quiz shows, the 12-year-old from Essex, England, decided she wanted to measure her own intelligence. Sebastian sat for the Cattell III B exam (one of qualifiers for MENSA) in last August and walked away with a perfect score, or a measured IQ of 162. Einstein and Hawking are estimated to have IQs of 160. Lydia’s dad said the signs of her genius were there all along.