Saturday at GeekyCon means non-stop programming and fandom fun from morning until… well, the morning again. It means more signings and photobooths, the HPA’s Apparating Library, and TONS of panels, programs, and performances. Oh, and Ty Simpkins taking names at Quidditch:

The morning started with Improv with Jon Cozart and friends Maxwell Glick and Jackie Emerson. Nothing wakes us up like laughing with hilarious YouTubers.

Maxwell and Jon later joined Thomas Sanders to tell us How 2 Disney, with advice on the parks and nostalgia for that great childhood monolith. The panel ended with a rousing Mulan “Be A Man” sing-a-long!

When it comes to advice and experience panels, today was packed with fantastic feminism. Meghan Tonjes, Leigh Lahav, Tessa Netting, and the Hillywood sisters Hannah and Hindi took to the GeekyCon MainStage to talk about their experiences “Internetting While Female,” what inspires them, and their advice to empower others.

Speaking of inspiration, our friends at the Harry Potter Alliance celebrated ten incredible years of using fandom to inspire change at their 10th Birthday Party, complete with party hats. Happy Birthday, HPA!

Another GeekyCon staple, Team Starkid, performed a set list created by their Twitter followers in A(nother) Very Starkid Event, complete with totally awesome matching shirts!

And now we’re all dolled up and dancing our faces off at the Esther Earl Rocking Charity Ball! We’ll see you later for the traditional spectacle that is Total Eclipse of the Heart! You don’t want to miss it! 

PS: We are creating a hilarious bunch of GeekyCon Reaction GIFs featuring our Special Guests! 

so before the Esther Earl Rocking Charity Ball we were in the lobby and Jamie Lyn walked by and we went up to her to say hi. all of us had been wondering whether she prefers to go by Jamie or Jamie Lyn, and so I asked her. she goes “well my real name is Jamie Lyn without a space between the two, but people used to pronounce it weird like jaymahlin and things so I changed it. then in high school I went through a rebellious phase and would only answer to Jamie. but you guys can call me Barbara!”

then at the leaving feast I saw her and I was like, “hey Barbara!” and she laughed and waved back


So, I found this little gem on YouTube, and it just HAD to be shared. Let’s all do the Lucius at the Esther Earl Rocking Charity Ball next year!

anonymous asked:

I feel like you would appreciate this story: so at the Esther earl rocking charity ball (read: giant dance party) where all hundreds of leakycon attendees were (I can't count people) the dj suddenly started playing blurred lines and within three seconds a few hundred people were booing very loudly. They changed the song within the first two lines of lyrics. It was amazing.


LeakyCon 2012: Esther Earl Rocking Charity Ball