so before the Esther Earl Rocking Charity Ball we were in the lobby and Jamie Lyn walked by and we went up to her to say hi. all of us had been wondering whether she prefers to go by Jamie or Jamie Lyn, and so I asked her. she goes “well my real name is Jamie Lyn without a space between the two, but people used to pronounce it weird like jaymahlin and things so I changed it. then in high school I went through a rebellious phase and would only answer to Jamie. but you guys can call me Barbara!”

then at the leaving feast I saw her and I was like, “hey Barbara!” and she laughed and waved back

A few things in re: Colin singingtowerspost on the Esther Earl ball at GeekyCon this year.

I understand your frustration, but I have some notes. 

  1. the VIP section - the mainstage room was a totally different shape this year. usually the doors are centered with the mainstage and the hall is longer vertically, but this year the doors were to the far right and the hall was longer horizontally. the VIP section technically was in the same spot it always is in relation to the mainstage. the room shifted the feel a bit, but that’s where it’s always been. plus, the guests shouldn’t be shoved in a corner, that’d suck.
  2. special guests on stage - there’s never been a time when that hasn’t happened. guests have always been on stage at one point or another in addition to Total Eclipse, and nobody has really cared except for a select few. I’ve been an attendee and then a guest for the past five years, and that part has always been fun for me to see and then be a part of. and honestly, the ball is what you make of it! if you want it to be about dancing with your friends, cool! do that! if you want it to be about watching famous people make fools out of themselves on a stage, do that! they’re not mutually exclusive. plus, all of that stopped happening after Melissa acted upon your tweets, which is also why nobody went onstage for Total Eclipse. that to me more than anything is what shifted the feel of the ball. 
  3. most importantly, Esther - to be honest, saying that Esther’s memory has become “community property” IS offensive, no matter your intent. regardless of how big her name has gotten, regardless of how she has been honored in the past at this specific event, the fact remains that her close friends and her family are the only people who need to be satisfied and the only ones who reserve the right to determine what is “disrespectful” to her memory. I would never feel comfortable complaining about something in Esther’s name without initiation from people who actually knew her, and the opposite has happened in this situation. 

you’re my friend, and again, I do understand where you’re coming from, but ultimately the ball is what you make of it and it sounds like you chose to focus on what was different instead of the great things happening around you.


LeakyCon 2012: Esther Earl Rocking Charity Ball