esther hong

ugh, wow, sorry about that sneak peek; i definitely need to reel myself back from uploading photos from my phone… heehee.

anyway, here’s the “big reveal,” i guess. school ended right up until the last minute for me, so when i graduated, i just really needed to push away all the work i’d done & just… not look at it for awhile. but, i’m back now! so the next few updates’ll probably be a bunch of school things

this was my take on a book cover for Mistborn, by Brandon Sanderson.


a thank-you card version of the pattern i posted yesterday! i tried a different color palette… i think i like it better. it’s been some time now since i hated the color purple. now i have to finish the card backs & these babies will be printed & sent to family!

maybe i’ll print more & make them available through an etsy store? i dunno. maybe?

one of my last assignments at risd. :c still sad.

anywho, this was from my contemporary illustration class with chris buzelli. he asked us to make an editorial piece either illustrating the phrase “bells & whistles” or “hot off the press.” these are both the titles for rotating articles in the magazine plansponsor, ad’d by soojin buzelli. I did bells & whistles– so, here’s two cats playin’ with their special new toys, which happen to be a bell and a whistle!

oh my goodness, i fiddled with this thing forever! okay, so, this is a tile-able pattern, but honestly, i don’t think it works very well in repeat– it’s kinda stiff & static & it hurts me to look at it. but, the single tile itself makes me very happy.

my dad looked at this & told me i draw faces too much… it’s true! but, i love my little girl-faces so much~!! i wish i had little heart-freckles.

oh! & there’s a thank-you card version of this comin’ up, too. :B

a quasi-thing-from-school… that i also never really finished. i gave myself the assignment to make mock-nobrow mag illustrations, based on its past issues’ themes. this one was based off the issue with the theme, “a few of my favorite things.“ yes…

~these are a few of my faaavooriiitee thiiings~

+ cakes, specifically sponge cakes (even more specifically, korean cream cake with fresh fruit on top OR castella, if we’re including that in the cakes category OR strawberry shortcake)

+ drawin’ cute lil girls, wearin’ cute lil clothes

+ bows. bows. bows.

i realize these all sound like traditionally “girly” interests. i don’t care. i like these things. a lot. i also really love these boots that i’ve mentioned i keep drawing. i always draw these boots that are candy-colored & have hearts on the sides… i think they’re a rehashing of these kiddy costume cowboy boots my friend wore back in high school. they were so cool & had these supercute illustrations of a little toddler cowboy on the sides.

in any case, i might come back to this sometime.


here are all the different color schemes of the birthday card i did recently. my first work that I did while being art-directed. by my mom (!) who asked for a birthday card design for her church to use for church members’ birthdays. :P so, i’ve ordered a batch of these, 50 of each version… i might have these up for sale if there are any left over. woohoo!