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Wouldn't it be more to the point to celebrate real (living or dead) Jewish ladies that have made or are making a real difference to peoples lives than an actress playing a fictional superhero. & If you are familiar with comic book industry including DC and how it sexualizes women you wouldn't be promoting her all the time.

Hi there,

It’s funny that you mention my posts about Gal Gadot.  I often promote several incredible women who have helped to shape modern Judaism.  I suggest searching through tags for:  Miriam, Esther, Ruth, Anat Hoffman, Rabbi Sally Preisand,  Prime Minister Golde Meir, Anne Frank, Hannah Senesh, Dr Ruth, Rabbi Regina Jonas, Rabbi Alysa Stanton, Gloria Steinem, Justice Ruth Bader Ginzberg, Betty Friedan….  Or alternatively, you can search for “feminist,” “feminism,” “gender,” “gender studies,” “misogyny,” etc.

Gal Gadot is a modern hero.  Not only is she a Jewish movie star, but an Israeli who is in one of the most important roles in cinematic history for women: the first *real* superhero movie.  Not only does it pass the infamous bechdel test, but it has created a phenomenon.

Does Gadot get sexualized?  Absolutely.  But that is not, nor will ever be my intent here. I post images and articles about her success for the same reason I post content about other great people throughout Jewish history:  from the infamous RBG, to Rabbi Sally Preisand, all Jewish women count.  Especially those who have really transformed the Jewish and or secular world for the better. 

If you would like to have a more in-depth conversation about this topic, please don’t hesitate to personally reach out over a direct message.  Anonymous messages are really not overly productive!