esther does things

Hello everyone, well I’m basically finishing high school in like a month so this is kind of a celebration of the end of high school forever. I’ve never really done an awards before, so bear with me. Ooh, and it’s the first day of summer, I am super duper excited. Okay… so without further ado lets get this underway.


  • mbf me
  • additionally, i would really appreciate it if you checked out my john green blog here
  • reblog this post (likes may be used for bookmarking but will not enter you into the awards)
  • reblogging ends on the 10th of July, my official last day of high school
  • this must reach 80 notes, or we’ll all forget that this ever happened
  • there will be 2 winners and 2 runners-up for each category


  1. best url
  2. best icon
  3. best sidebar
  4. best theme
  5. best creations
  6. best hp blog
  7. best thg blog
  8. best teen wolf
  9. best tmi
  10. best tv show blog
  11. best multifandom blog
  12. overall winner

Prizes for the winners:

  • a follow back from me
  • a maximum of 8 promos from myself whenever you want them
  • an announcement saying you have won
  • bragging rights
  • cookies
  • love
  • a friend should you want one

Prizes for the runners-up:

  • a possible follow, i will check your blog out
  • 4 promos whenever you want them throughout july/august
  • bragging right
  • cookies
  • a friend should you want one

All winners + runners-up of “best url” and “best overall” will get a url graphic from me, and 1 request for whatever they want.

I think that is everything, okay, any questions just pop over to me, here

happy reblogging and happy first day of summer. c: