esther crowned

Hello everyone!

     So I am officially sick and tired of all the hate Esther and the ‘Mesther’ relationship in general keeps receiving. They’re just two regular human beings like all of us in a normal relationship. So I’ve started a blog to show the two animals (as they call themselves!) some love! You’re free to join as long as you’re not a hater. You can post anything and everything related to Matt, Esther and their relationship.

    Yes, they are a more secluded couple than others and we don’t really get daily pockets of their love but when we do, we’re making sure they get the lovin’ they deserve. 

   Just send me an ask to my ask box with your blog name and how you’d be able to contribute if you’d like to join!


b i b l i c a l   w o m e n:  [ 1 / ∞ 

↳ queen esther of persia

>Esther, also known as Hadassah, was a Jewish orphan living under the care of her uncle Mordecai, a servant to King Xerxes I of Persia.

When King Xerxes became displeased with his wife, Queen Vashti, he sought a new bride and commanded that every young, beautiful virgin be brought to his palace. With her great beauty, intelligence, and wit, Esther captivated the King immediately, and her chose her as his new queen, unaware that she was a Jewish exile.

Shortly after Esther was crowned as queen, her uncle Mordecai made a fatal mistake by refusing to show respect to a high official named Haman. This infuriated the arrogant Haman, who presented an order to the King to have all Jews killed, under the pretense that they were disobeying the King’s laws. The King agreed, much to Esther and Mordecai’s horror.

Determined to save her people, Esther revealed herself to the King as a Jew in an act of great courage, and declared that if he was to kill the Jewish people, he would have to kill her too.

Enraged and shocked by Haman’s wicked plan, the King repealed the decree and had the man hanged. There was great rejoicing throughout the kingdom, all in celebration of Esther’s bravery.