literally fckn hope that at some point in the near future, there’s a reunion between Emilio Estevez, C. Thomas Howell, Rob Lowe, Matt Dillon, Ralph Macchio, and Tom Cruise and they all post a picture and they’re all old but nostalgic like wtf come on we all deserve that

anonymous asked:

How social are you in person? Would you consider yourself outgoing or reserved? Are you more Emilio Estevez, or Ally Sheedy?

If you put any stock into this sorta thing, I had to take a Myers-Briggs personality test last year. I got ENFP, with the “E” indicating “extrovert.” However, I looked at my results a little more closely, and with the questions related to extroversion and introversion, I scored 51% extroverted and 49% introverted.

Which is actually fairly accurate. If I’m in a social situation, I can hold my own just fine, but if I’m alone, I don’t feel lonely. I enjoy my own company.

dghda characters (a summary)

dork: sunshine child; actual purest being in the universe; will kill you with a kitten; made a hobbit cry once

frodo: smol & angry; not your watson, asshole!; (is actually totally your watson); karma is a holistic bitch

pharaoh: thou shalt worship her badassery; could probably kill you with her bra; her hair is its own character

a-man-duh: actually not a man; has four vampire boyfriends (suck on that, bella!); almost beat on a swat team with a pipe wrench once

fart: what is personal hygiene; is like a leaf in the stream of creation; until she’s a piranha… in the stream of creation; totally digs barbie and the backstreet boys

barbie: doesn’t care who you are; where you’re from; what you did; as long as you don’t hurt him

mehstevez: didn’t sign up for this shit; lost his shit; fuck this shit; this is some good shit; shit!

hans zimmerfield: actually not a composer or musician of any kind; he does get played by a bow and a string though; *runs away*

numerically challenged 3: there are five of them

patrick star: horrible pet-owner; horrible time-traveller; horrible father; accidentally kills himself with a kitten

gordon rimjob: he just wanted his dog back

mislead-ia spring: bork


If Jimmy Neutron ever comes back for a special or something it better look as good as this.