I was having the cutest mental images about Dirk Gently dragging Todd out of the apartment after they hear an ice-cream truck driving slowly down the street playing a terrible tinny version of Greensleeves.

But then I remembered the Brooklyn 99 episode where Jake’s being held hostage in an ice-cream truck and figured that Dirk would be exactly the kind of person who’d stumble upon the only ice-cream truck in all of Seatte that serves as a mobile front for a sect of ancient Gregorians who end up kidnapping him because they believe he can communicate with the spirit of Pope Gregory VII and things are looking pretty dark until Farah kicks the door in while Amanda goes to town on the front windshield with a baseball bat.

And they’re sitting there as the police drive the monks away in several armoured vans (and Estevez is giving them Looks™ of sheer discomfort) and Dirk’s like wait, how did you find me?

And almost in unison the mystery squad reply that he hadn’t done anything super annoying to them for like five hours so they knew that something was wrong.

And Dirk’s sitting there like oh, that’s very insulting but also dead-on.

Petition for a spin off with Zimmerfield and Estevez before the Lydia Spring case, just finding missing people and being annoyed with the FBI.