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territory, bones of ’92, ester egg?

territory: how did your last friendship/relationship start? how did you meet?
idk i’ve made recent acquaintances and stuff but i think my most recent close friend was probably anna aka blue heart anon aka agent amazing ;)) (she won’t let me Expose her url pls) we were in the same french class but like. i think we really started talking a few months ago after we realized we kinda had a Mutual Crush on someone skfkfskfj. also she was friends with jas @speak-fronch so

bones of ‘92: do you prefer the summer or winter?
definitely winter 220%. i hate summer and i love cold weather and snow and stuff whoops

easter egg: did you ever believe in mythical figures like santa and the toothfairy as a child?
nope my parents kinda never really tried to make me believe in them and i grew up knowing they were fake w h o o p s

Has Zootopia given us a big Frozen 2 release date hint?

Okay so in the topic of Zootopia and Frozen, this has already being talked about out there I think, but I wanna give a more profound analysis. While I don’t usually like to talk about release dates, they will happen regardless of all we speculate, I think this hint offers a nice opportunity to analyze this a little more profoundly for our best hopes.

As you may know one of the many Frozen Ester Eggs in Zootopia is when the Duke Weaselton sells a few Blue Ray movies that represent Disney movies on the zootopia world. He says “I’ve even got some that aren’t released yet”, and on this fashion he shows Meowana (Moana), Giraffic (Gigantic) and Floatzen 2 (Frozen 2).

They come after a series of the classics but here’s the interesting part, they are in order. Moana will be the next movie, and after that Gigantic on March 2018 that as much is confirmed, so does this tell us that the next after Gigantic is gonna be Frozen 2?. Perhaps that doesn’t mean much but let’s consider other factors in order to get the date.

It’s weird that Gigantic was planed for march, even if there’s Pixar movies later on the year, slotting the WDAS movie for early in the year is weird, specially considering it will be the big release after more than one year. However it would be less weird if there’s another movie on Nov 2018, the same way it’s happening now with Zootopia and Moana. Given that Zootopia has given us the Hint, said movie should be Frozen 2.

There’s more stuff to support this theory. First we have the interview with Chris Buck where he mentioned that an animated feature takes 4 years to produce, but  less if it’s a sequel considering they already have characters and world designed. Then we have to see when Frozen 2 started production. According to Jen’s last tweet and the fact that the actress for young Elsa’s voice tweeted that she was working in Frozen, we can say that Frozen 2 started early 2015. Going by this, 2015, 2016, 2017 and half of 2018 for producing Frozen 2 seems to work just fine.

Now comparing to other Disney release dates, late 2018 would make the most sense. As with 2016, they have a beloved Pixar sequel (TS4) coming up at the middle of the year in June, but let’s also look at their other strong studios. Marvel will have all their movies released earlier on the year, while Star Wars will have an anthology film during 2018. Based on this Nov 2018 would indeed be a great date to release a big franchise movie like Frozen 2. However we do know that they slated Nov 2 2018 for a Live action release without a name. This could serve as Frozen 2 date just they haven’t announce the date to capitalize on the hype on the best way possible, however even if it is a LA , seeing how the movie market is working nowadays and how Disney is playing it I could still see them releasing Frozen 2 on late Nov or december.

Now we do have the fact that some Disney guy said that Frozen 2 wouldn’t come before 2019, but we also know he’s not on the Frozen 2 project, and he also didn’t say it on an official manner, so whatever. Although we could take this info then perhaps a good Frozen 2 release date would be March 2019, Frozen is already getting a holiday special so perhaps playing with dates that aren’t on winter would be a great movie.

Speaking of the special, it’s coming on late 2017, while the Broadway show is coming on  early 2018 which could mean a great marketing strategy to build up Hype for Frozen 2. There’s a final factor that’s the initial five year plan Disney had for the franchise, it started on early 2014 and should end on late 2018 or early 2019 which means Frozen 2 needs to be released around that time.

So given all of this, Frozen 2 is indeed most likely WDAS next release right after Gigantic given Zootopia’s hint, the fact that there’s nothing really announced other than WiR 2 and the fact that taking more time producing it into late 2019 or 2020 would be just much more expensive for Disney while also messing up with their franchise planing. Therefore Late 2018 is still the most likely date and I’d say thanks to this zootopia piece, the puzzle is now clear.

My Bet would be late 2018 75%, Early 2019 20% and other dates beyond that, 5%.

May Olicity/Arrow Fan Fic Recommendation

Hi there!!! A big thank you to all the writters that make the world and the hiatus a better place… Hope you enjoy them as I did.

If you want to recomend me some of you favorite fic o just say Hi you can do it here.

Come back to me (Part i)  by vampirebarbiecare —> 3x21 Speculation fic

Missing Him by hopedreamlovepray —> 3x21 Specualtion fic.

A Hell of the week by 2manyfandomsfor1url —> A terrible week for Felicity Smoak,a long fic with 7 parts.

Home by holysmoakingqueens —> An stablish Olicity,

Perfect Height by smoakingskye —> Felicity tells Barry than she and Oliver are togehter.

Put it down, or I will put you down by mogirl97 —> Felicity and Olver are parents in an Ester eggs hunt.

3x23 Felicity Smoak CEO Drabble by anthfan —> Felicity realize that she is the new CEO of Palmers Industry.

A Shot in the Dark by arrows-and-fairytales —> Demian Darhk is in Starling City.

Call Me In The Morning (I was there when You woke up) by ohemgeeitscoley —> A chat btw Thea and Felicity, also Thea meets Barry.

Porsches and Sunsets by olicitynowplease   —> Just porsches and sunsets

Moms (whether by blood or choice) by thewintersoldierdisaster —> Felicity Mother’s Day.

Time for a Story by smkkbert —> Felicity is sick and Oliver is taking care of her.

Legacy verse Time Travel AU by gnimaerd —> More of the adventures of Jon Queen, now in 2014 year meeting his parents before they were together.

More Legacy verse Time Travel AU by awriterincowboyboots —-> And more…. Jon asked for Barry helps.

Living a Nightmare by diggo26  —> Felicity’s worst nightmare comes true.

Happy by hopedreamlovepray —> They are happy!!! 

My Girl by lou-lou26 —> Oliver explains to her daughter all about the vigilante ting.

My Family my heart by  lou-lou26 —> Oliver talks to his daughter about boys.

Postcards by anthfan and hopedreamlovepray —> These two are to precious for this world and give us a series of Olicity postcards for their road trip… YOU HAVE TO.

Happy by dust2dust34 —> another post 3x23, because we can’t have enough of hapyy Olicity.

Tommy wil be Proud by skcolicity—> Oliver is thinking of Tommy.

End up Happy by on-your-right —> Oliver and Felicity tells Barry that they are together.

You called me Cute by captainandbucky —> Oliver tells Felicity aobut the first time he saw her.

Not a King by smoakingbillionaires —> So if Oliver is a Queen is Felicity a Queen.

Dancing by skcolicity —> Oliver dance after all.

Birthday by skcolicity —> Happy Birthday to Oliver.

A Hundred and Twelve by ash818 —> Felcity and Oliver on a motorcycle.

Felicity and Diggle by absentlyabbie —> Diggle took Felciity to her appartment after “you always be my girl” thing, and she tells Diggle about her Father.

Back to Their City by diggo26 —> Oliver and Felicity decided to go back to starling and help their family.

The Road talk by dust2dust34 —> One of the many talks that Felicty and Oliver have on the Road Trip.

Shifting Sands by jedichick04 —> This one is about Thea and Roy. Roy is Thea’s date for Felicity and Oliver wedding.

Whent the Bell Rings by diggo26 —> Olicity AU. Oliver and Felicity meet in a speed date.

The Blues Have Blown Away by bushlaboo  —> Oliver and Felicity decided to return to Starling City.

Marks of My Skin by machawicket —> (This one make my cry)

A Hero is always a Hero by diggo26 –> Oliver will be always a hero even when he hung up the hood.

A Visity To Home by rachel-olicitygeek —> Oliver and Felicity go to Vegas.

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The Proposal by foreverfelicityqueen —> Oliver is going to propse Felciity in a dessert Island

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Hidden Dephts by diggo26 —> Felicity and Oliver watching the sunrise together.

Olicity Highschool AU by sologirl00 —> Oliver and Tommy and their friend Felicity

Rivers and Roads by whatcuriousthings —> Oliver talks to Felicity about his scars and she start to sharing hers.

Safe Harbor by hope27 —> Felicity shares at nightmare with Oliver

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Sometimes I pretend to write so here are mine fics and if You want to read more you can do it  here….