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The Golden Girls: Sophia Petrillo (ENTP)

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Sophia has a razor sharp wit and plenty of snark to go around. She’s always them member of the Golden Girls with a quip on deck to whip out as she sees fit. She engages in many different schemes to get what she wants rather than a simple single target affair. She’s also exceptionally good at reading people and frequently knows what’s going on in the house without having to be told.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Dorothy definitely gets her intelligence from her mother. Sophia is just as smart as Dorothy and has garnered plenty of wisdom over the years. She’s good at making sound logical decisions. She likes thing to get to the point and dislikes Rose’s lengthy anecdotes that beat around the bush. Like the other girls, she’s frequently annoyed by Rose’s stupidity.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Though she likes to hide it behind a gruff old lady facade, Sophia cares very much about the feelings of others. She’ll backtrack on any quip if she sees it hurting the feelings of the recipient. She also has plenty of compassion for others and takes a very maternal role to the other three girls.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Being eighty years old, Sophia has eighty years of wisdom and experience to share with the girls. She frequently shares stories of her days in Sicily to give advise the other three girls. Because of her age, her memory is fading which clearly is heartbreaking to her because of how much she cherishes the past.

hi there!! i really wanted to make another new follow forever because i feel like i’m finally able to get a new start from here on! 

thanks for following me and helping me through the difficult times i’m having right now and sticking with me anyway!! i appreciate every single follower i have and every reblog, like, or ask. anything! it really means the world to me. this is a way to show love and a way for me to be confident because of the goals i’ve reached!  

i have a lot of mutuals who i really care about and they are all amazing and they are really worth checking out!! if you’re not on here and feel you really should be bc we’re close just tell me, and if you’d like to be taken off please do the same! thank you! :) this is also just a big statement that you all are important to me and are great (not just those included but all of you)! please don’t feel obligated to reblog this !!! 

mutuals are listed in alphabetical order under the cut!!! not order of importance :)

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hey!! since i just hit another follower milestone and there’s only a day left in the year, and everyone else seems to be in the spirit of doing these, i’m going to do one more follow forever! 

this has been a wonderful year for me since i started using this blog in january and i want to thank every single follower and mutual of mine for making it great! you’re all amazing!

on this list is mutuals who are super cool and have awesome blogs etc.!! they’re definitely worth the follow! please tell me if we’re not actually mutuals and i was mistaken/you would like to be removed ! <3 and if you feel like we’re friends and i somehow missed your blog please tell me!

thanks again to everyone!

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I did my first follow forever on the 31st of December, back when I only followed 30 blogs and had 300 followers. Well it’s almost 2 months on and I now follow 150 blogs and it is absolutely amazing for me to able to say that I have 1000 followers! Thank you so much, all of you, for sticking with me ^.^

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