The after of this jerza doodle.

Super Quick sketch (sorry for the messy lines!) I am over the moon *_* I couln’t believe my eyes! Mashima keeps showing that Jellal is not some shy, submissive guy and Erza a dominatrix, but this, they were enjoying themselves <3 

Aaah my OTP is so beautiful <3

I promise more later!!

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On "erasing our existence". (Chapter 416)

As requested by ajerzaaddict and estella-may:

It seems like the panel below is getting interpreted in multiple ways, and the “dispel our darkness/erase our existence” part is bothering some people. So here’s my interpretation of what’s said in the raws.



Official translation:




The part in question is オレたちを消し去るくらいの輝きでいてほしい

輝きでいてほしい: This part means that Jellal hopes for Erza to shine brightly.

オレたちを消し去るくらい: And this part is a description of how brightly he hopes for her to shine.

And to break down the latter part:

オレたち: Referring to Crime Sorciere since it’s a plural pronoun.
消し去る: To erase
くらい: To the extent that

くらい can also be read as 暗い, which means dark, but it’s not what it means in the sentence used. In fact, “darkness” isn’t explicitly mentioned in the sentence.

What Jellal is saying is that he hopes for Erza to shine brightly. And how brightly? So bright to the extent that that it can erase their existence (which is of darkness).

The emphasis here should be on Erza shining brightly, not the “erase their existence” part.

The whole sentence reads as その時はオレたちを消し去るくらいの輝きでいてほしい. The reason why I say that Erza shining brightly is the main point of it is because you can take out the middle part, and the whole sentence still makes sense and is complete. Taking away the middle part would give その時は輝きでいてほしい, which means “When that happens, I hope that you’ll be shining brightly.”

The middle part of the sentence which talks about “erasing our existence” is just an elaboration that describes that brightness. I don’t think we have to worry too much about Jellal having overly dark thoughts when looking at his encounter with Erza.

Kitty’s Follow Forever!!

Ahhh, you guys ~~ So… I recently hit 300+ followers!  This is the very first Follow Forever that I’ve ever made, and I’m sorry if it’s a little simpler than some of the much-more awesome FFs, but I just wanted to say thank you!! to every single one of you guys who are following me!  It really means a lot, to know that the stuff that I post can make people happy enough to follow my blog! :)  Regardless of how often we’ve talked, I just wanted to let you guys know that I love each and every one of you sunshines!  ^_^!!

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  • Franchesca ( @sugary-poison ) - MY VERY FIRST FRIEND IN THE RINHARU FANDOM!!!!  <3!  And one of my very best friends!!  Like, I have no words to describe how very much I love her!!  <33!!  Ahhhh, thank you for being the one to really drag me into RinHaru Hell introduce me to the glorious ship that is RinHaru, back when I was just a wee newbie in the Free!/RH fandom!!  :D!  (And thank you for co-organizing the RinHaru Mook chat with me!!  That was so much fun, and it’ll always be “our” thing, haha!  :D!)  You run an amazing blog, that I can literally stay in for hours!  Keep being your amazing, amazing self!  I’m so thankful for your friendship, and I can’t wait to meet you next year in person!!  <33!
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Bunny Jellal Fernandes

To @ajerzaaddict and Estella May who love Jellal as much as I do <3

Based on an unfinished sketch by Mashima sensei a fan spotted during Fairy Tail’s 10th Anniversary exhibition. This is what I could make from it and yes, it was a mix between a tracing and tweaking while trying to making of something out of a blurry sketch considering that the fan who took the photo, took it from afar.

Here the piece I used for this purpose.