Q: Thank you for accepting this interview even though you’re currently very busy. First, we have a question that focuses on Namikawa-san. Did you always have a “good voice”?

A: You started off with a weird question! (laughs) No, I don’t think my voice is a “good voice”! Although I’ve been taking up dubbing jobs ever since I was in elementary school, I’ve always thought that my voice was weak…… Of course, I’m happy when people praise me! But, rather than sticking to my own voice, I imagine the character’s “personality” and “feelings” before I voice them.

Q: During your normal everyday life, has there been a time where someone realizes it’s you when they hear your voice?

A: Never. I guess other voice actors rarely experience this too…… I think if people do hear my voice in the middle of the street, they would probably think “Jellal is here!”. At most, I was told that “I resemble Jellal……?”. (laughs) When voice actors read out their lines in the animation, they want the audience to think “It’s that character’s voice!”. Anime is a joint effort between the voice actor and production staff to produce this “composite art” so I feel that I won’t be able to bring out the character well if it’s by my own strength.

Q: I would like to ask about a few of the production that you’re taking part in. What are your thoughts on Fairy Tail’s Jellal Fernandes after voicing him?

A: It’s surprising how it has already been 5 years since the anime first started airing. Time flies! I’m very honored to be part of the regular cast in this long series. There are usually two voice actors voicing the adult and child version of a character but for Jellal, I play both his normal character and when he was young. That challenge left an impression on me. In addition to Jellal, I also have to voice two more characters, his alter-ego, Siegrain, and Mystogan, from the parallel world. I thought really hard about how to voice the three of them without having to betray the image of what the fans have in mind. I, too, have been reading Fairy Tail since the start and am a huge fan of it so I don’t want to betray the fans’ expectations. I think it’s possible to play different characters so long as you are able to accept and digest the difference.

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I only translated the parts where he talked about Jellal.

Please bear in mind that my Japanese isn’t up to standard so don’t expect flawless translations from me. It might not be 100% correct but it should hold true to the original meaning of the article.

  • How I feel about this character: 
  • All the people I ship romantically with this character: ERZA
  • My non-romantic OTP for this character: Crime Sorciere and Oracion Seis, and a bit of Laxus/Jellal and a bit of Levy/Jellal too (which is totally crack lmfao)
  • My unpopular opinion about this character: Mashima is wasting his youth and beauty
  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: his phone’s lockscreen is Erza
  • my het ship: Jerza
  • my fem/slash ship: n/a
  • my OTP: Jerza
  • my OT3: n/a
  • my cross over ship: n/a
  • my kink: I really like the idea of Jellal in Seduction Armor… just, perfect.
  • a head cannon fact: he will make the best dad. 
  • my gender bend: eh?

In case you needed any further evidence that Igneel is going to die, I’ll back it up with another comparison….

Gale Glory and Igneel. Fathers to the main characters. Haru Glory and Natsu Dragneel. Both mysteriously vanish from their sons’ lives at a very young age. Their motives are kept in darkness, with only their son’s believing that they still will eventually come through for them.

Then, after years of being gone, just when the hero is facing annihilation (King Raregroove and Acnologia), the fathers suddenly swoop in and team up with their sons to take on the new threat.

And, I have to predict, because Gale Gory died to keep his son alive, Igneel will do the same.

Get your tissues ready, fandom.

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Is it time to be excited yet?

estella-may said she saw the ad for the Gruvia special chapter, and she thinks it said it’s going to be “funny yet heartwarming.”

I think everyone expected funny. Funny is a given when you have “Gruvia” and “special chapter” in the same sentence. But HEARTWARMING is the key word here. Yes, We need heartwarming Gruvia. Coming from someone who fears major trolling, I think heartwarming pretty much rules out the chapter being a complete joke. 

So, even though we’ve got at least a week to go until it shows up, my Gruvia feels have already kicked in. <3 





I reached 500 followers last night, and I wanted to make a pretty Fairy Tail-centered Follow Forever!

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estella-may replied to your post:I don’t know why, but for some reason I think the demon currently fighting Ezra is related to Mira. And the one fighting Mira is related to Erza

I thought Kyouka would be fighting Meredy because sensory magic.

I’ve thought of that too but it would seem too good to be true ;3;