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I'm curious what other fandoms you're in, I mean obviously Fantastic Beasts. And Gravity Falls. Any others?

quite a few actually :’)


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You bring your horse to a stop os you reach home. It has been so long since you’ve last been here. It still looks as beautiful as ever.

Legolas comes to a pause next to you.

“I’m not ready,” you mutter and he reaches over to grab your hand. You look at him. “You will be fine. I will be with you every step of the way,” he says and you nod. The four of you continue with Gandalf and Bilbo leading the way.

When you reach the entrance (a/n: i have no idea what its called. The place where the dwarves are met by Lindir.), you are the first to dismount, making sure to hide behind your horse.

“Mithrandir. Bilbo Baggins. It is good to see you both well,” you hear your father announce and you internally wince. You were not expecting him to greet you. Lindir, yes, but not him.

“And Legolas Greenleaf. May I ask what you are doing here. I was not expecting another meeting with your father or you for another month or so,” Lord Elrond states and it’s time you reveal yourself. You let go of your horse and push past both Bilbo and Legolas.

You watch your father’s reaction as you move closer. The smile drops and is replaced with the most shocked expression you have ever seen. You cannot evaluate the rest of him as you are pulled into hug. You hear him let out a sob and that causes tears to cloud your eyes and your arms to wrap around him.

Oh how you have tortured your father over these past ten years. How selfish you have been, leaving him and letting him deal with the pain of losing his eldest and his wife. What a grave mistake.

You sob into his chest and he pulls you closer.

“I am sorry, ada, for not coming home. For making you think that I was dead,” you whisper through your sobs. “All is forgiven my dear child. It is my fault for saying such horrible things,” he says, pulling away.

You both wipe each other’s tears away and lean your foreheads against each others, taking in each other’s presence.

“Come, we have much to discuss,” he says, taking your arms through his and leading you through your home.

You smile as you take a seat on your favorite bench. It has been four days since you returned home and you enjoyed every bit of it. You missed your brothers and Arwen, They were excited to see you alive and so was little Estel. You had introduced Legolas and Estel and Estel was excited to meet a Sindarin elf. According to him, Noldor elves were getting boring.

“May I join you?” you hear a voice say and you smile as you see Legolas. “I don’t see why not, my prince,” you tell him and he smiles, taking a seat next to you.

“You seem happy to be home,” he says after a few moments of silence. “IT has been ten years Legolas. Of course I’m happy to be home,” you tell him, listening to the sounds around you.

“Will you be staying?” he asks, causing you to look at him. “I think for a while I will, but after ten years of being away, it feels weird being back here you know?” you ask him and he hums.

“Will you return to Mirkwood with me? Not as a friend, but as a partner,” he says and you look at him, smiling and leaning on his shoulder.

“I think that wherever you are, it will be home.“

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In this year on March 1st came at last the Passing of King Elessar.  It is said that the beds of Meriadoc and Peregrin were set beside the bed of the great king. Then Legolas built a grey ship in Ithilien, and sailed down Anduin and so over Sea; and with him, it is said, went Gimli the Dwarf.  And when that ship passed an end was come in Middle-earth of the Fellowship of the Ring. - Appendix B, “The Lord of the Rings” by J.R.R. Tolkien

insp. “White Lisianthus” (A Legolas and Aragorn fanfic) 

for luthienne

Kid!Aragorn(Estel)/Legolas Headcanons

1 .Estel met Legolas for the very first time at the age of seven.(ignoring The Hobbit timeline)

2 .And that was a shiny-motherfucker-fairy-tale-are-you-an-angel-fell-from-heaven moment in his future-king-of-men eyes.

3 .Since the elves in Rivendell are normally brunette,Legolas was the first blonde elf Estel had ever seen.

4 .In elves’ immortal life,they spent hundreds of years growing into adults,which means even when they were tiny kids,they barely changed in mere ten or twenty years(a thirty-year-old elf baby,ha).So when Legolas once left Rivendell and came back after a year,he was shocked by the massive change of teenage Estel(taller,deeper voice,stronger muscles etc.)Fortunately,he still was-and will forever be-the sincere human boy he knew. And because of the Dúnadan’s longer lifespan, Estel stopped aging after he was fully-grown ,and kept the young look he had in LotR movies.

5 .On Estel’s eighteenth birthday, he gave his real name to Legolas as a gift . He called him Aragorn ever since then.

6 .Legolas is the one who taught Estel archery.

Shipping Aralas so hard and recently drowned by Estel/Legolas feelings…
Sorry for my shitty English,still learning to write properly,please let me know if I made any stupid grammar/spelling mistake.
Hope someone will like this shitty post and share their thoughts with me.

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LoTR fic recommendations?

Varied selection with no particular order or categorization. Unless stated otherwise, just assume all these are on I love Legolas centric stories, so that’s what you’ll get from me. Ask someone else for non Legolas centric stories.

Tree and Stone by Avon- An encounter between an old Dwarf and a young Elf.

Drinking Fixes (Mostly) Everything by XxxLegolasloverxxX- No real summary, but it’s very good.

The Twisted Web of Fate by Sinister Sindar Sisters- Thranduil and his young son travel to a trade meeting very soon after the death of their wife and mother. Unknown to them, darkness follows them. Will they survive and make it back to their beloved home alive?

Joke Gone Wrong by Lanche- 13 year old Estel plays a joke on Legolas. The Elf’s reaction and the ensuing fallout could have severe consequences on several lives.

Adar & Ion: All the Green Fields by SivanShemesh- A short vignette between Thranduil and Legolas. (FLUFF)

To Represent the Elves by Nieriel Raina- As the Nine Walkers travel south, two members of the Fellowship become better acquainted.

The Gyngerbrede by ningloreth1- A Little Legolas story for Yuletide. Little Legolas does some cooking. King Thranduil does some listening, and they both have some fun.

In the Eye of the Beholder by wednesday-mc- (VERY MUCH AU, MILD SLASH) Thranduil maneuvers to have an unwilling Legolas marry Elrond. (It’s very good and heartbreaking and actually may make you ship that.)

Sons of Kings by P. L. Wynter- Mirkwood is suffering over the loss of her Queen. The royal family is slowly sinking into darkness and grief. What hope is there when they have lost all that they love?

Between Elves and Hobbits by Nevaratoiel- Legolas and Sam have a talk… Just about everything!

The River by Indigo Bunting- The Fellowship must cross a river before it can enter the land of Hollin. When disaster strikes, Sam and Legolas find themselves trapped between the river, a party of malicious strangers, and each other.

Pretty much anything by Finfinfin1

The Child and The Darkness by myselfonly- First in the Shadow series. An ancient Shadow is released from the deep places in the world. Legolas and Gimli are reluctantly drawn into a fight for their lives to protect those who cannot protect themselves. (Sequels in order are: The Path We Walk, The Silence in The Song, and The Steward of the Second.)

Really, anything by myselfonly is very good.


If you focus your attention on Legolas and Aragorn while watching the Lord of the Rings movies you might have noticed that Legolas is nearly always by Aragorn’s side. Of course Legolas is known as the ‘Caregiver’ but he takes espeacially care on Aragorn. I was thinking about that they are probably having a kind of older brother (Legolas) -younger brother (Aragorn) - relationship, because as we get to know in the Hobbit, Aragorn meets Legolas at a very young age. So Legolas continued protecting Aragorn when he is an adult, because Legolas started doing that when Aragorn was probably a kid. What he started decades ago can’t be stopped, just because he goes on a mission, which might just save whole middle earth. Who even would?!


Saw The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies today and these are just some of the thoughts that infected my brain. Silly movie overall with too much green screen (I miss the bigatures), but Richard Armitage acted the poop out of Thorin.

1. Thrandy is divine. 

2. Throwing down on ice is just impractical. 

3. Between Bilbo/Thorin and Legolas being told to go find himself a man…this film was pretty gay. Which is fine by me, because my favorite way to watch the LotR trilogy is through a lens that ships Aragorn/Legolas. HILARIOUS.

4. Now I just want bromance movies that depict those years where Aragorn/Estel, befriends Legolas and creates havoc for Uncle Elrond.