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The Walking Dead’s Danai Gurira Picks Up Her Sword to Fight Sexism Around The Globe
This zombie slayer is determined to end a global crisis.

“Don’t bother trying to second-guess or pigeonhole Danai Gurira. Though she’s best known as the katana wielding badass Michonne on AMC’s The Walking Dead, she’s also an esteemed Broadway actor and award winning playwright. And while her character is famous for slicing and dicing zombies in the imaginary post-Apocalyptic world first seen in Robert Kirkman’s comic book, her plays confront the very real life issues facing women in Africa, where she spent large parts of her childhood. Whether as a tough female action hero or in her own writings, the quest for social justice and sexual equality is at the heart of her work so it comes as no surprise that Danai is involved with the advocacy group ONE’s ‘Poverty Is Sexist’ campaign. Her name was on the open letter the group sent to world leaders addressing the global reach of sexism and how poverty disproportionally affects women around the world and she spent International Women’s Day talking about the crisis and what can be done to help.

VH1: Tell us about the ‘Poverty Is Sexist’ campaign.

Danai Gurira: Unfortunately in the world today poverty is sexist. There’s nowhere in the world that women have the same opportunities as men and the poorest and least developed countries tend to be where the gender gap is the largest. This results in the fact that women and girls are the poorest and least advantaged people on the planet. 62 million girls around the world are unable to go to school simply because they are female. Two-thirds of our world’s illiterate are female. We have 40,000 girls a day becoming child brides before the age of 18. On the continent of Africa we know that 74 percent of all adolescents that contract the AIDS virus are female and that is often the result of sexual violence. So these are the facts that lead us to making this very powerful statement. If half of our population is unable to grow to their fullest potential or given every opportunity just because of their gender, then we have a problem and we are thwarting our own development as a global community.”

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Affirmations - One Shot

TITLE OF STORY: Affirmations 


AUTHOR: dreamlandprincess


STORY GENRE: Romance, Fluff, Angst

STORY SUMMARY: OC is having not so great a time with her self-esteem. Tom is there being sweet and all that. OC’s POV.


STORY WARNINGS/TRIGGERS/AUTHORS NOTES:FEEDBACK/COMMENTS: I may or may not be feeling not so great rn. (Well, at least it’s good writing material.) This is for the others who might be, too. I’m sorry I suck at writing. This is just my second fic, and I’m not really a writer so.

I stepped out of my coat and shoes and padded softly into the house. I saw a light coming in from Tom’s study into the hallway. Must be reading through some of the scripts I saw on the front porch this morning, I thought. All the better because I just wanted to be alone right now.

I changed into some sweatpants, grabbed my duvet, and went to sit on my little corner near the window that’s usually reserved for when I’m reading.

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Why We Needed A Black Hermione

Monday, December 21, 2015

The cast has been announced for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, the stage production billed as the eighth installment of the Harry Potter saga. Harry and Ron Weasley will be portrayed by the sort of esteemed British actors one might picture in a reimagining of the iconic literary series. But as Hermione Granger, South African-British actor Noma Dumezweni was cast—a wonderful surprise.

To be clear, Dumezweni is esteemed in her own right. The Laurence Olivier Award-winning actress is more than capable of bringing the beloved heroine to the stage. But because she is a black woman, backlash against Dumezweni’s presence in the play has been swift.
Emma Watson, a white actress, played the character on film, but Hermione’s race is never stated explicitly in the books. J.K. Rowling herself tweeted on Monday that she “loves black Hermione” and noted that Dumezweni is not, necessarily, an aesthetic departure from what was written.

But fans who have a deep connection to the characters continue to express outrage at the choice. That Hermione was assumed to be white and so many cannot conceive of her being anything else underscores why this casting was so necessary.  

A black Hermione is important not only for communities who rarely have the opportunity to see themselves in these roles but for mainstream audiences who view whiteness as the default.
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Why The Book of Life is worth watching:

1. This film is produced by one of The greatest living Mexican Directors of our time: Guillermo del Toro. He has directed countless films both in English and Spanish such as: Pans Labyrinth/El laberinto del fauno, rudo y cursi, The Hobbit, Don’t be afraid of The Dark, etc.2. One of the characters is portrayed by esteemed Mexican actor Diego Luna, who himself has directed, acted, written and/or produced many films relevant to Mexican culture such as Cesar Chavez. 3. This film brings together indigenous Mexican Folklore with Spanish influence. 4. Despite the fact that one critic states that this film lacks dialogue, etc. this film grossed it’s highest in Mexico and Brazil. Those who know and understand the meaning for celebrating The Day Of The Dead, will associate the imagery with the dialogue and find this film to be spectacular. 5. The main characters represent two sides of “life” after death (those remembered/those forgotten) . This is important to keep in mind while you’re entranced by the stunning visual effects. 6. Lastly please remember that this movie isn’t just about love. It is also a story about Mexico, The origins of it’s folklore, and of course the obvious theme of life-and-death.

10 Songs for Every Horror Fan's Christmas Playlist

Hearing the same boring Christmas songs every hear is enough to drive any person crazy, particularly a horror fan who is still in mourning the passing of Halloween. We’ve compiled a list of 10 songs for every horror fan’s Christmas playlist.

When you’re not watching such classics as Black Christmas, Gremlins, Silent Night Deadly Night, Jack Frost and Christmas Evil, throw these tracks on to get into the holiday spirit.

I’ve taken the liberty of embedding all of the songs via YouTube for your listening pleasure, so please give the page a moment to load all the videos.

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