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If you’re someone that people look up to, they’re gonna always find a way to bring you down when they need a self-esteem booster. I live a life that I’m proud of, and when someone doesn’t agree with that, I’m sorry. I’m happy with myself, and at the end of the day, you’re the only one that lives your life. If you’re happy, that’s all that matters.

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74 w/ Jungkook pleasee (:

Here you go anon! Let me know if you liked it!

Member: Jungkook

Prompt Request: “You should marry me.”

Genre: Fluff

Imagine Summary: A scenario about Y/N walking in on Jungkook practicing his proposal.

Word Count: 778

Jungkook paced the space around his bed, ruffling his hair and squinting his eyes in deep focus. He turned around abruptly and zeroed in on the small blue box that sat on his bed. The velvet fabric sparkled in the sunlight seeping in past the closed curtains.

Jungkook looked away with a loud groan and turned to face the mirror in the corner of the room. It was a large full length mirror that sat next to your makeup-dresser. Jungkook smiled, remembering how the two of you had had a disagreement over the purchase of it.

“Jagi, do you really need a makeup table. Actually, do you even really need makeup? You are already so beautiful without anything on.” He had said pulling you close and playing with your hair as you waited for the Ikea employee to retrieve your set.

You placed your palm on his cheeks and held him, shaking him a bit teasingly.

“Oh Kookie, you are so sweet.” you said planting at quick peck on his lips.

“But we are getting that table. I’m comfortable without makeup but I prefer it. It’s almost like a fun hobby for me than it is a self-esteem booster.” I said pulling away and moving the cart closer to the employee who was now carrying a heavy box which Jungkook quickly moved to go help with.

Jungkook just smiled and shook his head. Makeup or no makeup, I love her always he had thought.

With that memory Jungkook stood a little straighter and closed his eyes.

“Y/N, I planned this- No I um.. I wanted to tell you. .” He stuttered, not truly being able to find his words.

Jungkook opened his eyes and looked towards the table the two of you had had so much fun putting together.

“Y/N, I love you. I love everything about you. Your smile, your laugh, your voice, your eyes, your hair- actually let’s just say I love your whole body.” He laughed and smiled to himself.

“I’m not here all the time. I’m always traveling or practicing and I know you feel like you have to share me with the whole world but you don’t because in my heart there is only you. You will never have to compete for my affections or my love because it’s yours; I’m yours.”

He sighed.

“There is no real reason for why you should marry me, other than the fact that I’m just a guy who loves you with everything he has and you would be making me the happiest and most grateful person alive if you did. Y/N, will you marry me?”

Jungkook tried hard and managed to not choke up during his speech so when he heard a small sob coming from behind him, his body froze. He shifted his eyes to the mirror and saw you standing there with tears in your eyes.

“Jungkook..” You said softly.

“Jungkook turned around to face you.

“You weren’t supposed to hear that…yet.” He said smiling sheepishly but his eyes were darting all over you, trying to read your body language; were you upset? Were you happy? Would you say yes?

All of his questions were answered when you threw your arms around him and placed a passionate kiss on his lips. Jungkook quickly recovered from his shock and responded by kissing you back and wrapping his arms around your waist.

You pulled back for air and held his face between your palms. You looked deeply into his eyes as you said, “Yes. I will marry you.”

Jungkook’s eyes began to water and he pulled you back into a kiss and as if it were possible, deeper this time.

He swiftly picked you up in his arms and laid you on the bed gently, not breaking the kiss.

“Ow!’ You yelled into his lips though the sound was a bit muffled. You reached behind you to find the object that had pointed into your shoulder and found the velvet blue box. You looked down at it and smiled excitedly.

Jungkook quickly got off you and took the box. You were about to protest but then he got down on one knee in front of you.

“Y/N?” He said grinning.

“Yes…” You said suavely.

“Will you…”

You pouted slightly; He was teasing now

He laughed and finally said. “Y/N will you marry me?”

“Yes!” You said and he flipped the cover of the box to reveal the most beautiful ring you had ever seen.

“Oh Jungkook, it’s beautiful.” You moved to sit on his knee as he placed the ring on your finger.

“I meant everything I said earlier. I’ll love you forever.”

You felt your heart warm with a happiness you had me ever experienced before.

“And I’ll love you forever.”  

——- A/N: Thanks for reading! If you liked this send me a request or use my prompt list here:

“I think that no matter who you are, if there’s a spotlight on you, people are going to look for a reason to bring you down. Not because of you, but because of their own conflicts and battles. Putting someone else down gives them power. That’s just the way society is, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a celebrity or the popular girl at school. If you’re someone that people look up to, they’re gonna always find a way to bring you down when they need a self-esteem booster. I live a life that I’m proud of, and when someone doesn’t agree with that, I’m sorry. I’m happy with myself, and at the end of the day, you’re the only one that lives your life. If you’re happy, that’s all that matters.”  – Vanessa Hudgens


(A/N: Yay, a surprise one-shot! CitP will resume shortly, but I wrote this at work because I’m a sucker for a reader with abilities. So I love this kind of sort of a lot. And it’s got some angst and Bucky, so count me in. And it’s about how important you are… self esteem booster if you need it.

Pairing: Bucky x power!Reader

Word Count: 2.5k

Warnings: Language )

It had been three months since the Avengers had taken you on and in that time your world had flipped upside down in a multitude of ways. Having abilities, natural abilities, was something almost unheard of to the group. You had been found entirely on accident and yet it had been the best of accidents. A fight with Hydra had broken out in downtown Manhattan, the Avengers on site within moments, it felt. And there you were, aware of what you could do, but always in bursts. Having powers was such a strange kind of burden.

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Hello, currently school has been making me feel stressed and even at at times like a failure and bring myself down alot by telling myself I wont get Into college. I feel so tired and come home and have no motivation to do anything. Any advice?

Hi there love- thank you for coming to me for advice- I’ll do my best to help you out today. :)

I understand how you feel, sometimes it can be hard to be in school and cope with strong emotions. Your feelings are validated and I’m here to help you out.

Below are some helpful links on school and college:

Motivation & Procrastination:

Time Management:


Click here to view my whole school master-post

General College Tips

De-Stressers and Health

College Help Masterposts

College & Studying

Click here to view my whole College master-post.

Once you’ve looked over those links, I have some advice for you on how you can cope with how you are feeling.

For me, I have hardly any motivation in school to get work done, but there is one thing that I tell myself each morning when I wake up. I tell myself that if I do not get work done today, then I will not graduate on time and I wont graduate around the same time as my cousins who are also juniors in high school. For ME that’s my motivation that gets me going

I suggest that you find some motivation that YOU can stick to and apply to you and what you’re exactly doing.

Now, I have a few tips for you on how you can get more things done in school or college:

  • Take your time to do your work- but allow yourself to take breaks when needed.
  • Make sure you’re getting enough sleep & you’re eating right.
  • Take notes like you would write in a journal (pretty pens might help you.)
  • Ask for help when you need it. Chances are someone has the same question as you.
  • Do your work and turn it in on time. Don’t let yourself slack off because getting things done now and sooner, will pay off in the future.

Okay, now I have some very important links that I think you should check into:

Why Grades Don’t = Intelligence:

Hope this helps ! (: <3

-Flirtatious talk that leads nowhere.

From the Ancient Greek σφάλλω “sphallō” (to stumble) and λαλιά “lalia" (talking).

Used in a sentence:
“A little sphallolalia on the weekend can be a wonderful self esteem booster.”

Challenge Accepted

Here is another addition for my Kink List AND SPNKinkBingo Card.  Requested by @akhuna01, this is #54, Writing a smut fic to each other and reading it to them, with Misha Collins and Richard Speight Jr.

Title: Challenge Accepted
Square Filled: Free Space
Ship: Misha x Richard
Rating: Explicit
Tags: oral sex, anal sex, all written down but shared with each other!!! implications of a follow up session, too
Summary (If applicable): Misha and Richard are bored during a convention night, so Misha gets on Tumblr.  
Word Count: ~1850
Written/Created for @spnkinkbingo

It was nearly two in the morning when Rob finally called it a night, stumbling out the door and heading to his room.  Misha and Richard hollered their goodbyes to their friend, complete with a salute from Richard.

They laughed for a few minutes, Rob’s flustered face replaying in their minds after they’d finished telling their last dirty joke.  Misha drained the dregs from his tumbler, setting the empty glass on the table next to him.

“I’m so glad our flight isn’t for a couple more days,” he said, leaning his head back against his chair as he relaxed.  Richard nodded in agreement, taking a sip from his beer.

“Yeah, all these losers have to get up in the morning.  You and me, we’re the smart ones here,” Richard said, toasting toward Misha with his bottle before draining the end.

The two sat in companionable silence for a minute, Misha stretching out in the chair and Richard laid out on his bed.  This is how many convention nights ended: the two of them, sometimes others as well, just sitting and enjoying each other’s company.  It was amazing that the show had so many people who were actually friends, so that these convention weekends were actually a lot of fun.

“Oh my God,” Misha suddenly said, sitting upright.

“You mean Oh my Chuck,” Richard teased, laughing at his own joke.

“Yeah, whatever,” Misha replied, pulling his phone from his pocket.  “You’ll never guess what those crazies on tumblr are saying, dude.”

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Sorry for not posting any art, but I was at the Supernatural convention in Seattle on Saturday!

So let me tell you a thing, the photo op with Richard (Gabriel), Rob (God/Chuck) and Matt (Young John Winchester) almost didn’t happen. Why? The photo op was scheduled to start 15 minutes after Jim Beaver’s panel started, and I forgot that that they overlapped their events like that. So once I realised that I missed the starting time, I rushed to the photo op room and ended up missing them by about three minutes.

However, thanks to the awesome volunteers, they were able to grab Rob (or Richard, I can’t remember who had left) back who had just went into the green room. Since the photographer just left to grab something, I was standing awkwardly next to Matt, apologising and thanking them profusely for being late. He said it was fine. I said, “I was distracted by Jim, because…” And I forgot the word ‘panel’ for some reason and he just said, “Because he was being Jim right?” He laughed and patted me on the shoulder when I agreed.

At this point, Chris - the photographer - came back. So Rob and Richard beckoned me forward. I was able to say a quick ‘hi’ before I was enveloped in the mother of all hugs.

Of course, my hair was in my face because when is it not? So Matt. Fixed. It, “Oh let me fix that for you, I’ve got it!” Good thing I didn’t try to flick my head I surely would’ve nailed him in the face!

Also, Rob’s jacket was the softest thing ever. No joke.

Anyways, as I was leaving, Richard walked with me a short distance, and being the awkward shit I am, I once again thanked him for ‘squeezing me in’. He patted me on the shoulder when he laughed, “Nice pun!”

Dammit Richard, only you would notice something unintentional like that.

Needless to say this photo op has my favourite story behind it.

There isn’t much to say about my photo op with Jim Beaver, we didn’t really talk, but he did like my shirt, “Hunter in training, huh? Nice.”

Same goes for my Mark Pellegrino (Lucifer) photo, except I was able to tell him a happy birthday, which he seemed to have appreciated.

So the drawings I did of Jim and Mark are over a year old, and because of that I’m not nearly as confident in them as I was when I first did them.

Mark actually didn’t speak to me when he signed mine, and I don’t blame him. His autograph was at the end of the day, and they were running over. He was scheduled to start autographs at 6:45 but ended up starting an hour later (not his fault), and then was signing until 9:45 at least. We were both tired. And I experienced the same thing with Misha last year, who was scheduled to be the last event of the day and had also been moved from the theatre into the lobby. Literally the same thing happened (although he did try to force a conversation from himself). I was also near the back of the line, as PDF ticket holders have priority only over the convention bought tickets, but not gold or silver passes (and there were a lot of them).

When I got Jim to sign mine, it took him a good minute to actually sign it. He asked me if I drew it, and since I’m awkward, I simply said a quiet 'yes’.

“On the computer?”


“Wow,” To his daughter, “Look at this. This is amazing. Just wow. I don’t understand how people can create stuff like this!” After staring at it for a bit, he signed it. Since I had so little confidence in the art, it was a great self-esteem booster to find that the actor himself liked what I drew.

The only real downside to the day was the killer migraine I had. I missed three panels (Mark Sheppard’s (Crowley), R2M’s (Richard, Rob, Matt) and Misha’s (Castiel)). Hopefully I don’t get one today, because since they cancelled the autographs for Jared and Jensen for non-package holders, the only thing I can do is attend the panels (I paid for a Sunday admissions ticket). And I don’t want to miss those.

[Victon] Reaction: You confess to linking arms with them because you like feeling their muscles.

Seungwoo :: He would silently love the fact that you always wrap your hands around his arm when you walk together. The fact that you love his arms so much is a definite esteem booster. He works out hard and for you to appreciate his efforts would surely mean a lot to him. He wouldn’t make much of a scene about your confession though, just quietly acknowledge your remarks and take it all in stride. 

Seungsik :: This cute baby would be so thankful that you like anything about him, let alone his arms. He too works hard to stay in shape, while managing everything else that is going on. He would appreciate every remark you make while linking your arm around his. Allowing you to keep doing it, regardless of your motives. He would just revel in the contact the two of you share. 

Heo Chan :: Like his hyungs, Chan would greatly appreciate your confession of liking his arms. He would more shyly though, if not even a bit embarrassed. For you to love his arms is saying something, especially since everyone knows that his legs are his strong suit. So your appreciation for his arms would surely leave him a blushing mess. 

Sejun :: He prides himself in how well he takes care of his body, so he would absolutely LOVE the fact that you love it just as much, his arms in particular. He would act shy about your comment, most likely denying that his arms aren’t that great, yet humbling this sweetheart. He would think that you deserve tons of affection for your confession, and would then wrap you in those strong arms of his. 

Hanse :: This little jokester would just laugh, mostly at himself, and react one of two ways. He would either deny and deny that he had any sort of arm muscle, even if you insisted that they were there and that you loved it. Or, he would kick into sass mode and just be like.. “That’s right /flex/” Because he can’t help but joke about it either way, even if it’s just for the simple fact that he was just masking his real reaction, which would be adoring you to bits for loving him in such a way. 

Byungchan :: Like Hanse, this bun would most likely react in a sassy manner, before kicking into a more formal manner. He would deny the fact that he had any muscle on his lanky arms, but that wouldn’t stop him from letting you link arms with him before pulling him into a tight hug. However, that’s all just to cover up how red his ears were from your confession. 

Subin :: Wouldn’t have much of a reaction. He would blush slightly from your comments, but would remain calm on the outside. The only sign of his appreciate would be the cute smile that forms on his face. He would say thank you, even though his insides are all nervous and giddy. For a while, every time you would go to link arms with him, he would shy away, only to lay his arm over your shoulders instead. 


mythologist replied to your post “This afternoon was a lot of travel, including every electronic thing I…”

oh yeah, i know that “OH YOU’RE THE FIXER WE WANT” but sometimes I just sit back first and thing “do i really want to fix all this shit”

Yeah, that is the question I’m asking. And also “Do I really want to pay to fix all this shit” because for damn sure they won’t pay relocation. 

auressea replied to your post “This afternoon was a lot of travel, including every electronic thing I…”

Yay for nailing that interview! What a great self-esteem booster. I suppose if you want to move to a new city - this is a great opportunity to negotiate a higher salary and bonuses!?

Well, yes and no. There’s a built-in raise because the pay is just Better In Boston, but that’s because Life Is More Expensive in Boston. And the higher my salary goes, the less room there is in the department’s budget to hire on new people – right now it would be me and only one other person, and they’d like to hire two more in the next year but any money that comes to me doesn’t go to those two jobs…

clockways replied to your post “This afternoon was a lot of travel, including every electronic thing I…”

On one hand being the fixer sets you up for a lot of growth in the inst and getting higher levels. On the other hand… fixing.

Yep. Though I do think there is a significant difference between “we want to be fixed but don’t know how” and “we need to be fixed but don’t wanna.” 

Dreams (Stiles Stilinski x Reader)

Request: having a huge crush on stiles oneshot please -Anon

A/N: It’s kinda short sorry but I had no solid plot. MASTERLIST

Word Count: 450

Warnings: None

You watched Stiles as he closed his locker shut. As he moved away from his locker, his shirt got caught in the locker door and he ripped his shirt. You could see his abs which made you sweaty. You held in the laughter at his reaction. Scott, his best friend, came by and he slapped a hand over his mouth. “What did you do?” Scott laughed. “You want to get laid tonight?”

“I’m down for that.” Danny said as he leaned on the lockers. Stiles squinted his eyes and shook his head. “No…keep moving.” You were “arranging” some books in your locker as you heard the conversation. “Whatever,” Danny said. “I don’t think…” He paused and looked at Stiles’ pants and curled his lips in disappointment. “You’ll fit.” Danny left. Scott was about to burst into tears from all his laughter. You bit your lower lip to block your laughter. “That’s a self-esteem booster right there.”

You closed your locker door and looked at Stiles. You smiled at him and he smiled back. You turned your back to him and walked the corridor. You heard someone calling your name. You turned around and saw Stiles running after you. “Y/N!” He stopped to catch his breath as he broke out into a sweat. “Y/N, do you think I can get laid?” He asked you as he pointed to himself. You cheeks flushed red and your eyes widened. “Do you?”

“Y-Yeah…why?” You stuttered. You and Stiles were lab partners and you used to joke around about everything but this was no joke to him. “No I’m just asking you because…you know about…stuff.” You giggled. “Well I’m glad that I help you.” You looked at your watch, you had to leave for class. “Stiles, I have to leave for class.”

“Okay, it was nice talking to you.” He waved at you as you walked away from him. You turned your head and saw him smiling. He walked back next to Scott. You felt this bubble inside that was about to explode in happiness whenever you saw or talked to Stiles. He wasn’t like the other boys; all muscle, no brain. No, he was Stiles; skinny and has the brains. 

You looked down to the floor as you mentally relived Stiles’ smile and his horrible puns. You felt someone’s hand on your shoulder. You turned around and saw Stiles. “Y/N…will you go out with me?” He asked breathlessly. You froze. You couldn’t believe it, your eyes widened at the surprise. 


You woke up breathing heavily as you tried to contain yourself. You tried to put the pieces of your dreams together. It was all just a dream…but every dream can come true.

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To the men who excite my love, with no intentions of validating them,

Does it feel good? Lights off, nobody home, pulling and tugging on the single limb of the male anatomy that makes you a “real man" 

Does it feel good? The warm, wet, sensation of my vagina straddling you up and down , up and down, until you cum. 

  Does it feel good? Telling me, a woman, a brown woman, a woman with fat on her body, with acne on her face that I, I am beautiful, I am sexy, I am the one you think of at night when you are alone in your room, lights off, bare in the bed that we made love. That we fucked in.

  Does it feel good? Knowing that there is a woman who is down for you like you are down for your homies. Knowing there is a woman waiting for your calls, waiting for your texts, waiting for you to speak to her, while you are out with another woman. While you’re fucking her, on the same bed you left me to dry, the same bed that I made you cum in. The same bed that you told me I was beautiful. 

  Does it feel good? Having endless direct messages and unsaved numbers of several women who will instantly become your grief.

  Does it feel good? Knowing that you hurt her, that you’ve awaken her love only to shatter it.

  Now it’s my turn to tell you.

It does NOT feel good.

 It does NOT feel good to have men awaken my love with sweet words and kind gestures, only to find out they want what is most vulnerable. They want me without actually knowing me. They like the thought of me. The thought of an independent, brown woman in bed. Naked. Acting as his slave of sexual desires

. It does NOT feel good to have a man tell me I’m too sensitive, I’m too emotional, I’m too deep, what does he expect? You’ve awakened my love, only put it to sleep. 

 I am not yours. I am not your sex toy. I am not your personal esteem booster. I’m not your "side chick” or your “bae” or your fucking random girl you dm when you’re horny or sad. I am a human, who wants genuine love just as the next. If your intentions are not to love me, please leave now. You’ve awakened me and now I’m up. Stop using me.

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Jfc I thought I was weird but then there's people that think they're gods and shit. It's a real self esteem booster really!

Same lmao at least I don’t think I’m an anime character


You raised your eyebrow as you turned a corner to see Scott and Logan practically at each other’s throats. You already knew what they had been arguing about but their guilty expressions only confirmed your suspicions.

“Really, boys?” you asked, crossing your arms, a slight smirk tugging at the corners of your mouth. “There’s plenty of me to go around, you know. You don’t have to fight.”

“We weren’t fighting-” Scott insisted, cheeks flushed pink.

You held up a hand to silence him, “I’m not complaining. All things considered, it’s super flattering and I’m really glad for the self-esteem booster. But don’t rip each other to shreds because of me. I may be awesome, but I’m not worth that much.”

*not my gif


It’s okay to:

  • Appreciate your own appearance
  • Like what you look like
  • Think that you’re attractive
  • Think a selfie you have posted is attractive
  • Love your outfit
  • Think your having a GOOD hair day
  • Think your figure is awesome
  • Tell people that you feel happy with yourself

You are not big headed or conceited for having self-esteem/ loving the body that carries you.

But just remember:

  • To compliment your friends
  • To not put other people down with your confidence
  • Because something is unattractive to you it doesn’t mean it’s ugly