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Hi there, my name is Estaschia and I was wondering if you would mind checking out my band's page? Maybe have a listen to our single and reblog/comment if you like it? It's hard starting a new band and I would love your help. Our band name is Novelle Official. Thank you xXx

Of course ~ I’ll always help artists c:

Posting this if any of my followers care to get a quick look.
There are quite good, I played it in my suite and my roommate and I rather liked it ! 

estaschia asked:

Hi! My band just released our first ever single, and I was wondering if you could check us out? Maybe have a listen and if you like it share/reblog/comment and like our Facebook? Would mean so much, seeing as we are a new band and it's hard to get started. Thank you! xXx

Absolutely, love it! You guys are really good for your first single. Good luck with everything!

check ‘em out, guys.

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Opening Credits: rawwwrr! - bmth
Waking Up: fixed at zero - versaemerge
First Day At School: darkshines - muse
Falling In Love: goodnight goodnight - maroon 5
Fight Song: here we go again - paramore
Breaking Up: the only difference between and blablabla - p!atd
Life’s OK: kiss my sass - cobra starship
Getting Back Together: my heroine - the maine
Wedding:  never let this go - paramore
Birth of Child: the hider - versaemerge
Final Battle: all of this - blink 182
Death Scene: who wants flowers when your dead? nobody - bmth
Funeral Song: america’s suitehearts - fob
End Credits: she’s a handsome woman - p!atd