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Top 5 TT moments

1. titi watching cat programs (featuring the evil sister being useful by carrying titi like the queen she is)

2. water thief titi

3. “stop posting shit on the internet u are an embarrassment to urself and to our family” titi

4. blep titi

5. pretty titi (or, as i like to call her, beauTitiful)

bonus shot: stoic titi with creepy fan kidding her cheek while she’s gazing at the birds outside

positivity fridays! ( week 1 )

positivity fridays is a day where i spread positive messages to five other roleplayers each week! pass it on and spread the love! (im too busy on wednesdays so its fridays now rip old tradition)

@cinderella-esque – My spicy reaction image provider, I love you. Honestly I only watched a few episodes of JJBA when you followed me so I just read your about page 500 times to keep up with what was going on, but eventually I started watching some more of the episodes because your passion and writing inspired me to try and figure out more about where Yukako came from. I’m pretty sure I follow you on all of my blogs because I just love interacting with you tbh. Keep up the quality content. 

@fiftystars – We haven’t interacted much yet ( but I can tell from the ball-kicking action on my Egypt blog that things are going to be a lot of fun ) but I love reading your headcanons and some of your interactions. Your development is really unique and it really builds off the base Hima gave really well. I really look forward to seeing more from you and strongarms mclifty over here! B)

@a-ffettuoso – Your Italy is a huggable piece of garbage and I adore him. I like chatting through the tags with you and I really enjoy interacting on both of my blogs. It’s funny to see that Italy is still loving and nice despite who he’s with. Your writing moves in a very fluent way while still using eloquent language and great articulation. Honestly you’re just a gem and I love you. 

@tamsusvilkas – And so we meet again, old friend. ლ(╹◡╹ლ) I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being mutuals with you for so long on my voyin and now that I’m back in town I’m really glad be able to write with you in the (near) future. Your take on Toris is really neat, imo. You really represent the nitty-gritty nature of being a nation with a difficult and silenced past and that’s something to be appreciated. Watching you over the years has been a pleasure. 

@chiyeolhan – Props to you my dude because you somehow make me love this scumboy over here. I’ve liked chatting with you on some of my other blogs and you’re a super sweet mun. Your #aesthetic is really nice and I dig the icon styles and the way you write. I’m mega appreciative of how approachable you are and how you treat everyone around you. The way you play Sangwoo is tasteful (as much as a Sangwoo can be tasteful) and unique and I dig that tbh. Your interpretation leaves room for him to meet a lot of new characters and makes it easy to interact with him.  

The Honey House, Chapter 22

Right Hand Men

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Negan had been up since dawn having spent the night somewhere between sleep and consciousness, his mind constantly turning over ideas and refusing to fully switch off. It was noon now although he hadn’t left his room or even wanted to. He sat watching the clock on his wall, waiting for the second hand to tick to twelve before he turned the cap of the bottle, breaking the seal of the lid and deciding it was five o’clock somewhere.

There was a knock at the door, as expected, and he poured the freshly opened gin into two cut glass tumblers before calling, “come in.”

Simon took a seat in his usual spot, his posture relaxed as he sank into one of the deep set armchairs with a satisfied grunt.

Negan pinched the tumblers together in one hand, in the other he carried the bottle before taking a seat opposite from Simon and passing him his drink. Gin, neat. “How did everything go with the Kingdom?”

“Good,” he raised his glass before taking a sip and sinking even further into the chair. “The drop was full but you know what they can be like…”

Negan chuckled bitterly, taking a sip of his own gin. He knew exactly what Ezekiel’s people could be like. But he could hardly blame them. If someone tried to take just one box of his supplies he would be crazier than a bear with a thorn in its paw. There’s no way he could stand by and watch it happen week after week, even if it cost him his life.

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  • Chaol: I can't stand the way everyone's staring at us.
  • Dorian: I know. It's the same way we look at people who walk with their pet birds
  • *Aelin walks by*
  • Chaol: There she is!
  • Dorian: Hey! Good luck in your battle against Meave, sweetie. You're gonna do great.
Como é generoso, indulgente e amoroso este paciente Espírito de Deus. Ele é funcionalmente bom. Todas as Suas obras são boas no grau mais eminente; Ele sugere bons pensamentos, solicita boas ações, revela boas verdades, aplica boas promessas, ajuda a alcançar boas realizações e conduz a bons resultados. Não há bem espiritual em todo o mundo do qual Ele não seja o autor e o sustentador, e o próprio céu deverá o caráter perfeito de seus habitantes redimidos à Sua obra.
—  Charles H. Spurgeon – Dia a Dia com Spurgeon: Manhã e Noite