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I have a prompt, bruce and diana having a friends with benefits kind of situation for a while and they both start to fall in love with each other, so they decide to tell one and other -one the same day maybe- and break things off but obviously they don't expect the other person to love them back. I know it sounds like a cheesy rom-com, but with superheroes. :)))

It felt as though waking up next to Bruce didn’t make or break their ‘Friends with Benefits’ agreement in the slightest.

It didn’t make Diana feel at all cheap to dress in the middle of the night and prepare to scamper off to Washington via the transporter in the BatCave.

What did put a sour note on their arrangement was the feeling that it was merely another form of training - a form of sparring that offered a different award - for something else he had to do at night.

Or perhaps someone?

“Come on,” hummed a feminine voice throughout the cave as Diana made her way down the stairs. The moment that sultry sound hit her ears, Wonder Woman made use of her ability to fly and hovered her way to the bottom of the staircase. Hiding out of view, of course, for fear of being labelled a snoop. Lo and behold, it was none other than the only other woman who had any stake in the life of the bat.

“I said no, Selina.” Bruce affirmed while dressed to impress in his crime fighting suit, hood resting on his shoulders and revealing the back of his head to the leather-clad woman.

A disappointed sound slipped through the femme fatale’s lips. “All right, if you say so–”

“You know the way out.”

“Hmph, I always said you had a way with words.” Selina sneered before her heels clicked their way over to whatever entrance she had come through, ready now to depart the sullen presence of the man she came to see.

In response, the keys on the massive computer’s keyboard click-clacked, filling the cave’s silence the moment that they were alone. And he knew that he wasn’t alone, made clear by the way he called her name after a pregnant pause, “Diana.”

It was reflexive for the almighty Wonder Woman to bite her lip whenever she was being summoned in such an accusatory tone, and she blamed her mother for instilling in her such a reflex. “Bruce.” She replied as elegant as can be, returning her feet to the ground and strolling over to his side. However, before she could reach him, that expansive cape of his spun with his body and created some distance between them.

His baby blue eyes were no longer soothed by their love-making, but rather, looked much more veiled than they did before. Bruce was never an emotionally available man, so it wasn’t a shock to see him wear a distant façade.

She usually was able to hold onto his secretly affectionate side until they were called in for duty, though.

“How did you know I was there?” Prodded Diana while trying to sound casual, even while planting her hands on her hips.

“You think I wouldn’t notice if you were hovering nearby?”

“Nearby, or in your precious cave?”

She almost got half a smirk for that remark. The lack of a humorous response only put her on edge, though her disposition refused to showcase that to him. They stared one another down, shades of blue waging war without so much as a reason to fight; it was all Diana could do not to shake him sometimes and use her strength against the all-powerful Bruce Wayne, given that it sometimes felt as though all he understood was force.

Or dominance.

Whether he was the one demonstrating, or the one receiving—

“Are you headed back to Washington?” Queried the ‘World’s Best Detective’. His voice rumbled low, enough to cause a shiver to strike so strongly against her skin that it reached her bones. Never in her five thousand years had she ever guessed a man could make her feel so lovesick – literal and figurative, of course – and yet, there she stood before the only human being, regardless of his gender, who held the unique quality of making her immediately dream of answering him in a seductive way.

‘If you care to join me, and help me to test the quality of my mattress, too.’ She wished to say.

Sadly, she decided to respond with the complete opposite sentiments. “I think I should return tonight, and…I doubt I will be making use of my transporter again.” Diana’s chest swelled as she delivered her decision in regards to their casually entangled relationship, the breath deep within her body meant to help her to appear strong and tall, certain of the actions she was taking.

Bruce blinked away his surprise, however, it was impossible not to note the way it tugged at the corner of his eyes. “I see,” Was all he said at first, digesting her termination of their physical flirtation. After taking his time, Bruce used his Batman voice and demanded to know, “Why now?”

“I’m sorry?”

“No, never mind. You’re entitled to ending our…arrangement whenever you so choose. The transporter will always be open to you in case of emergencies, Diana, on both ends. Remember that before you decide to shut it down—”

Finding his babbling to be absolutely depressing in an indirect sort of way, Wonder Woman stepped forward and dropped her arms down at her sides. “Bruce, we promised this wouldn’t change our working relationship.”

“And it won’t. Which is why—”

“I would hope that our friendship would remain intact as well, without us needing to state it.” Again, the sky met the sea while they eyed one another and two different yet mighty storms made impact, hoping to comprehend the other’s design and complexity while remaining whole; they were both great forces of nature, to the point that some warned them about their attraction causing calamities in every which way for the Justice League, but the shared quality of each of their occasionally disastrous natures was their easily identifiable stubbornness.

Nevertheless, it was the sea who fell against the sky first, as Bruce tore his glance away momentarily. For some reason, Diana felt the sudden urge to chew on her lip once again, indicating that he was not done with her yet.

A noisy part of her greatly appreciated his perseverance, then.

“Friendship…” He repeated to himself under his breath.

Again, she asked, “I’m sorry?”

A flash of something knowing flickered inside of him, and that confidence bombinated in his voice when he answered her, “Selina came here tonight to discuss something with me, but I was already out of bed before she arrived” – when the abrupt explanation received no initial reaction, he carried on – “because I…thought of something while lying in bed after we…”

As adorable as a rosy-cheeked bat appeared to be, Diana clarified quickly, “You don’t owe me any explanations for what you do in your own house.”

“Then take it anyway, free of charge.” Grounded out the master of the manor.

“Selina doesn’t bother me, Bruce.” Wonder Woman broke through their subtle courtesy and charged towards the underlying motivation for his retrospection of the night, post their carnal war between his sheets.

A truly annoying beeping coming from the computer called their attention away from the roundabout conversation, causing the respectable ‘Master Wayne’ to release a most undignified sound of irritation. For the first time since she descended the BatCave’s stairs did Diana smile, then she turned to officiate her leave. “Good night, Bruce. I’ll see you at the Founder’s Meeting tomorrow—”

“Diana, wait.” Commanded Batman, even though his voice quivered in a way that did not suit the vigilante. For some unfathomable reason, she obeyed him and was immediately aware of the impassioned stomps that were charging toward her! Those familiar instincts of her ordered her to fight back, to take charge of the situation before he gained the upper hand! When that gloved hand claimed a great deal of her shoulder in its grasp, it was all she could do to restrain herself from spinning on her heels and leaping backwards, prepared to face whatever aggravation had suddenly befallen him!

No, she had not anticipated that he had approached her in order to steal away that bottom lip of hers with his own teeth.

That very hand she had nearly knocked away found her cheek and held her while he devoured her mouth in a kiss, fervent and apologetic for whatever slight she had suffered from. There was the taste of longing in her mouth when he dove in with the desperation he had only ever shown her – a brand of emotional insight that belonged solely to her, she knew. Now, it took all of Diana’s strength to stop herself from lifting him into her arms the way a groom would carry a wife and usher him back to his bedroom, where she would have him drive his true disposition home.

Over and over again, until someone from either of their day jobs tried to screw them over in the morning.

Her favorite way to hold onto Bruce whenever he was in his precious suit was to stick her fingers behind the rim of his belt and tug him closer to her body. And, in doing so, she managed to illicit a pleasant growl from the depths of his belly. The sound rattled her bones this time, drawing an Aphrodite-like giggle out of her heart.

“So,” Diana murmured into their kiss until he gave her enough room to speak coherently, “is it mandatory for you to wear your suit whenever you come down here, even if it means getting yourself dressed when you should be sleeping next to me?” It was her turn to accuse him of something and try to discover what his guilty tick was.

Of course the World’s Greatest Detective didn’t have one.

But that didn’t mean she wouldn’t find his other ticks, other reflexes that she could find while taking her time to get to know him.

After clearing his throat, Bruce Wayne said to her the words she never thought to hear, especially considering the way she almost exited his precious cave tonight, “I had to call the Watch Tower and I didn’t want anyone to walk in on my conversation with J’onn and see who I really am beneath my cowl.”

Oh, how quickly she arched her brow at him, as if to say: the League’s business was more important than taking care of business with me?

Sensing the proverbial dog house calling, he quickly tacked on, “If only to make sure that the roster was stacked enough so that no one will disturb us if I planned to have breakfast served to us in bed tomorrow morning.”

Her brow stayed arched, but with a different sentiment behind it this time: you were that concerned with sharing a bagel with me, that you had to call the WatchTower in full attire at three in the morning? Truly, it made sense in the most basic of terms, and yet…

That was his tick: his crazy desire to be precautious when he was apparently becoming smitten.

Just as smitten as she, if Wonder Woman were being as honest with herself as she expected others to be.

It was just as sweet as it was frightening, and it was with that realization that Diana stowed her caution away, lifted Bruce into her arms and returned them both to his bedroom, doing her damnedest not to laugh once again for fear of waking Alfred. After all, he had a feast of breakfast to prepare now that they both had confirmation that their schedules were clear. And given that they had just become friendly again, surely they had renewed energy within them both to enjoy the benefits of their special arrangement, even though there was a sense that they both knew it was not just an arrangement anymore.

 ((Here you go: rom-com WonderBat! In texts that discuss Aphrodite, she is sometimes depicted as exhibiting a ‘lover’s laugh’ – a type of sound that someone who is deliriously happy makes. Since she is the goddess of love, I thought it would make sense to make some sort of reference to her when she is Diana’s patron goddess (currently) in the comics! And yeees, Selina made an appearance! No hate towards her or anything, in case Bruce seemed a little harsh to her here. Hope you enjoyed this silly li’l story and feel free to prompt me again! ~Maiden))

I could not stop laughing!! Lol!! 

Aleatoriamente escolhi você pra perguntar se as minhas falas pra apresentação de um seminário estão boas… ah olha, eu ouvi falar que a festa de fato pareceu bem legal e tudo mais, sei também que quer jogar na minha cara que fiquei em casa me recuperando do meu pé torcido, MAS de qualquer forma agora to de volta e vamos juntxs nas próximas festas, sendo da sua vontade ou não. Anyway Alabama is back vadias!