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Don't Tell Phil!

Summary: Dan comes home drunk and Phil is less than thrilled. 

Genre: Pure fluff

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 1552

A/N: This is just a short fic I wrote based very loosely on something that happened with my sister and her boyfriend and I thought it was v cute so I wrote a fic about it. Enjoy! xx

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I went out to dinner tonight, so here’s a 1.2k established relationship Dean/Cas awkward date fluff ficlet. No spoilers. 


Dean takes Cas out for dinner at the swankiest place in Lebanon.

It’s Sam’s fault. Bitch made the reservation and shoved a scrap of paper in Dean’s hand with the date and time, muttered, “No arguing.” Dean spits curses as he irons his suit, shines his shoes, selects the least offensive tie, picks a damn wildflower that he tucks into Cas’s lapel before they get in the car. 

The restaurant is nice. It’s got white tablecloths and servers that speak in hushed tones and individual corded lamps at each table and frigging ice buckets. Cas is sipping a glass of white wine and trying to look excited about it, bottle chilling at his elbow. 

Dean’s so nervous his palms sweat as he orders whiskey in addition to wine; his heart does a weird, fluttering thing in his chest. He fumbles the menu, drools water onto his dress pants. Cas looks like he just stepped off a GQ cover, as relaxed in a suit and tie as he is in a sweatshirt—dude did spend literally years in a monkey suit. He orders a steak and side salad. Dean stares at the menu’s tiny lettering. It might as well be written in Enochian—he can’t focus—and mumbles “Same” when the waitress clears her throat and lifts an eyebrow to prompt him. 

They don’t talk. Dean’s tie is strangling him; his suit itches. Tinny speakers pump stale elevator music. They should’ve ordered pizza or gone out for burgers instead. Cas pokes through the bread basket, selects a dark roll, and layers it with butter. His cheeks puff out like a chipmunk’s as he eats, and Dean’s got to bite his to compose himself. He shoves bread in his mouth despite his twisting stomach.

It’s a blessing that the salads come out quickly—Dean stuffs his mouth with roughage so he can’t be expected to talk; Sammy’d be proud—but there’s an uncomfortable break while they wait for the main course. Dean wastes it stirring watered-down whiskey with his pinkie and staring out the window. 

“Dean?” Cas says, finally, confused. Of course he’s confused. Dean’s acting like a jackass, but—

“Would you like freshly ground pepper on your steak, sir?” their server asks, bless her timing. Dean’s tipping her twenty percent. 

“Uh, sure,” he mutters and spends too much time spreading the napkin on his lap, smoothing the creases. 

Dean,” Cas says again, meaningfully, several minutes later when both of them are wielding steak knives. Dean’s going to town on a hunk of meat and catches Cas’s eyes over the sea of glassware and silverware and plates that serve no obvious purpose. 

“Huh?” he asks.

“Is something wrong?”

Looking at Cas was a mistake. This whole evening was a freaking mistake. Dean wants nothing more than to hightail it out of here, but he can’t just get up from the table and abandon Cas in the middle of the restaurant, no matter how out of place he feels. Sammy’d kill him for being such a dick. He survived forty years in Hell; he can give this another half hour, so he fits his teeth together, sips his water politely, and swallows.

“No,” he lies, flashing a full-wattage grin. “Why?”

“You seem nervous,” Cas says plainly. “Is it because we’re out in public?”

It’s true they don’t go out much, but not because Dean is ashamed. He’s not. He’d beat the shit outta anyone who looked at them funny. It’s just—he’s never been in this position before. Lisa was the closest he ever got, and they didn’t get this close, not this close. Dean’s fidgeting in his seat and wondering how the hell he’s supposed to do this, what he should say

“We can go,” Cas continues, quieter, focusing on his plate. 

“No, it’s…it’s fine,” Dean insists, setting down his fork and folding his hands together. He rests them on the edge of the table. “This is fine, I just—”

“You’re uncomfortable,” Cas finishes. “We can get the rest to go.” He raises his hand to signal the server.

“Cas, I said it’s fine,” Dean repeats, which makes Cas glower at him.

"Well, you aren’t acting like it,” he says. 

“I got a lot on my mind,” Dean answers lamely and pinches the bridge of his nose to stave off the headache creeping up his temples.

“You can think about it at home,” Cas says and raises his hand higher.

“Put your arm down,” Dean snaps, then immediately softens. “Please. Finish your dinner.”

Cas frowns but drops his arm, lets out a long breath. ”Tell me why you’re acting like this,” he demands.

Christ,” Dean mutters, covering his face with both hands. There’s no point putting this off any longer. This plan of Sammy’s was a disaster from its inception. “I’m trying to figure out how to propose to you, you jackass.”

“Oh,” Cas says calmly, like Dean just commented on the weather. 

“What do you mean, oh?” Dean asks, irritated. Did Cas hear him right? Dean slides his hands down until they support the lower half of his face, and he’s peering at Cas over his fingertips. He’s chewing his steak. 

"I’m sorry,” Cas says once he’s swallowed. “Thank you for clarifying why you’re acting strangely.”

“That’s—that’s seriously all you have to say?” 

"I believe the human custom is to genuflect when you ask,” Cas continues. He dabs his mouth with a napkin and sets it down, straightens in his chair. Dean realizes he’s waiting. 

“I’m not kneeling in the middle of a frigging restaurant,” he says as the blush creeps up his neck. Is it hot in here? It feels hot in here. 

“No?” Cas says. “Alright.”

He pushes his chair back loudly, stands, and comes around to Dean’s side of the table. 

“Cas—” Dean protests, but Cas has already dropped to one knee. 

This isn’t how it’s supposed to go. Dean just needs a little more time to work up the nerve, but Cas regards him expectantly from his position on the floor.

All around them, heads have turned to watch. Servers peek out from the kitchen; conversation has fallen to a whisper. The sudden hush is unsettling—someone even paused the horrible music. At least thirty pairs of eyes are looking at them, but Dean can only stare at Cas and swallow hard.

Cas takes his hand. It’s shaking, belying his confident expression. Oh, god, they’re actually doing this. This is actually happening. He’s gonna kill Sammy.

“Dean Winchester,” Cas begins, but Dean cuts him off. 

“Yes,” he answers quickly, before his heart can beat out of his chest. 

“I didn’t ask anything yet,” Cas reminds him.

“I know,” Dean says. His cheeks are flaming. “Just, I’m sayin’ yes, okay? So, get back in your seat.”

But Cas just grins at him slyly and reaches in his coat pocket. Son of a bitch. This was a setup. 

“God, I hate you guys,” Dean mutters, but he’s got to fight the smile and the stupid bubbly feeling in his chest when Cas produces a damn ring box, pops it open, and the patrons freaking applaud


“Nice plan,” he tells Sam later, swatting him on the back of the head.

“Nice ring,” Sam compliments. “By the way, I call best man.”

doctoranthonystark asked:


12.  things you said when you thought i was asleep

Tony came to bed late.  It was an understood part of their relationship, because, well, mostly because Steve knew there was no point in trying to change it.  Tony stayed up late burning the midnight oil, and he always would.  Steve woke up early, and he always had, even before the army had trained him to get up with the dawn.  It was as much a part of each of them as Tony’s dark hair and Steve’s blond, the different shades of blue in their eyes.  Sometimes, on that rare occasion when he got lucky, Steve would be able to coax Tony to come to bed with him.  Sometimes it involved sex, but less often than you’d think, more often simply warm arms around Tony that were a little too tempting to drag himself away from, or the warm comfort of wrapping himself around Steve’s back, curling his arms around him.  Steve loved that, falling asleep together, feeling Tony there with him as he dropped off, the even rhythms of his breathing comforting, steadying as he skirted the edges of sleep.

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Summary: Dan has an existential crisis during Playlist Live, and Phil saves the day. Featuring OY such as Louise!

“Life is pointless….one day we’re all going to die and everything we’ve accomplished on Earth will be for nothing. What’s the purpose of even living? What am I even doing here?”

Louise grabbed the tall boy by the shoulders. “Dan, snap out of it love!”

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Sherlock’s favorite picture of himself and John isn’t one of the many taken by friends or the media. It’s not even one John knows he has. It’s a very soft “selfie” taken late one night.
Since they started sleeping together, they both always sleep in the nude, enjoying the feel of each others skin. One night, Sherlock came to bed much later than John and found him asleep. He had quietly slipped between the sheets and was just about to turn off the light on the table, when he felt John roll over and drape his arm around Sherlock’s waist, planting a soft kiss between his shoulder blades. Just as quickly as it had happened, John fell back asleep, his lips still pressed to Sherlock’s skin. Sherlock had always wanted to see this moment of affection paid to him, but seeing as he doesn’t have eyes in the back of his head (no matter what some people may think) he obviously can’t. He gently reached for his phone and quickly took a picture.
At least once a day, when he is sure no one is looking, Sherlock pulls up the image. One very peaceful, sleeping John snuggled as close as he can be and one blissfully, happy Sherlock illuminated in the lamp light, proving even the taller person in a relationship can indeed comfortably be the little spoon.

floralobrien asked:

Can you make a Sterek holiday au where stiles' presents for derek is "dick in a box" and hes about to, you know, give it to him when all of a sudden the sheriff walks in and invites them for dinner with the pack

[if you have never seen this snl skit, i reccomend it highly]

Okay, so maybe Stiles is more than a little over-caffeinated and has been listening to “Making Christmas” from the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack on loop while wrapping all the presents for the Beacon Hills Memorial hospital benefit for needy children. So when he finally finishes wrapping the last present, and he gets a text from his husband telling him he’s on his way home, Stiles gets the best idea. They haven’t done anything cheesy and sexy like this since they were dating, so this will be perfect to spice up their marriage a little.

The song is like, years and years old, but it’s still hilarious to him, and he hums the song to himself, cackling to himself.

“Step one,” Stiles sings, grabbing a good-sized box. He holds it up to himself just to see if it’ll work, and he giggles, wrapping it for good measure in some flashy looking red paper, and finds a gaudy looking green bow to go atop it. “You cut a hole in a box." 

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Imagine Person A of your OTP really getting attached by how warm Person B makes the bed when they fall asleep together/cuddle so when Person B comes home from some trip Person A yells at them because their bed was so cold. (x)

The issue, of course, is that Grantaire is hot. No, not attractive (though, admittedly, that is also the case, in Enjolras’ very biased opinion), but hot. His side of the bed is always the warmest, and on the rare occasion that Enjolras is the last in bed he finds himself rolling over into that warmth, stealing Grantaire’s side of the bed until he finally has to get up. Enjolras is not codependent. He can handle Grantaire being away for a few days. What he cannot handle, however, is how cold the bed is without him.

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Late Night Babbles

Summary: Phil often sleep talks. When he does, it’s the highlight of Dan’s night. Cute fluffy (and sleepy) Phan times!

It was three in the morning, but Dan was captivated by the bright glow of his computer screen as he scrolled through tumblr aimlessly. Beside him Phil was fast asleep, one of his arms subconsciously wrapped around Dan’s waist. His gentle breathing was like music to the younger’s ears, it made him feel so calm and relaxed.

Every so often Dan would lean over and press a kiss against Phil’s temple, smiling when the sleeping boy would scrunch up his nose and move closer to him. This happened pretty much every night, because Phil usually always fell asleep first.

“Mmmm…..where r’ they?”

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for takkun:

Derek eyed his phone with disdain when it began to ring, playing some dumb, overplayed bubblegum pop song Stiles insisted should be his ringtone.

“Please don’t tell me you’re still awake,” he answered, not even bothering with a greeting, shivering slightly in the cold.

Stiles laughed a little hysterically. “I’m not awake, who’s awake, what? Not Stiles, Stiles is sleeping, sleeping very calmly in his soft bed of calmne—”

“Stiles,” Derek cut him off smoothly, and Stiles spluttered to a stop, heaving a huge breath inward. “What’s wrong?”

There was a pause on the line, and Derek glanced down quickly at the map in his hands.

“I can’t seem to finish this paper, it’s going on forever,” Stiles admitted, hitting his head on the wall with a soft thud as he leant back from where he was hunched over his laptop. “I’m just tired all the time. I miss home,” he trailed off, before he lowered his voice to a near-whisper and added, “And I miss you.”

“I miss you too,” Derek whispered back softly, his throat working as he swallowed. “Look, finals are nearly over, and then you can come home, okay?”

“And then I leave again after three weeks,” Stiles sighed. “Maybe New York is too far away, it’s not too late to apply for a transfer…”

Derek rubbed his eyes. “You love it in New York, I know you do.”

“But I don’t know if it’s worth it any more,” Stiles said quietly and Derek eyed the door he had stopped in front of. “Derek?” Stiles asked quietly, when Derek didn’t answer.

“Open your door.”

“What?” Stiles’ voice had gone confused and Derek rolled his eyes, a fond smile on his face.

“Open. Your. Door,” he repeated slowly, and hung up. There was silence for a few moments before he could hear Stiles yelp as he tripped over what was probably his old clothes on the floor in his haste to get to the door. Derek could hear the hesitation in Stiles as he floundered behind the door for a few moments, before he took a deep breath and threw it open.

“Derek,” Stiles breathed in disbelief and Derek tilted his head, smiling softly at him. “God, I’m so glad you’re here,” he murmured, throwing his arms around Derek’s waist and snuffling tiredly into his shoulder. “I probably smell disgusting,” he said, his voice muffled by Derek’s t-shirt and Derek turned his head to drop a kiss to the top of Stiles’ head.

“Takeout, stale Cheetos and frustration,” Derek shrugged easily, pushing Stiles back inside with his body so he could shut the door behind him. “You still smell like you though,” Derek lowered his head to sniff under Stiles’ ear and hid a smile in Stiles’ skin when the younger boy whined, hands scrabbling at Derek hips.

“When did you get in?”

“Few hours ago. Would’ve been awkward if you tried to call and I couldn’t pick up, huh,” Derek observed turning Stiles around to press him gently against the closed door. “S’good to see you,” he admitted quietly, nosing along his neck to nip across his jawline before rubbing his mouth over Stiles’.

Stiles didn’t even say anything, just slid his hands up to pull Derek that one inch closer, kissing him as softly and as sweetly as he knew how. “Thank you for coming to surprise me,” he whispered, pulling back just enough that they were sharing breaths. “That was really sweet. I, uh, I really needed it.”

“I was debating whether to come over tonight when I heard about your paper,” Derek admitted, his fingers teasing underneath the hem of his shirt, the touch not anything sexual, just warm and familiar. “But I figure you needed a little push of motivation.”

“I’ll finish it as soon as I can, I promise.”

“When’s it due?” Derek asked, his eyebrow raised and Stiles grinned against his mouth briefly before nipping Derek’s bottom lip.

“Tomorrow night,” he winked and Derek squeezed his hips.

“No, you’re not getting any tonight,” Derek said, snorting at the way Stiles’ expression fell.

“Why else are you here then?” he whined, and Derek pushed Stiles away, crossing his arms over his chest mock angrily.

“Are you only using me for my body?”

“Yeah, well, obviously,” Stiles scoffed and waggled his eyebrows, even as he let Derek push him into the direction of his bed. “Do I win? Will you take your clothes off yet?”

Derek shook his head. “Cuddles, or nothing,” he said and Stiles pouted. “You need your sleep,” he explained and Stiles sighed but didn’t disagree, pulling his shirt off and flopping down onto his bed, watching Derek shimmy out of his clothes.

“And then after I finish my paper?” he asked, shifting forward so Derek had space to curl up behind him, his breath tickling the hairs on his nape.

Derek’s grin against his naked shoulder was answer enough.

u can do it bby.

sterekstilinski-hale asked:

The saviour of my life, the Angels of the world, the goddesses of tumblr, could you pretty please with ice cream, whipped cream and Nutella on top recommend a few super fluffy mpreg Sterek were Stiles is pregnant and the story continues afterwards with the life as parents and such? Just craving it 😩 Oh and by the way? Did I mention that I love you like the most? Well I do.

Yo sterekstilinski-hale! We have some fics for you! Kudos to the lovely, amazing, totally awesome ScruffySterek, who helped us with this list! She kicked ass. :D

Snowflakes and Snowmen by HaleStilinski

(2,254 I General I Complete)

Derek is so happy to have Stiles. Stiles is happy to have Derek. They had two children, one on the way. Mpreg but no smut. I suck at smut and I also suck at writing summaries, gonna stop now. Enjoy!

These Little Things, They’re the Best of Me by malleablecreatures

(2,392 I Not Rated (Angsty Says: General) I Complete)

These were his babies. They were he and Derek’s babies and he didn’t know he could love something so much.
“I like them more than Star Wars,” He said.

Operation Mango Series by malleablecreatures

(total of 2,501 General I Probably Complete)

He never thought he would see Derek look so open and vulnerable, so hopeful for something. Then again, he never expected officially bonding with a werewolf was more than just a sentimental thing– like people with wedding vows. He didn’t know it would slightly alter him so that he could be hit with ‘surprise! There’s a baby on board’.

Christmas and/or Birthdays by howl-to-the-wind (greenleaf)

(2,840 I Teen I Complete)

“Baby!” Dylan squealed, small hands reaching out to the screen. Derek had to keep a hand around him lest he dived for it.
“Ready, steady, Dill Pickle,” Stiles said.
“I can’t wait to meet him, Papa,” Dylan said, waving at the screen. “Hi, Tyler!”
Derek felt his heart melt at the sight. He glanced at Stiles, who was smiling widely.
Derek leaned over and kissed his husband’s cheek. “I can’t wait to meet him too.”

Numbers in Life by FairyNiamh

(2,935 I Teen I Complete)

Stiles remembers the milestones in his life with number.

Let Me Take Care of You by LillianDeLooney

(3,434 I Mature I Complete I De-Aged!Stiles)

Stiles is six months pregnant with Derek’s babies when his mate gets home as a teenager, somehow having gotten de-aged again. Their mate bond is still strong, however, and all Derek wants to do is take care of Stiles…

We’re Expecting by tearsandholdme

(7,045 I Mature I Complete)

Where Stiles is pregnant with a werewolf baby and decides to tell Derek in the most creative ways possible.
It doesn’t exactly go as planned.

The Adventures of a Pregnant Werewolf Series by Macyown5

(total of 10,643 I General-Teen Probably Complete)

He bent down and kissed and nipped at his neck as he let out a simple “Hey beautiful.”
Derek snorted. “More like fat piglet than beautiful.”
Or the one where Derek is pregnant with his and Stiles first child and it’s super fluffy and adorable.

Stilinski-Hale Family Series by castiel52

(total of 15,884 I Teen-Mature I Probably Complete)

Fuck. That was the only thing running through Stiles mind as he stared, wide eyed, at the pregnancy test (which shouldn’t have worked for him in the first place because, hello, he’s a dude?). But there, right there is a freaking positive.

What To Expect When You’re Expecting (A Litter of Sourwolf Puppies) by Brego_Melon_Nin

(17,422 I Explicit I Complete) 

The Sheriff sighs and plops down in a chair opposite his son.
“Stiles, I’m going crazy here. We need to get you to a doctor. You sleep like you’re trying to get into the Guinness Book of World Records, and your eating habits are bizarre! You vomit around the clock and for some reason only the tea your mother used when she was pregnant will get your stomach to settle down for any length of time. Is there something you aren’t telling me? Can werewolves get guys pregnant? I’ve noticed how you look at that Hale kid-”
Stiles meeps and flails, sloshing tea down his front. Luckily it’s not scalding anymore, but still hot, so he jumps up and wrenches his shirt off.
“God, dad, no! Guys can’t get pregnant, that’s ridiculous, it’s like…”
“Like werewolves being real?” his dad questions, deadpan.

Wolf Pack Series by RivanWarrioress

(total of 28,101 I Teen-Mature I WIP I Alpha/Beta/Omega)

Stiles is heavily pregnant with Derek’s pups, and is both looking forward to and dreading their arrival. Takes place in an AU where Scott died pre season 1, Danny and Stiles are best friends, and Isaac, Jackson and Lydia don’t exist. You’ll figure it out.

Mr. Sourwolf and Family Series by LPM

(total of 31,476 I Teen-Explicit I Probably Complete)

Derek Hale is unaccustomed to children… or, where Stiles has a kid and Derek doesn’t know what to do with himself when he falls in love.

Mr. Mom Series by FirreFlys

(total of 37,742 I General-Teen I WIP)

“Yeah. It’ll be great. I can take naps and catch up on what is on tv these days. I can do this for a bit. And we’ll save some cash on day care. It’ll only be a month or so.” Derek kisses Stiles back and the two turnout the lights and go to sleep.
or the one where Derek gets fired and he ends up becoming a stay at home dad.

You’ll Be Mine and I’ll Be Yours by tearsandholdme

(87,383 I Mature I Complete)

“Oh my god!” Stiles hissed, his back colliding with the door. “Oh my god! I slept with my boss, oh my god. I’m a walking cliché!”
It was supposed to be a one night stand. No complications, no feelings, no baggage. But then a missed doctor’s appointment in his childhood comes back to haunt him and Stiles is left with a lot more than one very good night.

I’m With You Til The End by tearsandholdme

(106,587 I Mature I Complete) 

Stiles has a secret and a choice. Derek is the one to step in and become the salvation he never knew he needed.

Enjoy (and thanks again to ScruffySterek!)!

ScruffySterek and Angsty


You Set My Soul Alight

Word count: 828

Summary: Punk!Phil and artist!Dan, in which Dan designs Phil’s tattoos and paints his back.

Genre: fluff

A/N: what do u mean i have 7 prompts and a v v late sequel to write??? inspired by this lovely piece of phanart i saw. also wow im so sry abt the lame title?? im so bad im sry

Phil had done many intimate things with Dan, but the most intimate were the tattoos. Before he met Dan, all of his tattoos had represented something important to him, but his tattoos since he’d met Dan were more than that. He would design them with Dan’s help- infinitely easier than if when he tried designing them with tattoo artist, Dan understood him so well- and then someone else would tattoo it on his skin. Dan’s artwork on his skin, forever.

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yetanotherobsessivereader asked:

I was wondering if you could help me find a Sterek fic that I read and really loved cos it left my heart a bleeding mess on the floor. Stiles gets addicted to an online game and spends so much time playing it that he forgets his and Derek's anniversary. Derek buys a red velvet cake hoping to surprise stiles, but stiles doesn't even come home. So Derek sends the cake to him at Scott's house. When stiles comes home in a panic, Derek has started clearing Stiles's stuff from the living room. Thanks!

  • untitled by ljummen (Not Rated, 2k)  When Derek comes home from work, Stiles is sleeping on his couch, fully dressed and his back bent in an odd angle that really can’t feel good. For a moment, Derek’s heart warms, but then he notices the screen on Stiles’ computer and sighs. It’s not that Derek wants to keep Stiles from doing things he likes, or having fun. It’s that Stiles’ new game has completely taken over his life. And, by extension, Derek’s, too.

also another fic that is very hot and cute! and has stiles addicted to videogames!! not what you were looking for but i’m reccing it to you anyways

  • Derek Institutes a A Bedtime by literaryoblivion (E, 2k) After a month of going to bed alone, Derek has had enough.“A bedtime?” Stiles asks, brow furrowed and face unbelieving.Derek gives a firm nod, arms crossed in front of him as he stands in front of Stiles, in a worn tank top and sweatpants. He knows Stiles is going to brush this whole thing off and think Derek’s being ridiculous, but when he finds out the consequences, he’ll learn.
Strangers on a Bus Ch. 4/4

This was originally just supposed to be three chapters but I didn’t want to let the universe go just yet so this happened.  It’s basically just 3,300 (good God) words of domestic fluff.
Chapters I, II, and III

Clarke was pretty sure that she had never been this nervous in her life.  Not when she took the SAT, not when she gave her valedictorian speech at her high school graduation, not when she opened her first acceptance letter from med school.

She was standing in the arrivals area of Boston Logan Airport’s Terminal A waiting for the arrival of JetBlue flight 118 from New York’s JFK.  Bellamy’s flight.

It was the first time she’d seen him since he, Octavia, and Lincoln dropped her off at the bus terminal the day after Octavia’s wedding four months ago so Clarke could go back to school.  She’d missed him violently ever since and had been counting down the days to this moment ever since he’d booked his flight (at an extremely low price thanks to his flight attendant cousin).

She anxiously checked the flight arrival board for what had to be the hundredth time.  There was a slow but steady trickle of people coming out out the sliding doors but apparently his flight hadn’t landed yet.  It was late, which she had known already of course because she’d been religiously checking her flight tracker app all day (sue her, she’d missed him).

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more than you bargained for (but everything you’ll ever need)
one direction | ~27,000 words | harry/liam/louis, harry/liam

The moment Louis Tomlinson walks in the door, Liam wants to say,
No, absolutely not.

From Louis’ CV, Liam knows Louis isn’t that much older than himself. However, where Liam’s just made it home from a ridiculously busy day at work, pressed trousers and a perfectly tied knot still in his tie, Louis has got on a pair of scuffed Vans, wicked tight jeans rolled up at the ankle, and a light jumper with a giant jack-o-lantern on it. It makes Liam’s head ache just looking at it.

Harry loves him.

Or; Harry’s seven months pregnant, Liam’s boss is too demanding, and Louis Tomlinson ends up being more important than they ever thought possible.

@AO3 for thewrongshoes/cloudlessclimes in the One Direction Holiday Exchange 2014.
Header by the wonderful wearecities.

Another Accident

Summary: Sometimes Phil’s clumsiness worries Dan more than it entertains him. 

Phil had managed to unintentionally injure himself once again.

Today had been an unplanned cleaning day. Upon going into the bathroom for a shower in the morning, Phil had become aware of how messy it was starting to get. Queue the start of him cleaning the cluttered sink area, then the shower itself, and finally the toilet.

But since that had got him into a cleaning mood, he didn’t stop there. A freshly awaken Dan had found him thirty minutes later in the kitchen, busily cleaning out all of the cabinets and dusting off the mugs and dishes.

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for all my retail peeps~~

“That’s it, I’m done,” Stiles fumed, slamming the door shut behind him. Derek popped his head to peer at him from around the doorway to the kitchen and raised his eyebrow at Stiles who was muttering angrily to himself as he stripped off his scarf, overcoat and two jumpers, his cheeks ruddy from the cold. “What?” he snapped when he looked up to see Derek staring at him.

Derek shrugged. “Nothing, just glad you’re home. Hot chocolate?” he offered, disappearing from Stiles’ sight to grab the “I flunked Anger Management” mug Stiles had gotten him for his birthday, smiling a little to himself at the irony.

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They don’t always need words. There are things they do, that need no words just understanding. A look, a nod, and they’ve agreed to die together. That was how it started. Now, it’s the simpler things, but no less important than that nod.

Sherlock walks up to John’s chair, a look on his face and John sets aside his newspaper. Sherlock settles on the floor, between John’s legs, and hands him the soft brush. John slowly, carefully, begins to brush out the curls. Soft hair between the bristles, firm scalp beneath his fingers, and the tension in Sherlock’s shoulders starts to melt away. No sounds issue from either man besides a soft sigh and the rhythmic sound of John pulling the brush through Sherlock’s hair. Sherlock’s eyes are closed but he can sense when John’s lips are near, warm and soft they place a gentle kiss on his neck and Sherlock leans further into the safe square John’s legs make. John smiles and continues, setting the brush aside, to just run his fingers through Sherlock’s curls. Sherlock’s mind slows to just the sensation of John and their wordless reviere.

You Matter to Me

Summary: Phil’s tired of living in everyone else’s shadow.

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 3465 

A/N: This took an eternity and a day to write omg. So anyway I kind of based this off of mine and my best friend’s relationship so I’m like really passionate about this and worked really on it so I hope you like it. Enjoy! xx

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