established couple

*Todd and Dirk at a party in 10 years time, holding hands*

Random person: So how did you guys meet?
Todd: He broke into my house and I tried to kill him
Random person: ….
Dirk: *sniffing* So romantic

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drarry prompt: harry proposing to draco, but because of draco’s serious lack of self esteem he thinks that harry’s proposal is a joke. once harry confirms that he really does want to spend the rest of his life with draco, draco breaks down crying because he thinks that he’s a death eater and doesnt deserve love. draco ends up saying yes after much hesitation and they spend the rest of the day cuddling. (idk something ive been thinking of for awhile)

I must say that I enjoyed writing with this prompt, so thank you @dj-enderz! I hope I managed to write it in the way you wanted. Also as I started writing this while listening to a song that inspired the subtitles, I dare you to figure out whose song it is. The first one who answers this correctly gets mentioned in the post with the third part of Silver Eyes.


Step With Me

Step 1 – Come a Little Closer

It’s a cold Saturday morning and Draco has convinced Harry to play chess with him. That’s how they ended up sitting on the floor, in front of a lit-up fireplace, playing a game and having fun. It’s Draco’s turn and while he tries to decide what his next move will be, Harry observes him. He notices how Draco’s eyebrows are furrowed and the way he bites his bottom lip. The nose that Harry has always been just a bit obsessed with is slightly scrunched up and as he notices these things, his heart swells up with love for the boy in front of him. They’ve been together for quite a while now and more than once Harry had imagined them being together forever. And this moment is one of those as well. Harry’s mind fills up with images of them growing old together, raising children or just spending quiet time next to each other.

Overwhelmed with these thoughts, Harry suddenly jumps up and runs to their shared bedroom. He hears Draco’s surprised yell behind him as he asks where Harry is going. But Harry ignores him and pulls open the bottom drawer of his nightstand. Taking a small box out, he slowly returns back to the living room.

Draco looks up and tilts his head. “Where’d you go?”
Harry runs his hands through his hair looks down. “Can you come a little closer?” he asks and meets Draco’s eyes. Draco looks at him in suspicion but stands up and steps closer to Harry.

Step 2 – Rest Upon my Shoulder

Harry takes Draco’s hand in his and pulls him even closer. Draco stumbles slightly and Harry chuckles. Draco shots him an angry look that causes Harry to laugh even more.
“I still don’t know what’s going on here,” Draco huffs and Harry gives him a gentle smile.
“You know I love you, right?”
Draco flushes red and mumbles something under his breath. It isn’t the first time Harry has said these words so casually but Draco still acts all surprised and embarrassed when he hears them. “I know you do, and I love you too, you dork.”

Harry chuckles again and kisses Draco. The kiss is gentle and slow and first but soon turns a bit more rough and passionate. Draco pulls back after a while, his cheeks still flushed red, and looks into Harry’s green eyes. Warmth spreads inside Draco and those green eyes brighten just for him. Harry hugs him and Draco leans his head upon Harry’s shoulder. Draco inhales the familiar scent of Harry’s that he has grown to love over the months. Everything seems perfect to Draco as he has those strong arms wrapped around him and tears start forming in his eyes. He blinks them away and takes a deep breath to calm down. Draco always finds himself being emotional when Harry showers him with gentle touches and affection. He closes his eyes and just listens to the light sounds the burning wood makes in the fireplace.

Step 3 – I’m Calling You Baby

Harry tightens his arms around Draco for a second and then releases him from the hug. Draco quickly feels cold but doesn’t comment on it.
“Draco…” Harry starts and Draco meets his eyes in an instant.
“Harry…” Draco teases him lightly, trying to make the atmosphere a bit lighter.
“Listen, baby. I’ve got to ask you something.”

Draco tenses at that. Harry rarely calls him ‘baby’ and usually only when he wants to discuss something serious concerning their relationship. And the way Harry fumbles with something in his hands and tries to avoid eye contact every few seconds, makes Draco even more suspicious and concerned.
“What is it?” Draco asks with a tone so cold that he immediately feels bad about. Harry looks at him with a hurt expression but quickly hides it.
“It’s just… I’ve been thinking…” Harry starts nervously.
“Go on,” Draco encourages him to continue even though dread settles in his stomach.
“Well…” Harry gulps and slowly lowers himself down onto one knee.

Step 4 – We Can Get Married

Draco’s heart stops beating when Harry opens a small black box and a simple, silver ring appears in front of Draco’s eyes.
“Will you marry me, Draco?”

Everything stops for a moment and Draco is lost at words. But then his anxiety and insecurities kick in. “You’re joking, aren’t you? This is just a way to get me to break it off with you, isn’t it?

Hurt flashes through Harry’s face and he stands up. He once again takes Draco’s hand into his and squeezes it reassuringly. “I love you, Draco. And I can assure you that I’m completely serious about this. I’ve been thinking of it for a while now, and I realized that you’re the only one I can imagine spending the rest of my life with.”

Draco lowers his head as tears gather in his eyes. “Why would you want me? A Death Eater?” His voice breaks and his legs give out as tears start overflowing. Harry gathers him into his arms and holds him tights as Draco sobs heavily. “I don’t deserve love and I definitely don’t deserve you, Harry.” He manages to say through his sobs and shivers.

Step 5 – Top it with a Cherry

Harry rubs Draco’s back as he guides him to the sofa. They sit down and Draco slowly calms down.
“Draco,” Harry starts and tilts Draco’s chin up with his finger. “You’re an amazing person and the actions of your past, which weren’t even something you chose to do, are not important to me and they shouldn’t be important to anyone. They don’t define you for who you really are.”

Draco opens his mouth to say something but Harry shushes him gently. “I’m not finished yet. The thing is, Draco, I know who you really are. You’re someone who does anything to make me smile even when the cases at work are horrible and I’m feeling down because of that. You’re the one who holds me tight when nightmares keep me awake at night. And you’re the one who is meant for me, I just know it. So please, don’t doubt my love for you. I truly do love you and I want nothing more than to marry you.”

Tears gather in Draco’s eyes again but this time they’re not sad tears. He pulls Harry into a long and passionate kiss, then mutters a “yes” before kissing him again.

Step 6 – As Good as it Gets

Harry is happy, he really is. And so is Draco. They spend the rest of their day on the sofa, cuddling and talking about everything and nothing at the same time. Draco admires the simple engagement ring that now proudly rests on his left ring finger. Harry pulls Draco closer whenever for some reason they find themselves more apart than they want and kisses are obviously a must during that time. Everything seems as good as it could get after such an emotional day. And not even noticing the time and place around them, they slowly drift to sleep in each other’s arms.

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Here. Look at Derek’s face. That’s the moment he realizes this kid, this Stiles person, actually means something to him. Derek has no idea who he is to his older self, but it suddenly became clear why he felt so compelled to trust the hyperactive spaz of a boy, in the first place, right off the bat.

Derek had just lost everything or, at least, had just been reminded of it all. And he hadn’t recognized the short hair, whiskey honey eyes and ivory skin. But Derek opened up to him like he would to… He didn’t know, a family member? A friend? A… lover? Was this kid his boyfriend? Partner? Husband? Derek didn’t know. And, the more time he spent with Stiles, the more frustrated he felt that his memories weren’t coming back.

Then, Stiles drove him to his apartment. Rather, the apartment his older self lived in. He was sad to realize there wasn’t much to help him understand the person he would become. Derek touched the books he couldn’t remember buying, frowned at finding the Camaro keys on the counter. He had never wanted a Camaro, it really surprised him that he had one now. There were no pictures on the walls and the place smelled clean, lacking everything that should make that apartment his home. It honestly looked like he didn’t even live there.

Well, lacked almost everything. Because Stiles was there and the apartment smelled like him already. And he seemed to know the place like the back of his hand, if the scent of Adderall and hazelnut coffee wasn’t enough to tell the wolf just how much Stiles stopped by. Derek watched as the human walked into the kitchen, grabbing himself a beer from his fridge. A Bud, of all brands.

“When was it that I started drinking that?” Derek lifted his gaze when Stiles chuckled, resting against the counter before taking another long gulp from the long neck bottle.

“You keep them here for me, actually” Stiles answered, hand on the back of his neck after settling the bottle down on the sink countertop behind him “In case I want one whenever I come over. You don’t spend a lot of time here either, these days, but it’s a safe Heaven, I suppose”

“Does it happen often? You coming over?” Derek asked, frowning slightly when Stiles looked sad, all out of a sudden, his scent not as sweet as before.

“More often now then it used to, I guess” Stiles shrugged “You’ve been helping me cope with something and, well… yeah, quite often”

Derek huffed, resting against the counter opposite from Stiles’, arms crossed across his chest. He had this feeling his body shouldn’t be this small, sure that he had grown buff after getting older. Derek’s mind felt foggy, like there was someone keeping his head underwater and his lungs burned, begging for air. And Stiles didn’t help. Derek felt like a moth drawn to a flame, like this kid in front of him should have all the answers, but, instead, the haze only grew thicker, whatever spell he was under really didn’t want him to remember Stiles.

“Kind of hard to think I could ever help anyone get over anything” Derek chuckled bitterly, eyes on the floor as he stared at his sneakers “Especially not like this”

“Let’s just say I fucked up big time and I felt comfortable and welcomed enough that I came to you when it got too much, like really fucking bad” Derek looked up into those honey eyes, feeling the air getting knocked right out of his lungs, no ground beneath his feet.

I love him. I love this kid. That’s what the feeling inside his chest was. It was love, huge and five times more overwhelming than it had ever been for him. And Derek hadn’t thought he could ever feel this for someone, something so wild and untamed as love.

And fuck, Stiles was right there, waiting. Desperate for Derek to remember him. Desperate to reach for him, touch his skin like Derek was sure they had already done multiple times. He could almost feel it, if he focused hard enough. How Stiles’ hand seemed to fit perfectly in his, how their bodies had already loved each other, over and over again. And Derek wanted to remember him so badly he stepped closer, the boy’s breath hitching softly as he did so.

“What are we?” Derek mumbled, close enough for Stiles to feel the warmth from his werewolf body. Stiles looked down, his brain coming back blank for the first time in a really long time “I know we are something and it’s driving me fucking crazy that I can’t remember, so, please, tell me”

“Derek…” Stiles’ mouth opened and closed. And Derek licking his lips as his eyes came down to catch the movement wasn’t helping the human formulate sentences, let alone search for a good way to explain their years of history.

“I’m your Anchor” Stiles whispered, waiting for the surprised look that never washed over Derek’s face. Instead, the wolf took another step, Stiles’ swallowing thickly around the lump in his throat when the wolf reached for the counter behind him, circling his waist and keeping him locked in place. They were so close all Stiles had do was lean forward two inches and kiss him. And fuck, he wanted to. But he wouldn’t, refused even. He needed Derek back to his normal age or for this Derek to remember him on his own “Maybe not now, but yours, when you’re older”

“I figured as much” Derek breathed Stiles in, the smell of coffee and peppermint enough to send his senses into overdrive. Was he already used to this? Or did Stiles always drive him insane like this? “With the crazy amount of things I’m feeling for your right now, I was right to assume you had settled as my Anchor”

“Do you remember how it happened?”

Derek wasn’t sure if the image that was brought up by his brain was his imagination, a memory or a dream. But he recognized looking down at his own hands and could remember Stiles keeping him afloat, out of danger.

“Was it a dream?” And Stiles fucking smiled at him. Stiles smiled and Derek knew he was fucked. Maybe it was because he was already in love with this kid years from now, but this had to be the fastest anyone had ever fallen in love, hard and carelessly. One smile and Derek was so gone on Stiles it honestly was pathetic.

“Yes, you dreamed about me” Stiles hand gripped the counter tightly, something Derek didn’t miss. He wanted Stiles to touch him and, if they were this close, Derek knew there had to be a reason for his distance “But it wasn’t a dream, not really”

“That makes absolutely no sense, Stiles” Derek groaned, rolling his eyes. Given how Stiles laughed, it was probably a common practice in their relationship.

“It does to us” Stiles bit his lip, looking at Derek for what felt like the first time long, painful minutes. His voice was nothing but a whisper but it was enough to make his wolf come out, a howl not at all contained inside his chest.

“Tell me there is an us” Derek whispered, hands almost breaking the marble from the counter behind the boy “Tell me I’m not wasting time when I could be with you”

“There is an us” Derek closed his eyes, feeling something finally settle inside his being, the wolf calmer immediately. Stiles bit his lip again, watching as Derek took long breaths, his biceps flexed as he braced himself against the counter “Took a really fucking long time, but there’s an us, yes”

“Am I stupid or something?” Stiles threw his head back, unable to resist laughing at Derek’s words. And Derek smiled, falling madly in love with the sound as soon as he heard it, memorizing it.

“That’s up for debate, Der” Stiles sighed, wanting to touch Derek so bad he almost passed out, the need to feel his skin again was so much bigger than anything that could fit inside his body that Stiles almost passed right out “But we’ve been through a lot, you and I and I guess we just wanted to be in the best place possible before diving head first. We didn’t want to ruin our chance”

“Are we in that place already?”

“Things didn’t go according to that plan” Derek wanted to make that sour scent of sadness disappear from Stiles, the air getting heavier as the boy continued to stare straight into his soul “I let something really fucking bad take over my body and I did a lot of unforgivable things, but you never judged me, not even once. When I showed up on your doorstep, drunk, after downing a whole bottle of sleeping pills, it was then that we got together”

“Wait, that’s our love story? We got together because you tried to kill yourself?!” Stiles gasped when the counter shattered behind him, Derek’s arm around his waist as the wolf pulled him away from the marble, large pieces of the material falling to the floor. Stiles’ hands were on his chest, the two of them staring into each other’s eyes.

“We got together because you took none of my bullshit, like I never did with yours” Stiles whispered, unable to stop himself. His hand fisted Derek’s shirt, the other running its fingers through his hair “There was always attraction between us, Derek, but love only happened much later. I tried to kill myself because I felt alone and guilty. But you shoved your fingers down my throat and made me throw it all up and, at first, I thought you would’ve understood that I just couldn’t take it anymore. I hated you for keeping me alive, but all you did was kiss me, after I woke up. You prepared me a bath, made me breakfast and told me you loved me, over and over, until I was convinced you loved me, just as wildly as I love you”


“It’s not always easy, as you probably already noticed” Stiles chuckled, sniffing, trying to keep the tears at bay “My hot, big bad wolf, Alpha boyfriend is stuck in his fifteen year old body, with absolutely no memory of who I am. But we go a day at a time, that’s how we’ve managed to survive this long”

“How long have we been a thing?” Derek whispered, taking the last step towards Stiles, the boy gasping softly when Derek placed his leg in between Stiles’, hands holding onto his waist so tight Stiles has no choice but to hug Derek back, just as tight.

“Three and a half years” Stiles smiled when Derek’s eyes grew wide, staring at him dumbfounded under the pale lights of their kitchen “We’ve known each other for five, but after the Nogitsune, we’ve…”

“I forgot three and a half years with you?” Derek mumbled, his brain, finally catching up with what Stiles had said “I… Was I… Am I a good boyfriend? If we’re together this long then you probably know about Paige and K…”

“I do, but we’re different” Stiles’ thumb caressed Derek’s cheek, smiling at the wolf “We’ve both been hurt and we loved each other far too much to ever do anything we didn’t think we were ready for. My love and respect for you, Derek, knows no limits and, that morning, you proved to me just how much you loved me too, with words and well, long hours on that very bed, worshipping me”

Derek felt himself smiling at his lover, biting his lip at Stiles’ fingers in his hair pulling tight at the strands, making him moan deep inside his throat. Stiles smiled, but didn’t move. He wanted Derek to make the first move, wanted him to choose where to go next.

“Fuck, I need to remember you, baby” Derek whispered, his hands gripping Stiles so tight there would be bruises on his skin the next day. And Stiles loved the marks Derek left on him “What if I don’t?”

“Then I guess I’ll just have to make you fall in love with me all over again” Stiles smiled, arms circled around Derek’ shoulders, moving his hips slowly, grinding against the wolf’ body.

Derek smirked, gasping, jaw slack at the friction, squeezing Stiles close against his body.

“Oh, baby…”

When Stiles woke up the next day, he nearly fell off the bed. There his boyfriend was, in all his 29 year old glory, resting on one elbow, muscled pecs flexed as he smiled down at a sleepy Stiles. And Stiles purred like a kitten, smiling as he let Derek pull him closer, arm around his waist, bringing their bodies closer together on the bed that had been once again witness to their love and how it could transcend the barriers of time.

valentine's day
  • draco: here, potter, i wrote this for you.
  • harry:
  • harry: draco, this is about death.
  • draco: yes, well, i started out writing a love poem and it became a poem about death.
  • harry:
  • harry: happy valentine's day, draco. it's wonderful.
Forever at Odds: Part 2~Forever out of Place

So after some encouragement from @wherethereissmoak and @tdgal1 I’ve chosen to take the weekly Olicity Hiatus Fic-a-thon prompts and, use them to continue this fic. It should be fun challenge so thanks again to @thebookjumper for organizing this weekly event! 

So here’s my entry for this week’s prompt Out of place! 

Read it here or on AO3

Part 2~ Forever out of place

“I can’t believe you sold me like a common whore,” Felicity roared as the doors behind her slammed darkly.

Her mother’s ice cold eyes sneered at her daughter’s chosen defiance. She crossed the room and, reached for the only book Felicity had ever bothered to read more than once from cover to cover. The aged leather binding cracked beneath her mother’s skillful hands. “We have a job to do or have you forgotten the vow you took when you turned eighteen?” her mother warned almost somberly as she threw the book towards the center of the oval shaped room. The red and, black curtains whipped about the walls while the elder witch used the still air of the stale room to create a funnel at the base of the dome shaped ceiling. 

Felicity watched unimpressed while her mother swept her hands wildly until the funnel cloud began to take it’s cylindrical shape. The book remained frozen at the center of the cyclone hovering innocently while a foolish woman used her gifts to throw a tantrum.

“If you think I’m going to be scared into agreeing you’ve forgotten I’m next in line,” Felicity snarled as her own fingers flew towards the raging storm.

Her mother’s eyes darkened, “Yes next…” she growled before she forced the invented storm to rage outwards towards her daughter’s waiting form.

Felicity blocked the deadly lightning strike with a flick of her beautiful blue eyes. Donna’s lips fell in shock when Felicity then raised her outstretched palms and cried darkly towards the turbulence above their hands, “ENOUGH!” The roaring thunder and drizzling rain vanished. The dark hardwood boards of the ceiling returned to view as the elder blonde stood before her daughter flummoxed.

“How?” she mouthed a bit proudly.

Felicity tilted her head towards her outstretched hand, the hovering book flew towards her waiting fingers. Her satisfied smile grew when she innocently replied, “Some books I didn’t need to read more than once…”

Donna’s frozen eyes began beaming with un-caged pride. “You do understand what we have to gain don’t you? You’ll be apart of history if I succeed.”

Felicity shrugged while she calmly flipped through the aged pages of a book that had been around since the first union between a vampire and, a witch was ever used as a tactic to protect human life. “You and I are the last of the original bloodline mother. We’re the only ones who remember the original pact that the Queen’s made when they first ventured towards our sleepy little hamlet. I’m also the only one that knows you’ve secretly been killing off the other clans for hundreds of years.”

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Sickeningly Sweet and Sticky

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Sickeningly Sweet and Sticky

Rocket Raccoon x Reader


It was Rocket’s birthday and you baking him a hand made cake. The cake came out perfect it was (favorite flavor).

“Now to draw him into the cake with icing!”

Long story short you had to throw away several cakes because Rocket was hard to draw…in general… HIS DUMB CUTE FACE, SO HARD TO DRAW!!!
You’ve had been going out with him for a while and he told everyone he didn’t want to celebrate but you at least wanted to give him a cake…does he even like cake…?
You took the finished cake to Rocket’s room and knocked on his door.

“It’s open!” You heard him call from behind the door.

You walked in and let out a “happy birthday!”
Which resulted in a look that said “what the fuck is that in your hands?”

“It’s a cake, humans have cakes on their birthdays! I made it myself! I thought you might like it?”
“I thought I told you guys I didn’t want anything to do with-!”
“One slice! Then we can forget about it!”

He grumbled complains as you cut him a slice then hand it to him. He sniffs it at first then takes a small bite. The look was priceless, his eyes went wide, his tail and ears straight up then he shoves the slice into his face.

A muffled “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!?!” is heard from him.
You just laugh, he perks and casually lifts his head and acts like that didn’t just happen.
“It’s uh, good. Thanks.”
“You got icing on your cheek…” You lick it away with a victorious smirk.
“I can get a different type of icing on you if you’re that into it…”
“I think Star crunch wanted me something after I gave the cake, so later…” You leave hearing him whine and complain about leaving him like this, oh you know you’re gonna get it later but that was too cute.

Rocket found the trashed cakes and was eating them in the middle of the night.

“Hey is that cake?” Peter asks.
“Yep, (Y/N) made me some.” Rocket replies happily as it somehow strokes his ego.
“Oh wow! I didn’t know (Y/N) could bake! I love cake can I have a-HEY!!!!”

Peter was cut off as Rocket quickly stuffed the rest into his mouth. All 99% of it…he already ate the 1%. Now the Rocket was attempting to hide all the cakes away from Peter…and to this very day no one (unless it was their birthday) can get a slice of cake without the rest being completely gone within seconds…cupcakes had to become a thing so Rocket would share…even then…it had become a race. All because you made a cake for your boyfriend. God you love that Raccoon!

(I blame my new friend for this! We got talking about Rocket then she showed me a Cupcake and then this happened! XD Said friend is crappypuppy!)


ACT. 6: “He’s My Boyfriend!”

Hi guys ~ just a reminder, if you want to see all the relevant HC for this AU, I’ve organised everything with the tag ‘StripClubAU’ that you can access thru the FAQ page under ‘List of AUs’ - Strip Club AUs, in case you miss some of the newer facts I answered via the asks. And also, AsaNoya is the only established couple in this AU. This time I don’t fit in Asahi’s performance cos it didn’t fit the scene, I’ll put it in next time along with Suga’s ~ (・∀・ )

Opening Act I Act. 1 I Act. 2 I Act. 3 I Act. 4 I Act. 5 I Act. 6 I Act. 7Act. 8 I

Being In A Relationship With Loki Laufeyson Would Go A Little Something Like.....

Requested by @rindulacre! Thanks!!^.^


In The Beginning…

~ Loki avoids you like the plague. There is no way he’s attracted to a weak, fragile, mortal. Even if you do have beautiful eyes and a stunning smile and the way you laugh makes his breath catch in his chest like he’s been hit with his brother’s hammer. Nope. He’s not attracted. Not at all.

~ He does a pretty good job of avoiding you until he sees you talking with Thor one day and it sets him off

~ Loki takes immediate action and interrupts the (completely innocent) conversation your having with Thor to ask you on a date, something that couldn’t make Thor happier

~ Later Loki has to ask Thor what exactly a date entails as he has no idea what he’s doing

~ Your first date consists of Loki arriving right on time with a large bouquet of your favorite flowers. 

~ He takes you to a carnival where you introduce him to all kinds of new foods (most of which he is extremely hesitant to try). You also drag him through the house of mirrors and onto most of the rides. He wins you a huge stuffed tiger at a booth that is obviously rigged (he swears he didn’t use magic though). And at the end of the night you share a kiss at the top of the Ferris Wheel as fireworks go off in the back ground.

~ Loki takes you out on only three more movie worthy dates before asking if you would like to “go steady” 

As A New Couple…

~ Everyone thinks you guys are joking until Loki pulls you in for a deep kiss to prove them wrong

~ Thor is so excited he drags you and Loki out on a double date with him and Jane. (Most of the night is spent with you and Jane in tears of laughter as the two brothers try to top each others embarrassing stories about the other).

~ Loki is constantly sending you flowers and poetic handwritten notes

~  Loki is an extremely jealous person and every time he even sees someone look at you too long he pulls you in for a passionate kiss until he knows whoever was looking gets the point

~ Loki never lets you out of his sight because he knows there’s some serious people after him, and he doesn’t really trust anyone else to protect you like he would

~ After eight months of being together Loki takes you to Asgard to meet his parents. It’s when he sees the approval and excitement in his mother’s eyes that he knows it’s the right time to ask you to move in with him.

As An Established Couple Who Lives Together…

~ Your apartment is absolutely covered in bookshelves which are not only full of books (both Midgardian and Asgardian) but also little trinkets Loki has collected from all nine realms. 

~ Loki talks in his sleep. Sometimes it’s random things, but mostly he quotes really strange lines from poems and books. He once quoted the entire first act of Hamlet

~ Whenever he thinks you’re not looking Loki will “cheat” with his chores and just use magic

~  You two spend a lot of nights on your apartment roof, stargazing as Loki tells you stories about the history of Asgard and the other realms

~ You love getting to introduce Loki to new Midgardian things. The best thing so far has been when you went camping and introduced him to s’mores. Loki ended up freaking out so bad when his marshmellow caught on fire that he ended up freezing your entire fire

~ Loki has come home on more than a handful of occasions to find you using his cape as a blanket

~ Loki has a “hidden” stash of girl scout cookies. He hides them on the top shelf of his closet

~ It’s one of those nights after Loki has read you to sleep when he’s carding his fingers through your hair and he can feel the smile on his face when it hits him. He realizes how much you trust him as you look so happy and peaceful and vulnerable curled into his side without care of who he was or what he did to get here by your side and he feels a warmth in his chest he hasn’t felt in years.

Which Leads To…

~ Loki taking a secret trip to Asgard in order to ask Odin and Frigga if he can permanently borrow one of the many rings locked away in the royal vaults in order to make you his queen


Hope you guys liked it!(:

andallwaswell-ish  asked:

Seamus and Harry are a couple. Draco really doesn't like that. (fanon) Pansy is just the person he needs

“Quick, Pansy, kiss me.”

Pansy stares at Draco, her face screwed up at the absurd suggestion. There are so many things wrong with that statement. First, ew, she is not nearly drunk enough. Second, she doesn’t like to be rushed. And third, most importantly, nobody tells Pansy what to do.

“I will do no such thing. Why would you – “ her eyes scan the Gryffindor common room, following Draco’s gaze, and fall on Harry Potter sitting on Seamus Finnigan’s lap – “Oh, I see now.” She sighs loudly, accepting her duty as best friend, but also making sure Draco knows just how unappealing she finds the idea. “Fine.”

The kiss is brief and methodical and, all in all, incredibly disagreeable. Pansy only hopes that Potter glances their way to see it so it isn’t all in vain. As soon as her mouth is her own again, Pansy downs the rest of her firewhiskey.  “Never, ever, make me do that to your chapped lips again.”

“Sorry,” Draco says, looking past Pansy – she’ll forgive his inattentiveness this once, “It’s just –

“You needed to make Potter jealous?”

“Yes and –“ Draco pauses, and his eyes finally land on Pansy. About time. “How did you know it was Potter?

Pansy snorts. Draco really is an idiot sometimes. “Well you hardly have a crush on Finnigan do you? And Blaise told me sometimes you say his name while – “

“I’ll have a word with Blaise later,” Draco says quickly, a small blush appearing on his face – that he would certainly deny if Pansy were to mention. “Now hold my hand, make it look like we’re an established couple. I don’t want Potter thinking I’m easy.  If you put your arm – “

Draco’s voice falters, his gaze back on Potter. Pansy turns to witness Potter and Finnigan locking lips in a rather exaggerated fashion. It’s not romantic or erotic. It’s just a kiss. The two must have zero chemistry, much like Pansy and Draco.

“Although, clearly, Potter is very easy.” Draco puts on his cold, taunting voice but his own jealously is obvious.

Pansy rolls her eyes. Sometimes dealing with Draco is like dealing with a small child. She moves beside him and wraps an arm around his waist so they can stare at Potter and his current boy toy together. The two have stopped kissing and are now drawing patterns on each other’s hands. Gryffindors, honestly. “Would you look at that, Draco dear? They’re holding hands. They must be an established couple as well.”

“Do you really think so? Finnigan doesn’t seem like Potter’s type at all. And I’ve never seen them alone together before. I would have noticed it if – “

“How about we go over and find out?” Pansy shoves Draco hard and is pleased when he stumbles forward. She enjoys catching him off guard.

“Wait – Pansy, no.” Draco tries to protest but it’s too late. Potter has spotted them. He extracts himself from Finnigan and stands up to greet them, a hand running through his hair. Pansy has to hold back a smirk – she knows Draco loves when Potter does that. Not that he’s ever said anything. He doesn’t have to.

“Malfoy. Parkinson,” Potter says without even glancing at Pansy. Typical. And predictable.

Finnigan stands up beside Potter. Draco – what a surprise! – ignores this. “Potter.”

“Finnigan,” Pansy adds, only to annoy Draco. He gives her a reproachful side eye before returning his gaze to Potter. She suspects it’s the last time he’ll glance her way tonight.

They all stand there in silence. Potter staring intently at Draco. Draco staring intently at Potter. And Finnigan sharing a knowing look with Pansy. At least he’s not as stupid as he looks then.

Finally, Potter speaks up. “I didn’t know if you’d come tonight.”

“I never miss a party…even if it is hosted by Gryffindors.”

It’s not true. Draco has missed several parties over the years. But at this stage, Pansy doesn’t think Potter or Draco would even notice if she spoke so she keeps her mouth shut.

“Might be time for a Slytherin party next,” Potter says.

Draco is clearly holding back a smile. Pansy bets he is creaming his bloody pants at getting to have an actual conversation with Potter. “We get a little wild in the dungeons.” They don’t. “Are you sure you could handle it, Potter?

“I think I could rise to the challenge.”

“Subtle,” Pansy whispers to Finnigan. Honestly, Potter’s clearly got it as bad as Draco. It’s embarrassing to watch this train wreck unfold.

“So, Finnigan, that’s new.” Draco doesn’t even acknowledge that the person in question is still by Potter’s side. Finnigan shoots Pansy an amused look at being blatantly ignored. Things are clearly not serious with Potter.

“Very. And Parkinson?”

“I’m right here you know?” Pansy interjects, unable to hold back. But it makes no difference anyway. Only Finnigan hears her.

“It’s been a while,” Draco lies. Pansy wants to smack him around the head. Sure, she is happy to help make Potter jealous but there’s no need to exaggerate.

“Really? I always thought you were just friends?”

“Yes, well, there’s a lot you don’t know about me.”’

“Like how he calls out your name every night in bed,” Pansy mutters underneath her breath. Finnigan, at least, catches and appreciates the jab if no one else does.

“Of course. Sorry Malfoy, I didn’t mean to question you. I’m just having a hard time grasping you and Parkinson together. I thought you were…you know.” Potter trails off, a hand rubbing the back of his neck.

Pansy holds back a groan. It’s like listening to children with these two.

“Gay? Like you?”

“Actually, I’m bisexual,” Potter corrects. “But yeah.”

“Finnigan doesn’t seem like your type.”

Finnigan flips a half-hearted bird at Draco. Not that he notices.

“And Parkinson doesn’t seem like yours.”

“Because I’m out of his league,” Pansy points out, flipping her own violent bird at Potter. She doesn’t know why she’s even bothering standing here anymore.

Draco takes a step forward. “So, what’s my type then, Potter?”

Potter mimics Draco’s action so that they’re almost chest to chest – Really? “What’s mine?”

“You need someone who doesn’t hero worship you, someone who will hold you accountable for all your actions, someone who isn’t afraid of your temper. You need someone who challenges you.”

Pansy shares a confused look with Finnigan – did they rehearse this or something? Draco’s not usually this smooth with his words, especially with Potter in such close proximity.

“And you need someone who understands your vulnerability but doesn’t use it against you, someone who treats you gently, someone whose affection is unwavering. You need someone who forgives you.”

They must have rehearsed this. Pansy has never heard Potter say anything remotely intelligent before. And she hasn’t known him to be particularly observant either.

“And I suppose you could never forgive me after all that I’ve done?” Draco hits back, still just as smooth. This is getting ridiculous.

“I already have,” Potter responds immediately as if reading a line from a script. From a terrible cheesy muggle romance movie that Pansy would never be caught dead watching. Yet here she is witnessing this sappy display.

“What about Finnigan?”

“I was using him to make you jealous,” Potter admits. Pansy looks to Finnigan for confirmation – he winks. “Did it work?”

Despite using the exact same trick himself, Pansy can see Draco is outraged at being manipulated. “Fuck you, Potter.”

“You wish.”

And then they’re kissing. Enthusiastically. Way too close to Pansy’s face. She can see every stray strand of saliva, hear every lubricated slide of their mouths. It’s revolting. And worse still, they’ve become the centre of the attention at the party, eyes drawn to Draco and Potter’s embrace with Pansy and Finnigan standing by awkwardly, looking like dejected fools.

Pansy could spoil it by pinching the hairs on the back of Draco’s neck in vengeance for being ignored. Luckily, she’s feeling particularly generous tonight, and she’d never admit it, but seeing Draco with Potter is sweet. In a disgusting, horrible, sappy way of course. But still, sweet. Now she just has to focus on her own happy ending. She spies Hermione Granger’s amongst the watchful eyes around them and takes her moment:

“Quick, Finnigan, kiss me.”
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Part 3 of the

“Perfect Tonight” Series



Summary: “Clarke.” Costia mimics softly. “She makes you happy. More so than I’ve ever seen. So yes, you and her have my blessing. I will call on you no longer. Now that I see you will not be alone and have someone good looking after you, I can finally rest peacefully.”

Lexa feels a weight lifting off her shoulders. One she wasn’t fully aware was there, but feeling so much lighter now without it.

Costia was right. Lexa was happy.


And Clarke was her reason for such.

“I won’t forget you.” Lexa says as their dance comes to a close.

“I expect not, ai hodnes.” Costia says to her. Love and joy, the only things living in her ghostly presence.


Part 3 of my “Perfect Tonight” series. Contains fluff, some angst, and explicit content.
TW: Contains talk of past drunk driving and fatal car accidents. Nothing crazy explicit, but I don’t want anyone to be triggered if that is an issue for you.


Again, this is a gift that spawned from reading works by my favorite fic writers:

@kendrene @commander-fuzzy-wolf @bae-in-maine @raedmagdon @theevangelion @katkonstant

Hope you guys like it. <3 <3

from the scale of ‘Limited Edition Toy’ to 'Arrest Me’ ((ft. Manggaettok forever)) —we are save to say that JK definitely have some sort of bdsm kink and Jimin is tied with him for-e-ver to please it.

I love being gangsta (but I love sleeping more)| Ansel Elgort One Shot

Requested: no
Rating: PG
Summary: the one where all you want to do is sleep but all Ansel wants to do is jam to rap music in your all too small apartment.

You weren’t one to nag or complain. Especially not with Ansel, who you loved so much, who was always so busy, who always- well almost always did everything to make others happy. But today, you’d had about enough. All you wanted was one day to sleep in. Just one Saturday morning you wanted to stay in bed as long as possible, but when you heard Ansel connect his phone to his speakers, you knew that this Saturday was probably not going to be the one. Sun was coming in through the windows, filtered by the blinds that hung in the windows.

You loved music, especially Ansel’s, not just what he created but what he liked to listen to as well, but when you were trying to sleep, the last thing you wanted to hear was the loud bass of every song that played. One after another the songs coming from his speakers continually shook the thin walls of your apartment. It was unknown to you how the two of you had avoided noise complaints so far.
Finally, you had reached your breaking point, it only took a few strides until you were in front of the tall black speakers that sat under the T.V., quickly twisting the knob that controlled volume, you winced as you accidentally increased the sound. Swiftly turning it down you turn around to see Ansel’s face looking at you, vacuum in hand. You could feel your face fall.
“So today’s cleaning day AND loud music day?”
Ansel’s face contorted into a smile, striding over to hug you, you reluctantly melt into his warm embrace. “Sorry, babe, I just figured you were already awake I didn’t mean to wake you up”, he pulled away to make eye contact. You gently smiled, rubbing your tired eyes with your first two fingers, hands resting on your cheeks. “I know, it’s okay- just maybe you could jam out a little quieter?” He nodded, seeming sincere. You leaned upwards to press your lips to his cheek, he leaned forward, presumably to kiss your lips when you pulled away.
“An, I’ve got morning breath- gross” you said, partially joking and partially serious. Ansel smiled and pecked your lips without worry. “Goodnighttttt, YN,” he grinned as you walked back towards your shared bedroom.
You really hated to be a nagging partner, you did. You had tried and tried to get back to sleep, tossing and turning for the last 45 minuets, trying to find the most comfortable position with a pillow pushed down over your ears to block out the sound of Ansel cleaning. You tried to appreciate Ansel cleaning up without being asked to, you just wished it could happen any other morning.
You padded gently back to the speakers, twisting the knob the right way the first time, not in the mood to repeat last times mistake. You could hear Ansel singing and bumping around in the next room and tried to sneak back to bed undetected, you had almost passed the threshold of the room when you heard “babe? Do you not love Kanye as much as Kanye loves Kanye?” You closed your eyes in slight defeat, turning back around to face your boyfriend. Taking note of the song, you laughed at Ansel’s joke as Kanye’s voice filled your home. “Of course I do, I’m the most gangster person I know, I just love sleeping as much as I love Kanye- even gangsters need to sleep you know.” You joked back, Ansel’s eyes crinkled as he laughed. “You’re the cutest and most non-threatening gangster I’ve ever met, ya know that?” You rolled your eyes but couldn’t deny the smile that flowed through your face.

“Hey An, you know what’d be really nice and gangster if you?” His eyebrows raised as his interest peaked, he leaned his shoulder and head against the wall, facing you. “What’s that?” You smiled, stepping closer to him. “Coming back to bed with me and going back to sleep.” You giggled, and Ansel quickly joined you, kissing the top of your head. “Alright, alright I’ll go shut off the music and meet you in there,” he nodded towards your shared bedroom. You smiled broadly, wrapping your arms around Ansel’s neck to embrace him. “Thank youuu, my wonderful gangster boyfriend.” Ansel’s face once again contorted with laughter, eyes crinkling in the corners. “Anything for my equally ic not more wonderful gangster lover,” he winked, walking over to the speakers and turning them down in volume and disconnecting his phone. “I don’t know what you thought we were going to do in bed, lover, but I intend to sleep until the afternoon!” You looked at Ansel from the corner of your eye as you began to leave the room. “We’ll see, I mean who could resist this?” Ansel took off his shirt while following you to bed. You rolled your eyes, but Ansel was reassured that you were anything but annoyed now when you pressed a kiss to his chest. “Goodnight, my wonderful gangster lover.” Ansel joked, moving to be as close to you as possible in bed. “I love you like Kanye loves Kanye, my wonderful gangster lover.” You replied with a quiet laugh before closing your eyes, finally able to enjoy the company and obviously, the quiet.

Werewolf Boyfriend (Harun)

I was commissioned by @liala-lavellan for a werewolf story with an established couple. This story takes place in the same town as Adam and my other werewolves. Adam also makes a cameo.

   Several years ago you had moved to a new town in order to help take care of your grandmother. Not long after you started noticing strange things about the peaceful little community. It wasn’t exactly something that you could put your finger on at first. In fact, it wasn’t until dead animals started appearing on your neighbor’s lawn that you had any evidence to your claims.

   Your grandmother reassured you that what was going on at the neighbor’s house was normal. It was nothing to get flustered about. But when a giant dead, bear was slumped over right outside your bathroom window, it didn’t feel normal at all.

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My three marriage proposal scenarios for Jack and Gabe:

1) “let’s just do it” right after the end of the Omnic Crisis, still in their dirty uniforms. The next day going in front of a judge at 0900 and getting hitched. They have pancakes with their team after.

2) Well into the Golden Years as an established couple who have talked about marriage and agree that they both want it. The only question is who’s going to ask first. Except they both find the ring the other is hiding (and it’s fucking perfect goddammit) and have to move their perfect moment timetable up because like hell they’re not going to be the one that does it. Then Jack “I’m a world leader with the hookup to match” Morrison and Gabriel “I can get a reservation in Hell three minutes ago” Reyes try to invite the other anywhere which are declined because they know what they’re trying to do. The competition gets so bad that they both stumble over asking each other in an empty conference room and then argue who asked first.

3) Old men who missed their chance to do the whole marriage thing when they were young and in love, but they still had managed to share a life with each other and want to make a renewed commitment to each other in this official way. There are no rings or official anything and only one other person knows (Ana), but they’re content with the title of husband and the promise to keep trying