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Shout out to Emerald City for not being afraid to put their couple together early on in the season for fear it would become “stale” or “boring”, and for not saying that “audiences like the chase, they like having a couple pine after each other for 10 seasons, they stop caring when the couple becomes official”. 

Shout out to Emerald City for not relying on the overused and unwanted trope of love triangles. 

Shout out to Emerald City for finding a way to make a couple fall in love early on and have it believable, and to use the opportunity to actually explore the relationship throughout the season as they experience and overcome trials and tribulations together, united and in love.

Shout out to Emerald City for not relying on love triangles or slow burn to make a couple interesting, and actually use their brains and adequate writing skills to keep them fresh and exciting by simply… writing a good narrative.

I am so sick of television being afraid to write a story with an established couple who remain united and in love throughout the series, so thank you Emerald City for taking the leap of faith.

Reasons to watch BBC Class

- Racially diverse teen cast
- Like a significant portion of the main cast is not white
- LGBT representation
- Like an actual gay couple is established in the first episode and its not questioned or even a part of the plot they’re just together and I love it
- It’s like all the best parts of supernatural (monster hunting), doctor who (aliens), and sherlock (cinematography) combined with young avengers (kick ass teen cast)
- the writer/producer of the series is Patrick Ness, an LGBT YA Author
- The plot is actually good
- The theme song is catchy
- It’s a really good show
- Cause I said so

i’ m jsu t look how gentle they are with each other look at the way their hands go to the other person’s waist like lm a o ??? THIS IS EPISODE 1 & 2 what else are we supposed to take from this other than them being an established couple from the moment the series began

KaraMel Fanfic #8

Title: Someone Whom She Cares About

Prompt: Kara and Mon-El are both miserable after they had their first fight as a couple.

Requested by @karamelforever​ - thank you so much for this request, I really enjoyed writing it and finished it in a day! I hope you like it :)

Also, special thanks/credit to @navire and her post that inspired the hug at the end of the fanfiction :) Her post described it so beautifully that I just had to include it, so I hope I made it justice :) I hope you enjoy it as well!

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Kara wanted to cry as she wrapped the blanket around herself, staring blankly at the television across from her. Some reality show was on TV, yet if one asked her what was going on, or even what the name of the show was, she couldn’t say. Her vision was constantly blurry because of her continuous tears, and no matter how frequently she wiped them away, the new and more bitter ones replaced them easily. Sniffing into the napkin in her hand, she discarded it to her side, on top of the pile of other used napkins.

It hurt. It hurt more than she ever imagined it could. She never had a proper relationship on earth, nor she had anyone she truly cared about. Even with James, it was more of an affection rather than love. She didn’t know how much a fight, a breakup could hurt someone.

Shutting her eyes, she curled up in a ball and stared at her trembling hands. How did she come here? How did they come here? They were perfectly fine a week ago. And then the next day… The next day, everything was ruined.

Kara glanced back at the door one more time to see if someone was coming, but no matter how long or how frequently she stared there, she couldn’t hear anything. She just had to admit to herself. Mon-El wouldn’t come. He was too hurt for that.

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i just don’t get how robstar are considered ‘forced’?

they were established.

why is that such a bad thing?

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You should always check why and how you ship two men. If those two men never/rarely interact, if they are abusive/violent with each other, if there is already an actual established gay couple in the fandom that you choose to ignore because you don’t find them as attractive as your chosen ones (who are more often than not white and straight) - if any of these points apply to your ship, you should try and think whether you are spreading a healthy image of what a real mlm relationship looks like or not. If you don’t care about that, then you are here only to satisfy your fetish. And mlm deserve better than that.

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Roxas and Ven with 12? :)

I HAVE DONE THE THING and I’m sorry this is so stupidly late! this was a super cute prompt tho ahhhh ty for suggesting it!

#12: Enjoying the first snow together

SummaryVen was definitely the outgoing type, but Roxas couldn’t really compare him to anybody else, not directly. Ven was straightforward, but lacked Hayner’s brashness; he was considerate, but bolder than Xion; he was similar to Sora in a lot of ways, but there was something… calmer about Ven, or maybe gentler. [Ventus + Roxas, post-KH3.]

Ao3 version here

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Kyungsoo has to lock eyes with Jongin even when he has to go to loo XD (Well i’m pretty sure he went to loo)

Kaisoo keep locking eyes with each other and the tension becomes strong to the point you can feel it from the moon. 

As i said before, kaisoo is a complete paradox; Sometimes they look like an established couple and the other times they look like two teenagers who try hard to hide their feeling from each other.

"Happily Ever After" - headcanon for last scene in s4 ep3

Okay, so hear me out for a sec. Imagine Johnlock goes full canon and we have a final scene, some time has passed since the conclusion of TFP, with the two of them in either 221b or a cottage in Sussex (pls dark Mofftiss bring me bee hives and bickering). John is writing up the story we’ve seen unravel on screen since the start, since they met. It turns out to be heavily embelished, naturally, and Sherlock points out the plot holes and continuity errors and name changes etc which promps John to mention that most of that is Sherlock’s fault, not his - Sherlock decided to write some of the events John wasn’t even present for etc and yet Sherlock convicts John of embelishing.

They argue, but the point being it would be a funny way to end the series with them as an established couple, pointing out everything we found odd with the episodes and how it was just their exagerated POVs. It would be a nod to ACD’s inconsistencies and continuity errors in a sort of break-the-fourth-wall kind of way Mofftiss would totally do, and most importantly THE BOOKEND TO TAB. BOTH OF THEM, TALKING ABOUT A STORY AND BICKERING. I would be extremely satisfied and my ghost would finally be at peace.

Also, all of the above, with Sherlock wearing a bee-keeper suit.

The end.

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A lot of people are angry/disappointed about last night’s / this morning’s episode and it’s perfectly okay to be. All feelings are valid. 
But if you want to vocalise these feelings make sure you do so to the right people. 
If you are upset because of the heavy promotion of malec, essencially queerbaiting (which can be done with canon lgbtg couples) you should talk to Freeform and their Pr. Nobody working on shadowhunters is responsible for the release of stills, sneak peeks or what the focus will be, all of that is done by the network. So if you want to voice your opinion do it on their facebook account, their instagram or tweet their Pr accounts. 
If you are unhappy with the unequal treatment Malec is getting compaired to the heterosexual couples, whether established or in motion, then Todd, Darren and the writers are the one to voice them too. 
But remember to do so polity, FU’s are not the way to go. Explain to them why you are offended with what has happened? educate them and remember you are valid to feel these things. 
It would be a shame to see this show get cancelled because not enough people vocalised their feelings and therefore the show never got a change to really improve. They are still working on S2B, the showrunners and writers can still get a virtual kick under the butt to make some changes. The Promo-team definitely still can. 
If you really love a show be vocal about what you don’t like about it, that is how you show it love, because you want it too well, you want it to be the best it can be. And right now, that is sadly, based on the majority of people, not what we are seeing from the teams surrounding shadowhunters. 

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Hdcanons for established college couple jikook, where star cheerleader jimin gets hurts during a game & star player jungkook flips his shit bc his baby got hurt please and thank you ;_;

//Hoseok had told Jimin to not do it yet. The stunt he had been practising for the last month wasn’t completely polished yet, but Jimin was stubborn and wanted to impress everyone, specially Jungkook, and ignored Hoseok and did it anyways. He should had listened to Hoseok because he fell badly on his foot and now his ankle it’s sprained and it hurts and Jungkook is hovering over him with big worried eyes.

//Thanks to his stupidity Jimin is forbidden to participate on the cheer team until his ankle is fully healed. Jimin pouted like a little kid when Hoseok gave him the stink eye when he appeared on one of the practices.
“Jimin you better go home and rest….”
“But hyuuuuuung”
“I’m gonna call Jungkook.”

//Jungkook is now his boyfriend and his caretaker. The very lovely idiot acts as if Jimin were going to break at any time.

//Jungkook goes pick him up at his apartment, walks him to class while holding his bag and also walks him back home after. He even goes out of his way during the day to wait for Jimin after a class to accompany him to next one.

//they had an argument the first day of Jimin’s injury tho, because Jungkook wanted to carry him everywhere and Jimin found it ridiculous, first of all because it was embarrassing af to go around campus on his boyfriend’s arms.
“Jungkook, for fuck’s sake the doctor said no extreme physical movements, but I’m allowed to walk.”
“But hyung, If you rest completely it will heal faster :D”
“Jungkook, no….”
“But I don’t mind-”
“But I do! I can walk, for real….”
”You don’t need me…” Now is Jungkook who’s pouting a lot
“I need you, but not for walking.” soft kisses always makes a sad bunny smile again.

//Jungkook does carry him when they are at home, though, Jimin let’s him because anyone can’t see and he kinda enjoys Jungkook’s strong arms around him. Koala!Chim is born, he perches himself on Kook’s back like there’s not tomorrow, Jungkook’s hands on his thighs to secure him.

//Jungkook massages his ankle, his nimble fingers feel like heaven, the right amount of pressure and the right amount of delicacy. Jimin gives him kisses and hugs as thanks.

//Jungkook buys him his favorite chocolates almost every day.
“WTF Jungkook, I’m not pregnant….”
“But you are upset, and chocolate helps calm an upset heart.”
“Shit, I love you so much”
“I know.” replies the shithead with the biggest smirk ever. “I love you too.”

Has anyone seen this yet? The director of the Episode stated that Madzie loves Iris. Can you imagine how much Madzie already cares for alec to go against the person who she loves and considers her Nana? Also they say that Iris is indeed a monster and I don’t think Madzie will be with her for too long. And where would she go if not to the one person who made her feel normal and accepted within seventeen seconds? Honestly, it’s possible for Malec to adoped Madzie once they are a established couple and I’m more than ready for their fatherhood.

Shipping is for Fun

Shipping isn’t about what IS. It’s about what could be. It’s about maybe. It’s about what if. It’s about unrealized potential. It’s about seeing something in two people that you connect to, relate to, cling to, or hope to find yourself. It’s about leaving behind reality to to imagine all of the possibilities out there. It’s about losing yourself in that magic for a while. It’s about seeing things others may not see, or questioning things that you have been told, or following an instinct that there may be more to the story than what others accept.

The way tumblr is, sometimes we may bump into other people in a similar or related fandom that don’t ship what we ship, or we don’t ship what they ship, or they don’t ship at all, or they only like being a fan of already established couples, or they only ship people who are not in other relationships, or they only ship fictional characters. IMO, There’s no wrong way to ship as long as you are not hurting or harassing or slandering anyone.

Don’t let anyone take the fun away with their comments because this is FOR FUN. It’s not about being right and it’s not about being realistic. Enjoy your ship. Enjoy your videos, edits, gifs, fanfics, and discussion. Wildly speculate. Use hyperbole. Enjoy the freedom to make sarcastic or tongue in cheek or remarks to your other shippers about your OTP without feeling the need to defend what you like. Let others ship what they like in peace.

I’ve had so much fun shipping on this site and I’ve learned so much from my fellow shipmates about how to make it even more fun, and this is one of the ways. Stay in your bubble and don’t worry about what others think. Ship on!

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I agree with your answer about Bina vs C's ships but the problem is that 1) off screen they sold F/C and CL as one true love, soulmates... even when they weren't established couples like Bina, meanwhile Gina only got 3 mentions thanks to Bob 2) on screen they have brought Finn and L more times than Gina. I understand that Gina was written to be in 2 episodes but imo writers didn't put effort into make us feel that Bina was a couple. That's why people feel Bellamy would have needed something more

Anonymous said: Thanks for answering! By decent relationship I meant seeing a building-up and not just Bellamy kissing Gina and exchanging a few lines. I didn’t mean having sex either. Everybody has had a kinda romantic relationship in the show except him. I just want him to feel worth to be loved, which I think is one of Bellamy’s issues, he doesn’t even feel worth to survive. His sister is a constant reminder of his faults and Clarke always finds someone else who wants to get involved with her romantically.

You want Bellamy to be treated better. You want to see someone show love to him (I’m still going to argue that Gina DID. If you don’t think it was enough, that’s your choice, but the majority of her role was actually to show that she cared for Bellamy. That was most of her purpose.)

Bellamy has been working on his character development for a long time, and if you ask me, he doesn’t need to have someone else love him to fix him, he needs to learn to love and accept himself… and honestly, I think he’s getting there. Valuing his own judgment to stand up against others and do the right thing and change the story and be the hero make others follow him instead of giving away his power. Telling Octavia that he didn’t kill Lincoln, even, to some extent, not giving up on her. I think he believes in himself now, and that’s something he didn’t before.

You don’t need a relationship to be whole. I’d argue that if you need a relationship to be whole, then you’re not whole at all, you’re codependent (see Octavia.)

Okay. So Bellamy doesn’t get a story line like Clarke, about someone falling in love with him so hard that they would do ANYTHING to get him, like kidnap him or kill a village……


Tell me again why you want Bellamy to have that? 

Neither of Clarke’s loves were healthy for her. They both left her broken. 

They gave Bellamy a healthy relationship, and didn’t make it the focus. Rather than pretend that didn’t exist or say that you want something real(er) why not ask the question. WHY don’t they give Bellamy love interests on screen?

season 1. Multiple girls. He’s got a persona. He’s king of the delinquents. Things start to get serious and dangerous. Roma gets killed. Raven uses him for revenge sex. No one is satisfied. He gets rid of the persona. Bellamy stops hooking up. He’s got kids to save. Call back later. 

season 2. No relationships. Bellamy is kinda busy being an action hero, folks. People to save. Mountains to sabotage. Call back later.

season 3. 3 month time jump. Bellamy tries to move on from the trauma and have a real life. Bellamy HAS a real relationship with tenderness and caring and love. He has it during “peace” time when there is no conflict and no need to be an action hero. She dies. He’s triggered. War. Politics. Betrayal. Octavia. ALIE. End of the world. Action hero activated. Call back later. 

season 4. End of the world still. Action hero. Drawing closer to his “partner.” Steering away from love. Call back later. (Possibly only a couple of episodes later… Bellarke reunion coming.)

Bellamy’s story is not about romances. Bellamy’s story is about being a hero, learning how to choose the right thing, discovering and embracing his own power. Forgiving himself. Forgiving others. Moving on from the horror of his life on The Ark. Learning to recognize the humanity of The Other. Making his own decisions. Being responsible for what he has done and for his choices. What would be the place of romance here? Honestly, it would interfere with his character development and his narrative arc.

Okay. So Bellamy doesn’t get a story line like Clarke, about someone falling in love with him so hard that they would do ANYTHING to….


Are we SURE he doesn’t get that?

Wasn’t the Tinder Box evidence of exactly that? Clarke Griffin would do ANYTHING to save Bellamy. She literally made the sacrifice of 50 Arkadians precisely for Bellamy’s life. That’s more than Finn shot in TonDC. And actually, she SAVED him from the same person who was sent by HER lover to kidnap Clarke. 

So if Clarke is in love with Bellamy (which you’ll just have to accept as my hypothesis, since it’s me and you’re asking me about it and Clarke is SOOOO in love with Bellamy and has been forever) then why does she get to sleep around with Niylah, while he is steering away?

Well Clarke is younger. She hasn’t had any non traumatic sexual experiences… until the second Niylah love scene. So Yay Niylah! Thanks for helping our girl heal and maybe make the connection of love to comfort and pleasure instead of guilt and pain. Good job, honey. I love you, girl. 

Also, politically and for character development, having Clarke with Niylah puts some space between her time with L and what comes next with Bellamy. It won’t be about L. The scene with Niylah allows us to let Clarke let go of L, look at her fondly, move on healthily. This is good. Also. She’s with a girl next. Clarke is bi. It’s not a phase. This is who she is. It’s not about going back to being straight. Clarke is bi. Let her be bi. Let her choose a male or female partner, because she is bi. 

We often call Bellamy the heart and Clarke the head. Bellamy’s lessons are not actually about learning to love… sometimes he loves too much (see Octavia.) His lessons are about learning trust his wisdom, gaining perspective, planning, thinking ahead, taking the lead for a purpose. Having a vision. CLARKE is the one who needs to expand her heart. She’s always had empathy, but she closes off her heart when she is weak, forgets about real people, makes it all abstract and philosophy, forgets WHY she’s doing it. 

His lessons: how to be a leader and do the right thing.

Her lessons: how to be one of the people and that love is the reason why we keep fighting.

So why does Bellamy not get all the love scenes? That’s not his story. It’s okay to not have everything be about shipping, sex or love. Sex and romance does not have to be the point of everything.