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No estas conmigo, tampoco sin mi, no estas lejos, pero tampoco estas cerca, no me das amor pero no existe odio. No me quiero acostumbrar a que todo este a medias, a que vos estes a medias.

Mama Wolf.

“There are times when we experience wild woman, even if only fleetingly, and it makes us ,ad with wanting to continue. For some women, this vitalising "taste of the wild” comes during pregnancy, during nursing their young, during the miracle of change in oneself as one raises a child, during attending to a love relationship as one would attend a beloved garden.“ - Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Si me consigues su número, podría considerar deber un favor.” Comentó ladeando la cabeza y enarcó una de sus cejas, hacia la persona. “Ni lo pienses, la sola idea que puedas obtener algo de mi parte, es ya asombrosa. Imagina obtenerlo, no puedes decir que no.

Quelqu'un qui vous aime réellement n'essaiera pas de trouver son bonheur dans ce qu'il désire que vous soyez, non, son bonheur c'est de vous voir heureuse en étant complètement vous-même. Et oui, on a pas besoin d'être quelqu'un d'autre pour nous faire véritablement aimé… Et si c'est le cas, alors ce n'est pas de l'amour, c'est l'illusion de l'amour… Une simple frime.
Lelouch Vi Britannia and The Prince of Machiavelli

                                                                      “ Cum finis est licitus, etiam media sunt licita" 

                                                                   "When the end is lawful, the means are also lawful”

Code geass is an anime of psychological thriller, science fiction, drama and in my opinion also speaks of politics and State policy. But why of policy ? It’s simple : The story tells how the young Lelouch Vi Britannia and his sister Nunally were banished from the Royal Palace of the Holy Empire of Britannia and were sent to 11 area ( Japan was invaded by Britannia) denying their condition of princes and then ignoring their existence. It is in this context that Lelouch seeks to overthrow the Emperor Charles zi Britannia (his father) through the power of his Geass and eventually with the influence and power that will gain.

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The actions of Lelouch resemble those of a peon that gets a promotion, little by little manages to become powerful and then to have control of the chessboard. Lelouch is an excellent chess player, he is able to prove this using his knowledge to apply them in real life by watching soldiers as chessmen and dangerous to the Japanese.   This shows its manipulative character and cold but at the same time honored, as Machiavelli describes an ideal prince,  cruel with his enemies and benevolent with his allies.

In the Chapter XVII Machiavelli says: “From the beginning they commit the necessary cruelties, then you will not have to follow that path, whereas if you avoid it, you will end up having to commit, to conserve the state, many more and greater cruelties”. The modus operandi of Lelouch follows this postulate, because at the beginning the news reporters shows him like a cruel murderer  killing to many soldiers of Britannia but soon announces the creation of the United States of Japan where people of any race, religion or nationality are welcome. In this way the people will no longer see him as a terrorist, now they will see him as a savior to Japan.

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Finally like the good prince, Lelouch manages to consolidate the power imposing its cruelty against the Army (the powerful majority) and giving symbolically the power to the citizenship. ALL HAIL LELOUCH.

- Joaquín Saez Lagos

bookishfeminst-deactivated20170  asked:

theres a difference between wanting taylor to speak up about something and needing her to speak up to validate your own feelings. you should make your own decisions on political issues, elections, protests, etc. without needing your favorite celebrity to validate that its okay that you feel that way. it is okay to want taylor to speak up about something because she has an amazing platform that you know can reach millions of people, but recognize that you cant use her voice as some kind of agenda

My problem has never been about needing celebrities to stand on issues. Do I prefer it? Yes, but ultimately they are entertainers and that’s their job and if they don’t want to make a political statement then that’s their decision. 

What I criticize her for is choosing to identify as a feminist, which is an inherently political stance with a movement behind it, and never showing up or talking about feminism beyond a personal defense for herself (claiming people talk about her dating life too much or when other women legitimately criticize her). 

Taylor’s flawed understanding and use of feminism is heavily discussed on sites like MIC, Cosmopolitan, Huffington Post, Bustle, etc.if you are interested and her continued refusal to ever speak about anything related to the political goals of feminism makes her appear to people that she only decided to incorporate feminism as part of her brand in 2014 in the lead up to the new 1989 “era” after firing her old publicist in March of 2014. It appears like a media strategy aimed to deflect the criticism she was facing in 2012/2013 for her music and public persona being dominated by her relationships and moving that image towards her group of female friends. 

I want more women to be comfortable calling themselves feminists as I have for over a decade. But what I won’t do is stand by while women who have done nothing for the advancement of other women and refuse to acknowledge intersectional feminism get credited and receive metaphorical cookies for it to boost their image. Especially when she stated she was going through with a sexual assault trial to send a message to young girls and women and then didn’t say anything when someone running for president was accused of the exact same thing.

Taylor has been repeatedly hammered by progressive/liberal sites like mentioned above and people started calling her on it on here and on twitter throughout the day. Her responding with a vague tweet that spoke about herself and again none of the political goals of the marches at around 5:15pm EST comes across as media management and as someone who wants to reap the PR benefits of being associated with feminism without wanting to alienate a potential conservative fanbase or consumer. 

I hope this helps clarify because you worded your question extremely respectfully so I wanted to make sure I gave you an equally thoughtful response. 

For @aohatsu​‘s Peekaboo Birthday Bonanza. Thanks to @whydisignuponthisgodforsakensite​ and @sailyoursea for encouragement along the way.

Set at the end of the current season. I’m sure every trope in this fic has been done a thousand times over, but y’know what, I don’t care.
All tweets are fake (obviously), but some of the twitter handles are not. I do not claim to represent Kane, Toews, the Blackhawks franchise, Deadspin, You Can Play, or any of the beat reporters herein depicted.
Most of it is at best a T rating, except for the opening passage, which is probably an M? I’m a bad judge of ratings, sorry.

K/T, est rel, mixed media, 6k
Warning for homophobic slurs.

Blackhawks stars in gay sex tape scandal!
Sunday May 29 2016

Just when we thought Twenny Cent had hit rock-bottom, there’s a new low for Deadspin darling Patrick Kane as a sex tape emerges, exposing his gay relationship with good ol’ Captain Serious himself, Jonathan Toews. The video, allegedly taken from Toews’ own cell phone, is explicitly pornographic. Details that follow are not safe for work…

The video is four minutes and eighteen seconds long. Jonny remembers exactly how it goes: the images were seared onto his memory long before he had to deal with each frame being ‘conclusive analysed’ by morons on the internet.

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-Tras haber estado encerrada en el armario durante 4 días o más (perdio la noción del tiempo, la joven bastante descuidada salió al fin de su apartamento y a la calle. Will observa todo el destrozo de la ciudad tras salir de su apartamento y tras embobarse con una mariposa, lanza al aire-. ¿Qué es lo que ha pasado aquí?

From Citizens for Constitutional Freedom:


I’m Live with a contact at the refuge…. will post updates as I get them…

3:46 am EST

Vehicles incoming… FBI in the process of surrounding the compound. Some of the militia have fled. Others are remaining to take a stand. Some of the men are giving final farewell messages to their families.

3:59 am EST

The roads leading out of the Refuge have been blocked off. There is no way out.

4:00 am EST

It appears that cell communications have been jammed.

4:16 AM EST

I’m back in contact… Feds have still not moved in yet. Militia taking up positions.

4:24 am EST

Jason Patrick from the Refuge has reached out to KTVZ to say that the people in the Refuge want a peaceful resolution and do not want the FBI to come in guns blazing.

4:39 am EST

Communications with the compound continue to be difficult. Service continues to be sporadic.

4:49 am EST

Jason Patrick on the phone with the FBI which is claiming to offer “safe passage” through the front entrance to the Refuge.

5:03 am EST 5:22 am EST 6:00 am EST

No new updates. Signals from the refuge appear to be jammed.

5:15 am EST


5:32 am EST

Militia members are still in their positions. FBI still has refuge surrounded.

6:20 am EST

Jason Patrick has told the media at the entrance of the refuge that the militia is prepared to defend themselves.

6:38 am EST

A member of the media has entered the compound and is now embedded with the militia.

6:43 am EST

Militia at the Refuge just told media that LaVoy Finicum was unarmed when he was shot and that his personal firearm is still at the Refuge where he left it before leaving for the day.

6:45 am EST

Militia members told media that they will shoot to kill if the FBI launches an armed invasion into the compound. “This is armageddon”.

6:46 am EST

Confirmed: the militia has moved a front loader to block the road into the refuge. Jason Patrick is continuing to speak to reporters at the front entrance.

6:53 am EST

Multiple militia report FBI vehicles moving in… militia members moving to positions.

6:56 am EST


6:57 AM EST

People at the compound overheard saying they hope they are not slaughtered like the people at Ruby Ridge and Waco. They are extending love and well wishes to one another.

7:01 AM EST

My connection has gone dead. Hoping for it to be restored ASAP.

7:36 am EST

FBI holding latest positions have not moved in further. More media arriving. No fighting to report at this point. Fed vehicles still at a distance with lights off. At least 5 media outlets on the scene, including CNN.

8:16 am EST

Everything at a stand still. Militia at the refuge are still angry over the murder of LaVoy and are in no mood to surrender.

9:12 am EST

Unfortunately, nothing new to report… I’m still checking in with my contacts but nothing else has happened. I’m sure the people at the refuge are getting tired from having been up all night. For those who made fun of them for asking for energy drinks early on, now we can see the sense in the request.

9:48 AM EST

Some of the militia have been able to eat breakfast and refuel with coffee. Media are walking around bugging the militia members to sign permission forms to use their faces on camera… a request that is not being met with much interest from the people who are preparing for a gun fight with federal agents.

10:31 am EST

Gunshots heard in the distance. Not sure who shot. Some speculation that other militia may have arrived.

10:44 am EST

No additional shots heard. Militia in position.

Solo tengo ojos para ti. {Drabble Wigetta}

 ..-Y muchas gracias por estar ahí cada día nos vemos en el siguiente video o lo que sea chao chao.
 Despedí el directo y enseguida apague la cámara y todo lo demás solté un largo suspiro y me tumbe en mi cama. 

-Ehh, bueno supongo que quieres que me vaya.- musito Willy aun sentado en la silla, no sé como pude haber ignorado por completo su presencia, supongo que era por el cansancio que tenía.
-Oh lo siento yo no..
-No pasa nada, también estoy cansado supongo que me iré a descansar un poco.. e-en mi habitación.- Se me quedo viendo unos segundos como si esperase que le dijese algo y luego se puso de pie dispuesto a irse.
 Por alguna extraña razón sentía que Willy no quería irse, o bueno al menos eso vi en su mirada.. cierto es que lo conozco tanto que ni siquiera me hace falta tener super poderes o algo así para leer su mente, en cierto aspecto eso me gustaba y a la vez me asustaba.  
-Willy.- masculle entre dientes, tan pronto lo dije me arrepentí, esperaba que no me haya escuchado ya que realmente no tenía nada para decirle ¿que iba a decirle? Bff seré pringao ahora estaba helado rogando que no me haya escuchando que para mi mala suerte si lo había hecho, este se dio media vuelta y se quedo expectante mirando me fijamente
-Eh bueno, yo.. no, no es nada puedes irte, tonterías mías.- Aparte mi mirada de la suya y fingí desinterés. 
-Vale, adiós.- Su expresión era neutra sus ojos rasgados detonaban cansancio, se retiro de un portazo dejando me con una extraña sensación que no sabía definir bien.
  Desperté en medio de un ¿bosque? ¿desperté? ¿es un sueño? de pronto una pantalla enorme se situó frente a mi y como si de una película se tratase comenzó a rodar una cinta. Miles de imágenes y momentos que habíamos vivido Willy y yo comenzaron a verse; risas, cenas, paseos, regalos, abrazos, gameplays, roces inocentes, miradas inquietas, personas mirándonos extraño, fangirls gritando wigetta, nuestros amigos molestandonos.. y luego..
-Despierta Samuel!
-Hey, hey, Samuel!.- Desperte atontado mientras Willy intentaba despertarme.
-Que sucede?.- Pregunte adormilado luchando por tener los ojos abiertos.
-Hazte a un lado anda.- tan pronto lo dijo me aparte a un lado de la cama dejandole espacio
-¿Vas a dormir conmigo? 
-Si. Tuve pesadillas y además tengo frío.- dijo sonriendo con inocencia, se veía tan adorable con su cabello todo alborotado y sus ojos rasgados aun más entrecerrados.
-Bien como sea niño, pero esta es mi cama y tengo derecho a hacer lo que me plazca.- sonreí victorioso al ver que asentía con la cabeza, rodee su cintura con mis brazos, al principio sentí como su cuerpo se tensaba pero luego se relajo y tal vez por simple inercia se lanzo más para atrás quedando así completamente pegados. El rico aroma de su colonia invadía mis fosas nasales y su delicada suave piel contra mis brazos era una sensación realmente hermosa, su presencia me hacía sentir seguro y feliz.

Hola! nuevo drabble, bueno no tiene mucho que ver con el directo pero fue una buena forma de empezarlo(? pensaba hacer esto un lime pero aun no se me da muy bien o siempre que lo intento termina en algo tierno ¡k'medejeh con lo tierno! >:v  y bueno pues nada corazón gay si te gusto y gracias por leer. z4 

One Shot Wigetta:

Willy estaba en su habitación arreglando sus cosas para el viaje, de repente vio a vegetta cruzando el umbral la puerta comiendo una manzana y con el móvil en la mano, vegetta sonrió pícaramente y dijo

-Willy a que no sabes lo que me acaba de llegar.

- Que?… - respondió el chico con una sonrisa.

- Pues ven a mirar- Willy se acercó y vio un dibujo de los dos chicos besándose,  se sonrojo.- ya fue suficiente, ahora yo también tengo que arreglar mis cosas.

-Vegetta espera- este dio media vuelta- seguro que quieres arreglarlas ahora?

-Vaya Willy, a que te refieres con eso?- dijo sonriéndole, willy tomo la manzana y la mordió lentamente.

-No se, ya deberías saberlo.- vegetta lo tomo de las manos, la manzana rodo, y lo beso.

-No sigas así niño, que me tientas, y ya sabes lo que pasa cuando me tiento.- Willy se mordió el labio inferior y respondió.

-No se, que pasa cuando se tienta el señor vegetta?

- Uy Willy, como te gusta- dijo vegetta arreglándole el pelo- pero, lamentablemente tendrás que esperarte a cuando lleguemos al hotel.

-Bueno señor vegetta, como usted desee- rió Willy.

Vegetta salió de la habitación y Willy lo siguió hasta el pasillo, solo para ver a su hombre alejarse, vegetta se percato de eso, se le acerco dejándolo contra la pared y le dijo al oído.

-Si sigues tentándome de esta forma, tendré que hacerte lo mismo que hice en Ibiza, lo recuerdas? por que a mi me encantó.

-Como no olvidarlo-respondió con una sonrisa.



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No entiendo cómo puede haber gente más descerebrada y lame culos en este mundo o. O

Me refiero a las supuestas “fans” de las novias de los youtubers a excepción de las fans de Lana obvio porque ella es colaborador de un canal y tiene uno propio pero el resto cómo mierdas pueden tener tales fans lame culos si lo único que hacen es follarse a su supuesto ídolo y twittear mierdas? Por supuesto estoy hablando de las fans de Eva la novia de Alexby y jannies la novia/ex-novia de Rubius que además de ser bordes con la gente no hacen nada más que estar en Twitter y decir 4 borderias y cuando la gente les llama la atención con eso ya vienen las lame culos a decir ah es que le tenéis envidia ella nos salvó la vida y más mierda que dan ganas de pegarse un puto tiro no entiendo como puede existir gente tan chupa medias en este mundo en serio ah
Como no les haya salvado la vida tragándose el semen de su ídolo no se me ocurre otra forma XD