est cube

These company stan posts are weird. Cause they’ll obviously have the big three, Pledis (Seventeen, After School, Nu’est, Pristin), Cube (Hyuna, BTOB, Pentagon, CLC), Starship (Sistar, Monsta X, Cosmic Girls, Boyfriend). You know all these companies who have multiple artists with multiple fandoms that kind of come together.

Then you have Big Hit. Who else could you be referring to when you say Big Hit stan other than armys? There ain’t nobody else there.


Une carte popup qui se déplie en petit cube, c'est l'objet de l'atelier que j'anime ce samedi avec la @teametsymarseille ! Allez viens et sois plus malin avec tes mains ! #teametsymarseille #etsy #craftparty #atelier #diy #paperart #papercut #papercraft #popup #color #matpaperart #marseille

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