Park Jimin (of BTS) one shot based on the I Need U mv.
BTS is everything right now; I can’t stop listening to their new mini album. Expect a lot of BTS in the future.
- Essy


It was a miracle none of the neighbors made a noise complaint by now. What started off as a calm knock turned into you yelling at the top of your lungs.

You hated it when you couldn’t answer your best friend’s calls, but it wasn’t as if you could exactly step out of your meeting to talk to him. Whenever he called, it was usually just to ask about your day. Most of the time, it led to him venting to you about something his asshole girlfriend did to him.

As much as you hated her, he loved her. It wasn’t your place to tell him to break up with her. No matter how bad it got, he always seemed to go back to her.

“Jimin, I swear to God, if you do not open this door in the next five seconds–” You threatened.

At this point, you were honestly scared. He never ignores your calls. After the fifth attempt to contact him, you made the executive decision to go to his apartment just to make sure he was alright.

You took breaths so deep it was enough to hurt your lungs.

What if something happened? Is he okay? Are you just overreacting? What if he’s just out? But he would have answered his phone if that were the case…

You swallowed your pride. You never told Jimin, but you saw where his girlfriend hit the emergency key. Reaching into the soft dirt of the plant next to his door, you managed to find the key.

Turning the knob slowly, you called out his name. “Jimin? Are you home?”

No answer.

You let a frustrated sigh slip passed your lips. Maybe you freaked out for nothing. You threw the spare key onto the table, making it bounce of the glass and onto the floor.

What were you thinking? His phone is probably dead. You had to stop being so quick to panic–

As you reached down to retrieve the key, your fingers skimmed the carpet. It was soaked through, and it trailed all the way through the hallway.

You slipped off your shoes slowly.


You stepped over the damp fabric cautiously until you got to his bathroom. The light was on, but it was dim.

You pushed the door open, making it creak.

The bathtub spilled over with milky water. Was he crazy? How could he forget such a simple thing… Kneeling by the edge of the tub, you turned the knob until the water stopped. When the sound of the running tap stopped, that was when you noticed the bubbles rising from the other end of the tub.

“Oh, my God–”

Your chest collapsed as you rushed to pull your friend out of the water. Ignoring the fact that you had your jacket on and your phone in your hand, you threw the device to the floor and plunged your arms into the tepid water.

Jimin was cold and despondent. You used all the strength in your body to pull him out of the tub and onto the floor, still slippery.

“Jimin–Jimin, hey, please wake up–” You tapped on his cheeks before grabbing all of the towels from the rack beside you.

You wrapped one around his torso and one over his head. He opened his eyes slowly before making eye contact with you.

“What were you thinking?!” You screeched as you hurried to dry him up. Fully dressed and shivering stiffly, Jimin was lucky that you found him when you did. Who knows what might have happened? You quickly made sure that there were no cuts on his wrists or any other kinds of damage to his body. He was ultimately fine.

He stared at you in silence. The lack of sound made you impatient, but before you could demand an answer he parted his lips. “She left me.” His voice was so quiet.

You didn’t know what you felt first and what to act on. First it was all anger. Then it was sadness.

While part of you wanted to punch him in the throat for doing something so stupid, the majority of your brain played this scenario in your head over and over again. The thought of Jimin sitting in the bathtub cold and alone made you sick to your stomach, and it was more than enough to overpower your anger.

You pulled him into your arms, ignoring the dampness. And while he didn’t respond, you could feel his heart racing in his chest from holding his breath for so long. He rested his hands on your legs.

You hugged his head, crying into the towel softly.

“Stupid.” Your voice cracked. “You’re so fucking stupid, you know that? Is she really worth your life? Is she all that you have to live for?”

Jimin’s fingers twitched to a harsh grip on your thigh.

“It doesn’t fucking matter if she left.” You spoke more calmly. “Her presence does not determine your existence.”

He whispered into your chest. “I didn’t know what to do. I called, and you didn’t answer. A-And I just thought–”

Your hand clenched the towel over his head. “Why couldn’t you just wait for me? Why couldn’t you have waited?” You forced him to face you. “Were you in so much pain that it made you forget that I care about you, too?”

You might have fallen in love with him before she did, but she was the one he chose. Whether he knew or not, you had no idea. You tried your hardest not to show it, and your efforts must have paid off. You stayed his friend, a loyal friend who could stand to stay off to the side while he chose to remain in a relationship that gave him more stress than affection.

It was hard to see him cry the way he did. He didn’t hold back at all, and before you knew it, he shook so violently in your arms.

You both stayed huddled on the floor of the bathroom for more than an hour until he calmed down. Once it reached the second hour, you realized he’d fallen asleep. The stress on his body must have exhausted him. You almost smiled and how calm he was.

He rested his head in your lap, breathing softly.

“Park Jimin, you idiot.” You whispered with half a grin.


After struggling to get him in his bed, you sat out in the living room.

This whole debacle was taxing on the both of you, and you had to confess that it would be so easy to sleep right now. It probably would be a good thing if you were there when he woke up.

As you closed your eyes, the door swung open.

“What are you doing here?”

It took everything in your not to grab every knife you could find and force it down her throat.

Jimin’s girlfriend stood at the doorway with her arms crossed. She knew how you felt about her. It wasn’t exactly like you kept it hidden.

“Get out.” You spoke sharply.

“Last time I checked, this was my boyfriend’s apartment; not yours.”

“Get–the fuck–out of here.” You pointed to the door. “Before I change my mind and beat your ass right here and now.”

“Are you threatening me?” She approached you with her fists clenched.

As much as you wanted to take back what you said, you couldn’t leave Jimin alone with her. Even if it would make him feel better to know she’s coming back, this just wasn’t acceptable.

You approached her, steady and nervous. “Yes, I am. Now leave.”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” she scoffed. “Who the fuck–” She threw her hands into your chest with enough force to make you stumble. “–do you think you are?”

You stood your ground, trying your hardest not to show that she was shaking you.

“You think you have some authority over me just because you’re his best friend?” The girl spat at you. “I don’t give a shit. And that’s just so cute that you think he’d choose you over me.”

“I never said anything like that–”

“Oh, really?” She raised her eyebrows. “So you haven’t been in love with him for the past, what, five years? Are you that desperate that you’re actually trying to push his real girlfriend out the door?”

Your fingernails dug into your palm harder and harder as each word slipped passed her lips. “Why don’t you just–”

“What did you expect? That you could easily confess your love after I was gone? Get a life and go find a new obsession.”

You couldn’t deny that no matter what you said, she would find a way to turn it against you. And as much as you hated her, you couldn’t bring yourself to believe anything other than what she accused you of. You had no intention of confessing to Jimin after her departure, but, again, it wasn’t your place to push out the woman he loved. And if he loved her enough to do something like this, he obviously loved her more than he ever could love you.

Refusing to stand in front of the tyrant another second, you grabbed your phone and purse and headed towards the door before the tears that lined your eyes could fall.

“Don’t leave.”

Jimin stood before both of you, a towel still draped around his shoulders.

“Please… don’t leave.” He approached you.

“Are you serious?” His girlfriend grabbed his arm and yanked him away from you. “So what, you have one episode and suddenly you chose her over me?”

“No, not suddenly.” Jimin pried her fingers off his forearm. “You’re the one who left me, remember? And I want you gone. I’ll send your stuff to you in the mail.”

“Park Jimin–”

“Leave. Now.” He turned to you, grabbing your hand and bringing you to his side. He stood in front of you defensively, ready to push you out of the way if the enraged female decided to get violent.

“Fine. Have fun together.” She turned her heel and slammed the door shut.

You stood in shock. What just happened? Did she actually knock you out at some point and this was all part of your shock-induced coma?

“Why did you do that?” Your voice squeaked.

Jimin squeezed your hand before bringing you to the bedroom with him.

“Jimin, I don’t understand–”

He motioned for you to lay down as he turned off the lights. You paid no mind to the dampness or the odd feeling rushing over you at the thought of sharing at bed with him. His eyes laid on you like he’d just seen you for the first time.

“Did you hear everything?” You whispered in the dark.


"I can explain. I’m not expecting anything from you just because–”

“Just be with me, please.” Jimin spoke firmly without hesitation. He brought his hand up to your cheek and ran his fingers down your skin. “I won’t ask for anything excessive. I won’t call you while you’re at work. All I ask is just to be here with me, and we’ll see how everything goes from there.”

“Jimin, why are you doing this?”

“Because I want to fall in love with you, too.”