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It’s going down on set!! Baddies@essiegolden & @everythingcurvyandchicare gearing up for the release of their collab with us and we’re so excited!!😝😝😝🤗🤗 July 7th it’s going down, E&C for Rebdolls!!!! #goldenconfidence #rebdolls#swim #allsummer16 #cruelsummer

Confession: I was worried I was too pale for my first swimwear photoshoot today (with @rue107 and @essiegolden). I considered getting a spray tan, but in the end I decided to stay true to myself and just go with it. I’m all about body positivity, but it is easy to get caught up in all the ways to look “better.” I ended up feeling great in this awesome watermelon bikini from Rue 107 (the fit is perfection), and had a blast shooting, pale legs and all :) Can’t wait to share the final images this week! So glad to be part of this #goldenconfidence moment ❤️


Thank you for every share, like and nice comment this year. It’s an honor to have inspired you. I appreciate your support and I hope it continues in 2015. Thank you to fatleopard and m76photo for capturing these moments. See you next year!

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