My Nail Growth Journey (May - December 2014)
Happy Friday ya’ll! I hope everyone had a smooth week.
Lets talk nails today.
Next week I will be posting my nail care routine and what products I love and use for nails/cuticles. I’ll add the link to that post HERE as soon as it goes up.

Ever since I can remember I’ve been a nail biter. When I was little I think it started from thumb sucking, then to biting nails. I didn’t do it because of nervousness or anything like that. It was mostly boredom and laziness. It was much easier to bite a nail than to go searching for nail clippers. And lets be honest, what kid runs to get nail clippers? When I got into high school I started getting my nails done and that stopped me from biting them. But after the artificial nails came off I was back to chewing on them. After high school I did my best to keep them maintained and polished. If I had polish on I wouldn’t mess with them. Over the years I got pretty good at leaving them alone.

Then this past April I had them cut down really short because I had a pretty painful hangnail. After it healed I received a nail polish in the mail from Influenster and figured I’d try it. After a week of wearing the nail polish, I took it off and realized I wanted to paint them again. From then on I painted them twice a week and my nails finally started to grow. From May 1 til June 7 I let them grow. The only thing I did to them was file them into a square(ish) shape and trim my cuticles. Around June 7 I cut them all down and started over. I cut them again in early August and then again in early October. In mid November they were what I considered my perfect length and I was maintaining them nicely. Then my ring finger on my right hand split ½ way down the nail. Two days later my pinky finger on my left hand got jammed by the car door handle and cracked so it had to be trimmed. I was so annoyed that I almost cut them all off. I took all my polish off and decided to let them all breath for a while. After a week and a half I painted them all with Sally Hansen Hard as Nails nail strengthener. A week later the same ring finger split again and had to be trimmed down. That’s when I started research on better nail strengtheners. Sally Hansen Hard as Nails is good for a top coat but it makes my nails brittle. After a few days of searching I decided on Essie Grow Stronger and that weekend I picked up a bottle at Ulta. This past Monday I figured it was time to start using it. I just took it off a few minutes ago and repainted a new coat on my nails. My nails felt great when it came off. They look healthy and shiny and feel naturally strong. Not brittle like the Sally Hansen made them feel. Below are some photos of my nail growth between May and December.

1. Sally Hansen Xtremewear - Pink Grapefruit with Covergirl City Lights on top – May 5 2. Sally Hansen Xtremewear - Carnival – July 313. Sinful Colors - Verbena with Covergirl City Lights on accent nails – August 44. Sally Hansen Xtremewear - PepPlum – September 295. Sally Hansen Xtremewear - Sun Kissed – October 25
I didn’t realize til I uploaded these that I chose a lot of  Sally Hansen Xtremewear pics. I swear I wear other brands lol.  If you have any questions about my nail care routine or products I use, please ask me in the comments.
*I am not affiliated with any brand or product in this post in any way. Everything in this post was bought by me or by a friend/family member as a gift to me. All opinions are my own*

~ Michele