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Thank you for every share, like and nice comment this year. It’s an honor to have inspired you. I appreciate your support and I hope it continues in 2015. Thank you to fatleopard and m76photo for capturing these moments. See you next year!

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Sketched this like 2 something days ago due for me and some others were talking on one of the discords chats I’m in and we ended up talking about G Sans and I realised I haven’t drawn him like forever, so made this <:

So I commissioned a Phryne a while ago and the artist just sent me a picture of the end result. !!!!!!!! YOU GUYS. DOESN’T SHE LOOK GLORIOUS. LOOK AT THE DETAIL OF THE OUTFIT. I’m so happy. I can’t wait to receive her in the mail and put her on my Essie DVD shelf *g*

If you want your own Phryne, or Jack (or any other character, really), you should check out Tannim on Etsy. She is super lovely and and spent a great deal of time on making sure all the little outfit details would look good.