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So I thought this would be a “fun” thing to do, to tell you all what I am actually working on and stuff, but also to help myself to figure out what it is I am working on and need to work and finish and so on if you catch my drift? xD

First off the photos from the convention, it’s going slow but hopefully a bunch of them will be posted tomorrow

The comic I was showing wips off before I went away, it’s almost finished just need to finish the last panel and then it’s good to go!

An intro comic for a upcoming side and ask blog that I have been working on for too long, 2 out of 6-7 something panels are done, but it’s on hold for now as I want to finish another bigger thing first

The bigger thing is the filling of a meme named True Love Meme which I have been working on for what feels like ages, have sketched up 6 of the answers, hopefully will get to finish sketching out the rest soon because I am having way too much fun with it!

The first prize of my Art raffle for TyrantTortoise, finished sketching and have begun to colour it slightly, will take awhile as there is so many ribs in it xD

The colour palette challenge, got 8 left, have sketched up 7 of them, began to colour one of them, will probably finish them all pretty soon as I am pretty fast with them

Ref pic for my UT Oc Sym, have sketched it up but not began to colour yet

And then there is a bunch of other things, random sketches I haven’t posted, things I have begun to colour but haven’t finished for some reason, got what feels like a bunch of these xD

and also like 2-3 one or two page comics that I have begun on but haven’t finished etc

also some minor animations too

there is also some minor not safe for work pics I want to finish hue hue hue…

that is all I think, gonna put the photos, the almost finished comic and the colour palettes as my priority for now <:

so yeah this was fun

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