essie nail colour



Oh my god my shitty iPhone 4S quality

Sears (Picture 1)
Lindt Chocolate Bar x 3 = $9

Staples: ( Picture 1)
House of Marley Smile Jamaica In-Ear Headphones - $39.50

Shoppers Drug Mart(Picture 2)
Revlon Nail File - $3
Anna Sui Nail Polishes in 370(I got the wrong colour fml it’s so ugly) and 870 - $30
Ceramic Glaze Nail Polishes in Watermelon Cooler and Santorini Blue - $22
Annabelle Liquid Eyeliner in Comet - $9
NYC IndividualEyes Pallette in 947 SoHo Grand - $5
L'Oreal True Match Foundation in N6 - $13
Covergirl Clump Crusher Extensions - $11

La Senza: (Picture 3)
Some Random Thong - $8.50

Bluenotes: (Picture 4)
Two tops = $7 x 2 = $14

Michaels: (Picture 5)
Recollections Bows 6pc - $5
Crextology Foam Glitter Stickers 125 pc - $4
3 super pretty ribbon rolls at $6 each wtf - $18
Recollections Glitter Tape 1.8m - $10
Art Minds Mini Glue Sticks .7cm, 40pc - $12
Recollections Assorted Box of Cards 30 sets - $17

Shoppers Drug Mart again: (Picture 6, bottom two products)
Revlon ColorStay in 730/Stylist - $13
Bourjois Powder Brush - $10

Sephora: (Picture 6)
Too Faced La Creme in Jelly Bean - $26
Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer in Dark/Neutral - $34
Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick (omg) - $25
Juicy Couture Rollerball Duo in Viva La Juicy and La Fleur - $30
Juicy Couture Rollerball Duo in Viva La Juicy and La Viva Gold - $30
Nars Audacious Lipstick in Greta - $39

Walmart: (Picture 7)
Two Nailpolishes from NYC - $5
Chocolate Covered Raisins - $3

Michaels again: (Picture 8)
Three flowery things - $25.50

Rexall: (Pictures 9-11)
Essie  Nail Colours in 1121 and 1120 - $24
NYC Nail Colours in 206 and 247 - $5
Sinful Colours Nail Colour in 1532 - $2
NYX Matte Lipstick in MLS09 - $8
Some hairelastic - $5
Biore Charcoal Strips 8pc - $9
Clean And Clear Eye Makeup Remover - $6
Batiste Dry Shampoo - $10
Jergens Shea Beauty Oil - $13
Hydrate + Repair Argan Oil of Morocco Miracle In Shower Oil - $11.75
Physicians Formula Argan Wear Ultra-Nourishing Argan Oil - $20
Real Techniques Powder Brush - $13
Real Techniques Sponge - $9
Real Techniques Blush Brush - $12

Total: $618.25 (omfg in less than a week)
Total with taxes = $698.62 Holy crap nearly $700

I went to Forever 21 with my friends and we were planning on getting our other friend these two tops, but we wanted to see if some other store had better tops. and we ended up going back and getting the ones at Forever 21 but they were on hold so I had to ask for them before paying for them :( I could’ve lifted an extra $40 worth of stuff dammmmmmmit


I thought I had nothing to write about tonight. But oh, how silly of me. Because I have a knack of taking nothing, and blogging about something, and so here I am, sharing my day. 

Let’s go bullet points, shall we? We shall, indeed, we shall:

  • Today was a challenge, calorie-counting wise. At exactly 3:30 my office gathered together for our monthly “beer o'clock” shindig. There was cheese, and chips, and more cheese, and then beers galore! I stayed true to my no booze rule (oh hai five glasses of water), but picked at the cheese way too much (sigh). 
  • I left work and went for a stroll shopping, and somehow dropped nearly two hundred bucks in 3.2 seconds. I don’t write that much about money, and generally I’m pretty decent at saving it, but then every now and again, I just shop, and today was one of those days. A pretty new autumn sweater, a scarf with horses on it(!), mugs & a card for friends who just got engaged, “reading socks’ - which I LOVE, a bunny rabbit for Lily - I mean, c'mon, how could I resist that cuteness?, a new Essie nail colour (yes, I know, I have a nail polish problem), pink flowers, and then a bunch of mundane things I needed - like cleaning stuff, makeup remover, ect.
  • I got home around 9, only to discover I left my keys on my desk (and I hadn’t even been drinking!) so I headed back to retrieve them. And then when I did finally get home I was in such an excellent mood (no clue why) I turned up the radio (and by radio I mean put that new song "Take me to the Church” on loud (I love the song despite the lyrics being so awful)) and cleaned my apartment like the Swiffer Master I am.  Dear Swiffer, please sponsor my blog, Love Liz 
  • Then, after an internal debate about skipping dinner (#realtalk) because ohmygawd the cheese incident earlier wasn’t ideal (and I had just put 500 cal in my journal to cover it) I decided to be smart, and still make a decent dinner, so I wouldn’t go to bed starving and then tomorrow want to eat all the food in the world (#learning). 
  • So there you have it. Nothing turned into a little something.  
  • Although, wait! I want to keep going. 
  • So I’ve been thinking a lot lately about dating. Or, my lack thereof. I am on zero online dating sites right now. No tinder, no Okcupid, No Match or POF or whatever the cool ones are these days. And I’m also not dating anybody at the moment. It’s just me & my book getting down and dirty at night (and sadly (yet thankfully) it’s not 50 Shades of Grey, but rather a book about Down Under… THE COUNTRY). And. Well, let’s face it, I’m also cheating on my book lately with these late night conversations with you, my blog, but that’s so sad & depressing, let’s just keep that between you & I, mmmmmkay?
  • ANYWHO. I’ll just say it. I don’t want to die alone with 32 cats (when I’m a dog person at heart) typing my feelings away on a computer, because let’s face it, I feel lonely. Nope, I don’t want that to happen at all. And as all signs lately are pointing and hollering and drawing a direct map of my life to “spinster,” quite frankly, I’m getting nervous.
  • I was telling a friend this the other day at dinner, and she goes, “but Liz, there’s nothing wrong with you,” to which in my head I thought “I know.” (Because despite my weight complaints to you guys, I am actually very confident in who I am, and although this could be soooooooooooooooooooo naive of me, I don’t think there’s anything really “wrong,” with me, so my concern is more, good gawdddd, what if I just slip through the cracks. What if it just never happens for me. What if I lead this comfortable little life of mine, and just never happen upon another person who would want to spend many (many!) moments with me? Because it does happen. I’ve seen it. Fabulous, wonderful, older women & men, who looked for love, but it just never happened for them. That’s what I’m worried about. And in this day and age of heads down and iPhones out, nobody ever speaking to each other, and everybody around me is coupled up, it’s really hard to meet new people. and, well, these are the things I think about at 12:28am at night. 
  • Ahhh shit. I’ve written an essay here when I didn’t mean to. And I haven’t even said I painted my nails to match my flowers tonight (by chance, but still). And, total calories today were 1,402 + CHEESE. And I weighed 188.6 this morning (same as my starting weight, which scares me a lot, and then I cheated. And lol. F*cking weight loss.)
  • And it’s officially Friday morning, and I, for one, am excited for this weekend of sunny weather, and little plans.  Except plans to eat healthy, and… GO FOR A RUN LIZ. GOOOOOOOOOO!