essie fifth avenue


My fuck this town and country haul :-) i didn’t get to all the stores i wanted to go bc it got a bit heavy hahah but yeah, i’ll go next week or something! I’m happy about all of this even though I somehow thought it was more.. And the coat whore strikes againnnn lmao

Minimum leather/suede coat 260

Blue Diesel jeans 140

Black Diesel jeans 130

White knitted sweater 20

White GANT shirt 100

H&M white skirt 25

Tommy Hilfiger scarf 80*

Tommy Hilfiger hat 50*

(*for my mum)

Lace top 20

Lace-y sex body corset thing 20

(both from H&M, I’m stoked about them lmao I needed more sex appropriate clothing as well as I’m gonna start wearing a “slip” under every dress you know how they do in Gossip Girl just to feel a tad more sexy and adult hehehe)

Bra 10

Bra 15


Panties x3 21 (They match with my bras yay)

Condoms 12**

Lube 8**

Lace bra 15 (it’s amazing)

Essie bottom coat 16**

Essie top coat 16**

Nail polish remover 7.90

Batiste dry shampoo 2.90

L'Occitane pure Shea butter 9.50 (what do I use it for????)

L'Occitane soap 5.90

Essie in Fifth Avenue 15**

Essie in Ballet Slippers 15**

Tangle Teezer 20**

(** for my friends lol)

TOTAL = 1050.20 euros