essie color

Just some chevrons on a pink gradient, nothing fancy! This is cute, I think. This mani is typically a girly mani. I love this gold nail polish from OPI, this is “Love. Angel. Music. Baby” but my bottle is almost empty so I’m kinda sad. I have the little one, I probably used it too much lol.

Polishes I used :

Essie : No Baggage Please

Essie : Off the Shoulder

The Beautyst : EnjoyPhoenix

Sally Hansen : I Pink I Can

OPI :  Love. Angel. Music. Baby

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It’s been a little long time since I posted any gradient and patterns nail art, so voila! This nail art is inspired by one of my old iPod Touch background which was a sunset in the city. I found this pic on Tumblr and decided to use it as my background. The colors of the sunset were yellow, purple and pink and I found these colors really good together so I used them for my nail art. My gradient doesn’t look like a sunset but that’s alright lol.

Polishes I used :

Sinful Colors : Jaune Pastel

Hello Kitty : Lola Lilas

Essie : Brides No Grooms

Black Polish

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This is certainly the easiest nail art that I post. I put a brown and a mint base on my index and middle fingernails. Then, I did a glitter gradient on them. I did an accent nails on my ring fingernails using gold nail polish and glitter. And I did some brown stripes on a mint base on my pinky fingernails. This mani makes me think about a mint chocolate ice cream (which I never ate by the way because it’s seems a little bit strange like mint and chocolate, together, really ? lol). This is a mint chocolate ice cream with some gold sprinkles, I guess.

Polishes I used :

Essie : Chinchilly

Sephora : Green Tea Time

Maybelline : Chic Gold

Hema : n°23

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