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Pairing: Eleventh Doctor/River Song; Human AU

Rating: General Audiences

For amillionmillionvoices.

“Essie”, River quietly calls out to her daughter, urging the little girl to turn towards the camera. John had been out for some work for days, only returning early that morning. The day being a Sunday, and wanting to let her husband have some much needed rest, River had decided to take Essie outside to play. She is too much like her father to stay put and its difficult to make a toddler understand the need for silence. At the moment, they are playing in their front yard. And as much as she hates when John gets in one of those moods to film everything from dawn to dusk, Essie’s inspection of their yard is too adorable to pass.

“Sweetie”, she tries again, carefully watching Essie as she squats to inspect a snail on the gravel. Even though her curls are pulled into pigtails, they continue to fall over her face and cover it as she follows the tiny insect. River tries not to laugh, recording every moment.

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*pencil symbol* (on phone :P) I want to say Essie, but i don't know if you know her, so Jeff and Quentin? (Yes that anon is me- app decided I should be signed out :/)

whoops almost forgot Quentin

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Pairing: The Doctor/River Song; 11/River; Human AU

Rating: G, unless T means Toddler

For ghostofladymacbeth

Sunlight filtering in through the still closed drapes, morning chill, and a baby monitor crackling with the sound of a 10 month old screaming at the top of her lungs. Nothing out of the usual, and yet something seems amiss. Sleepily rubbing his eyes, John frowns. A glance at the spot next to him confirms his wife’s absence.

River is usually the first one to wake up. Years of training and an early riser for a daughter mean she hardly ever sleeps in. It also means that he has hardly ever heard Essie scream like this so early in the morning. Grabbing his robe, he makes his way to his daughter’s room.

The absence of small details that he usually doesn’t even notice, bothers him as he pads across the hall. Shaking his head, he pushes open the door, wiggling his finger at the baby as she offers him an excited squeal.

“Hmm”, picking up the little girl in his arms, he puts on a serious expression, “Let’s see. Not really crying, so I doubt hungry or dirty diaper. You are either horribly bored, or just wanted to wake your Dada?”

He sighs as she pulls her finger in her mouth, “Still not going to say it? Thought so. Shall we go look for mummy?”

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Pairing: Doctor/River; Human AU

Prompt: #9: The urge to interrupt him before he finished was overwhelming.

For misscorday

The urge to interrupt him before he finished was overwhelming.

She squeezed his hand as a signal for him to stop. Ignoring the gesture, he continued with his story, an elaborate tale about the adventures of a time travelling alien.

So far, his alien, the hero of his story, had stopped World War III, sassed his way out of several encounters with other species, ‘invented’ one too many things, all while repeatedly pointing out how grossly incorrect archaeology can be, and was now in middle of another 'riveting’ and frankly ridiculous adventure.

“….into the hall full of guests, he flew on a multicoloured, lady dinosaur, his trusted screwdriver in his hands…”

That was it. 

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Pairing: Doctor/River; Human AU

Prompt #3: He looked at his phone, turned pale and quickly left the room.

For lizziecorday and misscorday (you’ll see why, but blimey! Corday and Corday)

He looked at his phone, turned pale and quickly left the room.

His colleagues watched, worried and confused as John paced the room, muttering to himself.

He knew his wife was unpredictable. And dangerous. It was something he had known ever since she attempted to kill him, and then saved him by risking her own life. That was- that was just how River was.

But this? This was a touch far. 

Too far! 

Doing something like that and texting him after? What was she thinking?

He looked at the message once again. The little ’xx’ with which she had signed off incensed him.

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Pairing: Doctor/River Song; 11/River; Human AU

Rating: T for toddler

Because this jerk♥♥. This was meant to come on early in the day, but …um… *shrugs*. Anyways, here it is. :P A Late Happy Birthday, dude!! ^^

“You see that, kitten? Look at how white it is . Like Santa’s beard.”

Plating the breakfast, John smiles as he watches River go through her morning routine with a very sluggish and sleepy Essie, stray sentences from their conversation - consisting of River’s animated words and Essie’s sleepy babble - making their way to him. The sight of furry rabbit ears against River’s neck as the toddler buries her head in the crook of her mother’s neck makes him chuckle. Being back with them after nearly two weeks feels good.

He bites back another chuckle as Essie rests her head on her mother’s shoulder, the big ears on her cap tangling with River’s curls, and her gaze fixed on her father. Making his way to the duo, he drops a kiss against Essie’s cap, grinning as the little girl shakes her head, hiding her face in her mother’s neck, before kissing River’s temple and hands her a mug of tea. There is no real need for words as they enjoy the tranquility of a snow laden early Sunday morning-


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John & River, grow up so fast + have another one

Pairing: Eleventh Doctor/River Song; human au

Rating: T for Toddler General

Two years ago, this day, she had been a baby dinosaur, animatedly roaring in a green dinosaur onesie as she tore at her presents. The year before, for her second birthday, she was a pirate tearing apart the living room in search of her ‘treasure chest’ in an outfit her grandmother had picked out for her, complete with an eyepatch and her trusted stuffed dinosaur perched on her shoulder.

And only this morning, she had been bouncing with excitement over her third birthday party. She was going to be an archaeologist, like her mum! Her mother and grandmother had spent weeks creating the perfect ensemble for her – a miniature version of River’s typical work outfit.

“Enjoy this time”, the old lady at the grocery store had smiled at him once. Essie had been a few months old, and having recently discovered her power to grab things, had been grabbing every thing within her reach. His attempts to stop her from doing so had all been in vain, and the old lady at the cash counter had smiled and shaken her head at him, “they grow up so fast.”

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Pairing: Eleventh Doctor/River Song; Human AU

Rating: G

Her eyes searched the room full of people for a familiar face, quietly moving over each person as she tried not to give away her position. After the big argument from morning, she didn’t want him to know she was there for the ceremony.

A peculiar chin, thick lock of hair that had been carefully combed and gelled back in the morning, now falling over his eyes, and with extra long limbs, it was hard to miss him. Scanning through the crowd, she allowed herself a small smile as he entered her line of vision. “Gotcha!”

Tucking an errant curl behind her ear, she took a sip of her drink, promptly spitting it out. “Vile”, her face the image of disgust, she quickly disposed of the glass, and pulled the collar of her trench coat up.

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Pairing: Eleventh Doctor/River Song; Human AU

Rating: Hardcore G

“Sweetie, next month will be Essie’s first birthday. I was thinking may be we could have a small themed party here in our yard, and-”

River continues, but John tunes her out, opting to focus on the babbling 11-month old in his lap. “So, Esther Ann Smith, let’s try this again”, he smiles as Essie looks up with a wide two-toothed grin, “Can you say ‘Dada’?”

The baby gurgles, making spit bubbles. Like always. John refuses to give up. He once again suggests, moving his lips exaggeratedly for his daughter to follow, “Dada.”

“Puh!” Essie bounces on her toes on her father’s thighs, continuing with her babblings.

John sighs, but pushes on with a grin, “No, no, sweetheart. Not 'puh’- 'Dada’ ”

Essie chortles, tiptoeing closer to her father and rewarding him with a slobbery wet kiss on his nose. John laughs when she begins to blow raspberries in his ear, and pats her back lightly, “That doesn’t even remotely sound like 'dada’, baby.”

“You are still trying to make her say it, aren’t you?”

John looks up at River’s words to find her leaning against the wall with her arms folded in front of her. She arches an eyebrow at him, smirking as she steps closer to the father-daughter duo. He tries not to feel offended when Essie turns in his lap, tiny arms reaching out for a smirking River as she lowers herself on the couch.

Small chubby fingers immediately reach out for the loopy curls, the owner letting out a victorious chortle when River leans in and tickles Essie, the curls finally within the baby’s reach. River smirks at him, “Accept it, sweetie. Her first word is going to be 'mama’.”

John watches as River turns to Essie, talking to her in a singsong voice- her own way of persuading the toddler to finally say 'mama’- and laughing when she coos back, or responds with some incoherent babble.

Throughout the breakfast, Essie continues to hum or babble, or make any of the other hundred sounds she has in her repertoire- all in response to River. John chuckles as Essie plays with her food, sending out blobs everywhere as she tries to feed herself, not caring if some of it lands in the curls she so loves to tangle her fingers in.

River comes to drop him to work, before dropping Essie at her mother’s place on her way to university. Stepping out of the car, he opens the door to the backseat to bid goodbye to his daughter.

“Sweetie, can you say 'Dada’?" 

Essie giggles and blows another raspberry. He juts out his lower lip at his wife when she chuckles at his failed attempt.  

"You are not going to do it today, are you?” sighing, John presses a kiss against the baby’s temple, and smiles, “I’ll see you in the evening, sweetheart. Okay?”


John shakes his head, laughing and turns to close the door, his eyes widening when the realisation finally hits. He glances at River, who only looks back at him with wide eyes before turning to Essie. “Sweetie, what did you just say?”

Essie wrinkles her nose before repeating in a tiny voice, “Okay.”

“Did she- did she just-” John continues to stare at his wife, his gaze shifting between her and his daughter. River laughs at his borderline comical expression as he stares at their daughter in awe, “I believe she did, sweetie.”

There is nothing else for him to say as he grins. Not 'dada’ or 'mama’, but Essie looks just as overjoyed with 'okay’. A giggle escapes him, “Okay!”

lizziecorday  asked:

Modern Au Macbeths or Human Au River/John


Modern AU Macbeths

  • who the fuck put the peeps in the microwave: Macbeth. Sometimes it’s because he wanted to see what happens, and sometimes its purely accidental. ‘Accidents’ dramatically increase after Findley’s birth, though.
  • who forgot to put the cat outside before sex: They don’t have a cat until Findley is 3 year old and brings home a kitten with him. They have a dog, however, who Gruoch often forgets is under the bed.
  • who posts vines of the other doing embarrassing shit: Neither.
  • who breaks the most phones. Err…Gruoch. She has a tendency to forget where her phone last was, and ends up breaking (she seldom loses them, mind you) them.
  • who dies first: Gruoch. Of old age. Macbeth follows soon. 
  • which one I could see as being lactose intolerant: Macbeth. Although it’s more of an excuse to avoid having anything to do with milk.
  • who thinks they can do something really well even though they can’t: Both.
  • who is more likely to get kicked out of the bed: Macbeth. 
  • who uses the computer most: Gruoch. Primarily because Macbeth is technologically inept, and Mrs. handles most of the business aspect of their work.

Human AU John/River

  • who the fuck put the peeps in the microwave: Both. Mostly its John, but sometimes River does it too – to see why he does it; and sometimes because its fun.
  • who forgot to put the cat outside before sex: They don’t have pets until Essie is about 3. Mostly its John who forgets that their daughter’s little pup has ventured into their room.
  • who posts vines of the other doing embarrassing shit: Neither. Both have videos of each other, though. (He wants to, but River will kill him if she finds out)
  • who breaks the most phones: John. He is the reason why the myth about forgetful scientists/professors exists.
  • who dies first: River. She dies following an explosion at the excavation site. Doctors try their best, but she dies soon after John arrives at the hospital.
  • which one I could see as being lactose intolerant: Neither.
  • who thinks they can do something really well even though they can’t: Both, actually. John likes to think he is a great planner and has great taste in almost every thing, and River likes to think she is good at making custards.
  • who is more likely to get kicked out of the bed: It’s rare, but John. After a few months as his roommate/flatmate, River is now used to his antics. She usually just rolls her eyes, turns over and goes to sleep. But sometimes its gets too much. And then its John and living room couch.
  • who uses the computer most: John. Work related necessity.
Even as our cloudy fancies take, suddenly shape in some divine expression | Chapter 10

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Chapter: A Very Dinosaur-y Birthday

Relationship: Eleventh Doctor/River Song; Human AU

A/N: I finally made the two birthday drabbles into one ficlet. :) Originally written for misscorday.

anonymous asked:

River x Doctor human AU ? (for the who holds what ask meme)

  1. The umbrella, when it rains - Both. With both loving the rains, its incredibly easy for one to lose track and hence the umbrella. So to steady each other and the umbrella, both hold it. The dorky smiles are just a bonus. (Unless, ofc, if they have their kids with them.)
  2. The popcorn at the cinema - River. She loves popcorn, and if left to John he will eat it all by himself. 
  3. The baby, when it cries - Divided, of sorts. When its just Essie, unless River is asleep, exhausted, busy, or sick, she holds Essie while both parents try to figure out how best to pacify their daughter. If its just out of boredom, John takes Essie out for a walk, no matter the hour of the day, or both devise games to play with her. With Gus, things are a bit easier because Essie helps her parents. But both parents take turns holding the baby. If Essie is up, she tries to help in calming the baby, but if it becomes too confusing for her (she is only 3-4 years old when Gus is born), she prefers to be held herself by the parent that has their hands free while she pouts or quietly takes in everything. She is a big sister now.
  4. The ice cream cone, when they share - John. It’s fun to tease River, and with cone in his hand, he can find numerous ways to do that. If he steals a kiss in the process - well its between him and her!
  5. The remote, when they sit down to watch a movie - River. She would rather watch some horror/thriller movie. John prefers sentimental, romantic movies or romantic comedies. At least with remote in her hand, River can change the channel if the movie becomes too emotional for her.
  6. The basket, when they go shopping -  During the early days of their relationship, River is still new to sharing space with someone else, new to playing house with someone. It throws the former assassin relatively off balance. Besides, during her training and subsequently, she had learnt to make do with whatever was easily available. While John isn’t terribly picky about household things, he certainly likes to compare things and buy whatever fits his requirements. Adjusting in a life she hadn’t ever known while not the most difficult, wasn’t exactly an easy transition. She used to hold the basket and observe John as he picked out stuff and rattled out different details about everything. But only until she knew what things she preferred herself. Now John holds the basket while she picks out things.
  7. The door, on dates- John. 
  8. The other’s hand, most often - Both. Its as much a comfort as its just their way of saying ‘I love you’. Not one for public displays, the gesture changes to linking of pinkies if there are too many people around.
  9. Their breath, upon seeing the other on their wedding day - John. At the insistence of the Ponds, theirs was a mix between traditional and the kind of wedding they wanted. In the courtyard of River’s parents, with only the Ponds, and John’s best friend as witnesses. River is capable of stealing his breath at the oddest moments, but in that moment, when River walked down towards him, a nervous, yet, full of promises, smile on her face, he had to consciously remibd himself to breathe and not grin like an idiot. Or cry (too much. He did let out a few tears during the first dance they shared as Mr. and Mrs. Smith in their home)
  10. The camera, when they take pictures together - John. River is not camera shy, but she doesn’t like clicking too many pictures. Its a chance for him to show off (much like when he rattles off the details about things while shopping)

misscorday  asked:

John Smith & River in the human AU

Does the laundry?

River. John is way too absent minded, and tends to put in coloured and whites together, shoes and socks together. That, however is more preferable to when he begins to analyse the different chemical components of the detergent and their probable impact on clothing items. At least when he is lost, the clothes get washed even if that means River’s trench coat ends up slightly pink at edges because he had put in Essie’s dinosaur costume in with it. 

Is more spontaneous?

Before Essie’s birth, both were equally spontaneous. River had been a trained assassin before she met John. Now, around him, it was easier to let go of the engineered persona and give in to her impulses. Enjoy that freedom.

For John, well, he had been alone before River was sent to kill him. A mad, lost in his own world scientist, who got handed a playmate when River stepped into his life. Not that he hadn’t been spontaneous before, but it was tamed to a certain extent. With River by his side, it was like tasting fresh air and freedom.

After Essie’s birth, it’s mostly Essie who rules. When she is not the one calling the cards, it’s John’s impulses. He is a bit careful because now he has an example to set in front of his daughter, but he also wants her to enjoy her childhood to the fullest. And then a bit more.

He knows River enjoys it when he is impulsive. So whatever time they manage to find, he likes to take the wheel and steer it howsoever he wants. River is there to think it over.

Gets up in the middle of the night to deal with the baby crying?

Both. John is a complete softy when it comes to his daughter who has him wrapped around her tiny fingers like one of her mother’s curls from the moment she grasped his finger in her tiny fist only at few hours old.

Sometimes he finds it difficult to believe he is a father, and every small thing the baby does like turning for the first time, sitting up, fascinates him. Essie only has to whimper and her Dada shoots out of the bed before her mother can even turn.

River, as a toddler herself was taken from her parents, trained as an assassin. She has more experience at watching life flicker out of her victims’ eyes. Some nights, getting up in the middle of the night is more a way to assure herself of her daughter’s safety than a pure motherly act. 

Technically, on the nights when John is up to deal with the baby, River shouldn’t have to get up. But John’s expertise ends at changing diapers and playing with the baby.

Of course, there’s also the fact that River is more practiced at keeping time and working her routine around her daughter’s.

Is more possessive?

John. River is incredibly clever, funny and gorgeous. Above all, she loves him. A woman as her, who could have anyone, chose to love him, enough to marry him. As much as he bickers with her, huffs and pouts at her, he is proud of her, proud of the fact that she is his wife, and loves to brag about his wife. (And occasionally glare or scowl at someone hitting on his wife, or making googly eyes at her)

Is most likely to fall asleep while watching a movie?

John. Especially when he is watching some kid movie with Essie. With River, although he likes to make fun of it if the movie is of a genre he doesn’t like but she does, he tries to stay up (or at least does, once in a while), but falls asleep. 

River does too. Taking care of a toddler, said toddler’s father and dealing with students is enough to drain a woman of her energy. When John decides on a movie that they have watched countless times already, or a genre she isn’t interested in, she dozes off sometimes.

Is most likely to steal the others clothes?

River does it to tease him, and probably because if she didn’t, he would end up wearing some sort of horrible combination, or give their kids his fez or stetson, bowtie and tweed in legacy.

John likes to steal some of her dresses, possibly to stop her from wearing them in public. He doesn’t like people ogling his wife.

Cave to the other giving them pleading eyes?

Both. But mostly its River, because she doesn’t employ pleading eyes as a tactic until absolutely necessary. John is already so smitten with his wife that one request, sometimes an additional please is enough to get things done. There is also her trademark glare. John, poor thing, is the one frequently turning pleading eyes to his wife. He learnt about River’s this weakness early on in their relationship, and exploits it whenever he can. Of course, River reserves the right to ignore it if it’s something too dangerous,.