essex's face

Top Secret, Top Priority

“This is the list of non-Eclipse ships that hold our interest, business and otherwise,” said Aranya. The syndicate head gave a graceful turn of her wrist to make the rolled and sealed parchment, along with a few copies of it, rise up from her desk and float through the air into the hands of one the Eclipse’s more trustworthy operatives.

“The ships of Sunspire Port are on it, of course, as are the Black Maw, the Black Rose, and those in the possession of General Winters. There are more organizations of interest, and they’re noted, but I’ll need to speak more with their heads, among which are Darnath Windere, Velerodra Valesinger, Asharri Lakefire, and-” the corner of the sorceress’ mouth pulled up, a bright light in her eye, as if she anticipated something she would enjoy “-a particular woman of Deadsun Harbor.”

The phoenix-mage paced slowly, casually about the room, her body reflecting the active and yet deliberate motions of her thoughts. “Now, the parchments are merely objects. Controlled information. I want it in the hands of Zaderick McGowan or Killian Essex, whichever face turns up in Dalaran first, given that the Black Maw has already proven an asset and a damn good one so far - and not only to myself. General Winters herself is to have it as well, the wolf queen knows my mind in strangely innate ways that few others have, and this will be of interest to her one way or another.” A bright flame seemed to light the Thalassian woman’s eyes, a soft but wicked-looking smile on her lips. “And of course, Riz of Sunspire, he’ll know exactly who in port should know of these.”

The arcanist’s sleek dark hair swished back over her shoulder as she turned to face the operative directly, her pacing coming to a halt. “Now,” she said, her tone low, smoldering, serious, her eyes bearing a fierce glint. “What I am about to tell you next is to be known to all our sea-faring operatives, but is not to leave the mouth of anyone in this syndicate, on pain of my ire, understood?”

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