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Mods on Clacton sea front enjoying jellied eels.
Over the 1964 Easter weekend several scuffles between Mods and Rockers broke out in the Essex seaside town. 30th March 1964 (Photo by Daily Mirror)


First Evening by Tony
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As we sailed out into the Thames estuary and the sun set. On a cruise ship on our first stop in the next morning was Amsterdam. This was my first cruise and I wasn’t to sure what to expect.


Leaving Tilbury along the Thames by Tony
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After boarding my cruise ship Astoria, first night with the sun setting.


Sailing out of the Thames Estuary by Tony
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sailing out of the Thames estuary, and crossing the North of th North Sea to arrive in Amsterdam ofr the next morning


Plant of the Day
Saturday 27 May 2017

In the dry garden of the Royal Horticultural Society Garden Hyde Hall, Essex, UK, the Scilla peruviana ‘Alba’ has been flowering. This is a clump-forming, nearly evergreen, bulbous perennial with narrow green leaves. It produces tall spikes of star-shaped white flowers in early summer, while the species, Scilla peruviana, has blue flowers. Despite the species name the plant originates in southern Spain.

Jill Raggett
Credit cards & Diamond rings Demo
Just an audio scrapbook for my band Girl Offence and any solo stuff i want to just throw out there xxx

A MASSIVE long shot, but i need a female singer to re write and re-record some vocals for me. This is one of the songs that needs doing. Any ideas, suggestions or reposts would be greatly appreciated 


Top Deck of the Astoria by Tony
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As the pasengers boarded the cruise ship Astoria, many took the time to enjoy the sunshine on the decks of the ship. Astoria is a small cruise ship that has about 500 passengers and our cruise was to Amsterdam then Norway.