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The Lego Movie Double Decker Couch

I legitimately bought this purely to own a Benny Minifigure! The build was surprisingly fun though as I really haven’t built much lego in recent years beyond a few small builds with my girlfriend’s kid brother. Emmet’s little car is a fun little piece as well. Simple build but incredibly fun end result!



Cherry Bomb Toys in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

My usual Monday haunt is Cherry Bomb. I have a ton of photos I have taken and will be posting a little more detailed look at parts of the store over the next few days but for now here is an overall look at the store. It’s one of the best places in town!

My favorite photos: Part 1

So over the last week and a half I have been going through my blog a lot, looking at old pictures (mostly as filler to re-blog and keep things going on here) but it’s also provided ample opportunity to reflect on what I’ve done over the last couple years here.

I’m very happy with how I’ve grown as a photographer and continue to grow. I’m trying new stuff all the time, and constantly learning different techniques.

A large part of that growth is the wonderful blogs and friends I follow here. You are all a constant source of inspiration whether I follow you are you follow me.

With that said here is a selection of my personal favorite photos taken over the last few years. Hope you folks enjoy and I look forward to lots of awesome stuff in the future!

-Kellan (essex-alpha)