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I don't have a lot of nymphet clothes and I'm going summer shopping soon (mostly at thrift stores ) and wanted to know what to look for ? like nymphet clothes wise

40s fashion,  50s  50s fashion,  70s fashion,  90s  90s fashion,

 Heart Shaped Sunglasses

Crop tops,  

Dresses (Babydoll, Floral),  

Rompers (denim, chambray), 

Matching Sets (Crop top & skirt/shorts),

 Skirts (Pleated, skater, mini, plaid) 

jelly shoes, saddle oxfords

 daisyfruitgingham, polka dotplaid Print 

Anything off the shoulder or Tie front/Back! :) <3

  • Missy: Hello, I am Doctor Who and these are my associates. Thing one . . and thing two.
  • Nardole: It's Nardole
  • Bill: Excuse me, but he calls himself the doctor.
  • Missy: It's Doctor Who. That's his name.
  • Bill: What.
  • Nardole: What.
  • Doctor: Don't listen to her. She's teasing.
  • Missy: He wanted to be cool and mysterious. He called himself that.
  • Doctor: Stop it.
  • Missy: He dropped the 'who' part because it didn't stick.
  • Doctor: Not true.
  • *Not even ten minutes later*
  • Doctor: I am Doctor Who. That's my name.

I have just discovered the most amazing thing ever, and it is awesome.

It is called Archie vs Predator.

From what I can tell, this is essetially one of those random crossovers that probably should’ve never even happened but still happened anyway. That or maybe some of the writers got high one night and asked whether or not Jughead would win in a fight against a Yautja.

Regardless, it is weird seeing Pop’s head getting blown off by a frickin laser beam and Sabrina the teenage witch getting stabbed and spine ripped.

But who cares? This is just the tip of the iceberg. Next we’re getting Archie vs SHARKNADO. And that’s being written by the guy who wrote Sharknado.

PS: Now that I think about it, 20th century Fox seems to be acceptable with Predator crossovers in just about anything today (Call of Duty and Mortal Kombat included), yet they still haven’t gotten around to making another Alien vs Predator game/movie. Also, Y U NO LOVE PROMETHEUS?

PPS (3/10/17): Now that we have a live-action Archie tv series, can we at least have this as a gag episode or something?
Israel Cringe

Israel cringe continues. The mall recently mantioned-dizingoff center-is concidered a sacred land of hipsters/weebs/emos. Walking through this considerably large mall will make you cringe to death. Emos everywhere, and bc there’s a custom made eye contact shop in there around 30% of them will have red eyes and harass your sorry hide for being a ‘fucking conformist’. I would go there at times for my music needs (largest music essetials store in the area plus a bunch of good cd stores) and have at least one cat eared weeb ‘nya’ at me.

Then come the holidays-during our lovely holiday vacations they have conventions in the holy land of dizingoff center. Gayest, weebiest most disturbing times of the year. I went there with a friend during hanukka last year and witnessed a blow job in a dark corner. They were completely visible.

Most disturbing place to go to in the central area yet the best prices you could get. Why.

There is also the story of my lovely music department in school. Been here in the past year and we have a few interesting things that mark our presence in the school-our entire building reeksnof weed, we live in that building and at times you would hear the lovely sound of weeping and self doubt (mostly mine ahahahah). When we would do rehearsals we’d usually have like one or too ppl high as a kite. Yay.